Boost your career in 10 simple steps

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Career needs purpose, focus, plan and execution. Yes, you can make it happen.


  • 1. "I did not want to be a Chemical Engineer. That is the most important thing I learned in IIT Nitin Nohria Dean Harvard Business School

2. Career development is .. Continiuos Alignment of Role for Economic and Employment Relevance and Success 3. A way to superannuation Do your best Do the right thing Do make a difference 4. Performance = Ability x Support x Effort 5. 1. Are you aligned with your role ? ROLE ALIGNMENT P E R F O R M A N C E HIGH DREAM ROLESKILLED WRONG FIT HIGH LOW ASSESS POTENTIAL ALIGNMENT = Rate of Interest x Commitment to succeed 6. 2. Who is more like you ? INDIVIDUAL FOCUS GROUP FOCUS STEADFAST FLEXIBILE PROJECT MANAGER CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT TEAM MANAGER 7. 3. ARE YOU MORE OF A.. ACTION FOCUS T H I N K E R HIGH VISIONARYCREATIVE ORGANISER HIGH LOW WORK HORSE 8. 4. Your Knowledge orientation today? INFORMATION ORIENTATION P E R F O R M A N C E HIGH SELF AWARE WINNERWINNER AT RISK BLIND AND CONFUSED HIGH LOW INFO RMATION LAGGARD 9. 5. YOUR SKILL POSITION TODAY ? DIFFICULT TO DO EASY TO DO LOW VALUE ADD HIGH VALUE ADD 10. Can Use Can Teach Learner Can Inspect Competent Beginner ProficientSkilled 6. Your Competency as viewed by others? 11. 7. YOUR EXPERIENCE PROFILE TODAY GENERALIST SPECIALIST SAME INDUSTRY CROSS INDUSTRY 12. 8. WHAT IS YOUR APPETITE TO MOVE ? EMERGING INDUSTRIES EVOLVED INDUSTRIES EARLY CAREER LATE CAREER 13. 9. Do you feel engaged and empowered ? EMPOWERMENT E N G A G E D HIGH OPPORTUNITY NOWEARN YOUR RIGHT STEP OUT HIGH LOW RISKY DELEGATION Trigger Observe Reach-out Challenge 14. 10. C O N F I D E N C E Confidence = I will > ( I want x I can ) 15. CAREER PLANNING Goal - your career destination Evaluate your current position Tradeoff your priorities Motivate your mind ( I can to I will) Open your doors to possibilities Value your life and make it worthwhile Identify your true partners of success Nurture your talent and competency Grow your network to create opportunities GET MOVING 16. For some it is sunrise and for some it is sunset 17. Thank you for reviewing Please contact Sid Bhattacharjee Email : Phone +919960595489