Code of Ethics for Online Learners and Teachers

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A list of behaviors desirable for online students and online teachers, each categorized under one of Howard Gardner's Five Minds for the Future.


  • 1.Code of Ethics
    Online Learners and Teachers
    Ruth A. Camuse
    ED 5001 Social and Ethical Issues in Distance Learning
    Wilkes University -- May 1, 2010

2. What is ethics?
3. Definition of ethics

  • The definition of ethics used for this code of conduct:

The principles of conduct governingan individual or group
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4. Five Minds for the Future

  • This code of ethics for online learners and teachers has been organized around the five minds discussed in Howard Gardners book:

5. The DisciplinaryMind 6. The Synthesizing Mind 7. The Creating Mind 8. The Respectful Mind 9. The Ethical MindGardner, H. (2006). Five Minds for the Future. Boston: Harvard Business School Publishing.
10. Code of Ethics for Online Learners
11. The Disciplinary Mind
12. The Disciplinary Mind

  • Reach for new content and skills and make them your own.

13. Participate in online course discussions and other activities on a regular, substantial basis. 14. Review course requirements; organize and schedule work.