Career Centers and Social Media

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Slides from a lecture on social media applied to University career centers. Subjects: Why Social Media? | Strategy elements | What can we do with social media? | Potential problems | Focus: Facebook and LinkedIn

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  • 1. Career Centers and Social Media Lorenzo Amadei November 8th, 2012

2. Why Social Media?Strategy elementsWhat can we do with social media?Potential problemsFocus: Facebook and LinkedIn 3. Why Social media? They have definitely revolutionized Web as we knew it before More and more people use them and are already there They are accessible anywhere/anytime (via phone, computer, tablet, etc.) They are always on, regardless of office working hours They can also easily connect you to other offices, campuses, and professionals in the field of Career Services 4. Why Social media? Low cost (in funds, resources, staff) and, in the majority of cases, free Easy to manage and update (almost no technology knowledge required) 5. Strategy elements1. What social media will we be using? How to choose them? How are we going to use them? Cross-posting?1. An initial survey of students and alumni may be useful What social media are they already using?3. Who will take care of social media in the office? 6. Strategy elements4. Create embassies in chosen social media with a consistent office brandFacebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, blog?, Using the same brand (logo, phrase, etc.) across all sites providesvisual recognitionPut hyperlink buttons to social media on your websiteDifferent social media offer a broad range of purposes Facebook Social context and largest online community LinkedIn Professional purpose, networking opportunities Twitter On the spot information and article sharing through micro-blogging Youtube Video production and distribution, job post advertising Google+ Latest on the scene, gaining popularity 7. Strategy elements5. Connect these networks to become self-sustaining Provide hyperlinks between the different social media pages Use cross-posting tools Consider using a platform like Hootsuite, in order to: manage all platform at once schedule posting even when the office is closed get statistical analysis (also from link shortening tools i.e. 8. Strategy elements6. Build up a following of students, alumni, staff, faculty,professional organizations and employersSending out emails to all students/alumni to inform about officesSocial media initiativeProviding opportunities to draw in followers (raffle opportunities onlyavailable to members on particular sites, trivia questions, teasers,etc.)Following other departments/professionals/institutions and in turnrequesting that they follow the Career CenterUsing catchy hashtag trends on Twitter such as #FollowFriday toshare other professionals tweets, and create a connection with themCreating own trends (i.e. #yourcareer) with tips about careers 9. Strategy elements7. Train staff and studentsProvide staff trainings to give a realm of understanding to everyoneMaintain a person within the office, responsible for all social media,so that office colleagues know who to reach out to if they have aquestionProduce introductory articles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog)and/or video clips (YouTube) and make links to them available oncurrent Career Center or University homepageProvide workshops for individuals who have questions or wanttraining in the usage of social media 10. Strategy elements8. Monitor usage and collect dataUsing statistics collected on social media, monitor how well thenew channels have been received, what elements have been mosteffective and what should be improved insteadThrough the communities collect information on graduatesemployment, careers, experiences... 11. What can we do with social media?informconnectteachhelp 12. What can we do with social media? Increase awareness of job and internship opportunities By posting on social media, we can raise awareness of job and internship postings present in office database, and also share links to opportunities posted online by others (other centers, companies, institutions) Improve information service to students and alumni Because social media do not shut down after business hours, students can gain access and maintain contact with the information posted 24/7 13. What can we do with social media? Increase networking opportunitiesCommunities that the office can create can provide students,alumni, and wider community members a chance to network withother individuals they may not meet otherwise Improve awareness of the importance of social media in today life and in alumni/students careersStudents and alumni should learn how to use social mediaresponsibly and effectively for self-promotion, job seeking andcareer developingHelp them create an online presence (blog, twitter, youtube,slideshare...) 14. What can we do with social media? Increase collaboration across departments Increase access, reputation and marketingThe office can spread its marketing and outreach with a minimaleffort, and tap into a wide variety of different social media elements 15. Potential problems Website integration is not always possible nor easy Training less technologically savvy staff, students, and alumni can be difficult, time-expensive, ineffective Social media settings may change University breaks and summers Social media pages/accounts can not be abandoned for long breaks. A solution (scheduling posts?) must be found 16. Potential problems Internal resistance Internal staff, professors may have a negative attitude (I wont use them, I dont believe they may help me, they are a waste of time) Internal obstacles Access to social media may be forbidden or limited from inside the University 17. Focus 18. Why facebookStudents are already there andusing its features to interact,share and commentEasily share information, invitepeople to events and interact 19. The strategy Sharing informationWhere do you find content?Where and how often do youpost? Interact with students/alumniPublic messages andinteractionsPrivate messages 20. The strategy Get started by creating a Facebook account Page or personal profile? To have a personal account for a career center, you have to trick the system and tell Facebook that your career center has a first and last name (i.e. first name: Career | last name: Center) The page is a more correct option, and allows for multiple administrators/managers Posting as person or as page? 21. The strategy: posting On your wall or page You can share info, thoughts, videos, links, photos, events You can also ask questions Share things that should be valuable to students 22. The strategy: postingContent:Links to resources at your career center websiteArticles found onlineTake-aways from conversations you have had withstudentsHeadlines from career blogs or job posting sitesTips (how to effectively create a CV, how to apply to ajob offer, hot to create a blog, tips about jobinterviews) 23. The strategy: postingFrequency:Average about once a dayBetween 3-10 posts per weekEnough so people know you post new things, but notso much that you clutter people walls and newsfeeds 24. The strategy: interactingWall messages (public messages)Facebook messaging system and/or page messages(private messages) 25. Interacting: how What if someone (i.e. a student) posts something inappropriate on page wall? Reply? Hide? Delete? 26. Interacting: frequencyIf someone sends you a message, writes on your wall,comments on your status, you will receive an e-mail oran alertTry respond with immediacy or as soon as you can 27. The strategy: a timelineAt least once a day (morning or afternoon) update yourstatus with a post, a link, a video, a photo... (1-5minutes)As applicable, interact with students/people throughposts, messages, comments, etc. These messagesneed not be long. (5-10 minutes) 28. Focus 29. Why LinkedInThe most important professional social networkMore and more, recruiters and companies use LinkedInto look for (and evaluate) potential candidatesMore and more often, jobsoffers are posted there 30. LinkedIn for Career CentersCreate account (not very honest, but)Build your networkCreate company/university/office pageFollow companies/institutions pagesCreate or join groups 31. LinkedIn for Career CentersBuild and enhance your own professional brandEnhance the brand and services of your career centerAttract more companies and organizations to recruit yourstudents and alumniFind answers to questions and share resources withcolleaguesKeep in contact with former students/alumni 32. LinkedIn for Alumni/studentsCreate accountCreate, complete (and keep updated!) personal profileBuild networkUse apps (blog, slideshare)Join groupsFollow your Career CenterFollow companiesShow and prove your skills 33. LinkedIn for Alumni/students Build a professional online presence Build a professional online reputation Connect with other alumni and useful contacts Research companies and industries Explore opportunities with organizations that dont recruit on campus Learn professional networking etiquette 34. How LinkedIn Works Your Friends Friends Friends Your Friends Friends Your Friends 35. Interesting /students/networking-and-social-media /2009/04/07/social-media-career-success/ 2/how-recruiters-search-using-linkedin-what-we-look- for/ 36. Interesting webinar-presentation-slides Office-of-Career-Services-Social-Media-Guidelines- Strategy_2011-2012.pdf ntRose-lamb.pptx 37. Thank you for your attentionLorenzo Amadei | @lamadei |