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<p> 1. BoostUpBoostUp YourCareerYourCareer WithPHPWithPHP TrainingTraining 2. WhatisPHPProgramming?WhatisPHPProgramming? PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a globally used server side general-purpose scripting language, suited for web development. PHP can be mixed with HTML to develop professional websites. The code in PHP is interpreted with PHP interpreter and then executed. Once this is done, the web server sends output to the client in the form of a web page. PHP can also be used to create standalone graphical applications. PHP is used widely and deployed free-of cost on most servers on almost every operating system because of its open-source feature. It is easy to use, easy to understand and produces interesting web applications with rich features. 3. ForwhomisPHPhelpful?ForwhomisPHPhelpful? Anyone willing to become a web developer can go for PHP as a profession. However, it is much better for people with IT and CSE background because it is a programming language and your programming concepts have to be very clear to get started with PHP. The entire web application is developed using codes of PHP, HTML, Jquery, and CSS. 4. WhatalldoyourlearninWhatalldoyourlearnin PHP?PHP? The common training schedule includes:- PHP fundamentals PHP Arrays PHP functions PHP forms PHP cookies and PHP sessions PHP strings handling Basic MySQL Advanced SQL query building Importing and exporting data 5. WhereshouldyougettheWhereshouldyougetthe training?training? Though it is easy to learn PHP on your own; however, guidance of experts is always valuable. So, you must consider getting PHP training neforehand. In case you are looking for a PHP training in Chandigarh and Mohali, WebAstral Professional Training is an ideal company to enroll with, for it has been providing training to students since years. Highly qualified faculty is the best part about WebAstral Professional training. So, get in touch today! 6. CONTACTUSCONTACTUS PlotNo.D151,Phase8, IndustrialArea,(NearPCLChowk) S.A.SNagar,Mohali PhoneNumber +918283804979 Website: 7. CONTACTUSCONTACTUS PlotNo.D151,Phase8, IndustrialArea,(NearPCLChowk) S.A.SNagar,Mohali PhoneNumber +918283804979 Website: </p>