The roles of teachers and learners

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This file presentation explained about the teachers' roles and learners


<ul><li> 1. THE ROLES OFTEACHER ANDLEARNERBy:Lasminiati Nurul C. (125110500111014)Desy Ismaya N. (125110500111015)</li></ul> <p> 2. THE ROLES OF TEACHERcontrollerorganizerparticipantassessorprompterobservertutorresource 3. 1. The Teacher as Controller Teacher in charge of the class and ofthe activity Teacher-fronted classroom 4. 2. The Teacher as OrganizerTeacher should be able to organizestudents to do various activities.EngageInstructInitiateOrganizeFeedback 5. 3. The Teacher as Participant Teachers may want to join in activity not asteachers, but as participants in their own right. Students will enjoy having the teacher with them. 6. 4. The Teacher asAssessorTeachers should be able to offer feedback,give correction and grades students invarious ways. 7. 5. The Teacher as PrompterTeachers should be able to motivate theirstudents 8. 6. The Teacher as Resource Teacher will want to be helpful and available Teachers answer to some questions from thestudents Teachers can be one of the most importantresources students have when they :Ask how to say or write somethingWant to know what a word or phrase means 9. 7. The Teachers as Tutor Teachers working with individuals or smallgroups Teacher will allow more personal contactand real chance for feel supported andhelped. 10. 8. The Teachers as Observer Observe what the students do Especially in oral activities To be able to give useful individual and groupfeedback. 11. WHICH ROLE? Teachers need to be able to switch betweenthe various roles, judging when it isappropriate to use one or the other Teachers need to be aware of how they carryout the selective role and how they perform it 12. THE ROLES OF LEARNER Engage actively in learning activity. Learners are assessed as a part of dailylearning through a range activities includingdialogue and interaction with peers andteachers, practical investigations, performances,oral presentations, and discussions. Learners are assessed on written work and onproducts such as artwork, report, projects. 13. Demonstrate their knowledge andunderstanding, skills, capabilities. Review their own learning through selfassessment.</p>


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