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Art Movement

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Text of Art Movement

  • 1. The Harlem Art Movement Alex, Adranly, Justin Mercier, Samantha Koepp, Trevor Carter, and Blake Prevost
  • 2. Literature
    • Claude McKay was a Jamaican-American writer and poet during the Harlem Renaissance. He wrote the novels "Home to Harlem", "Banjo", and "A Long Way Home".
  • 3. The New Negro Author isphilosopher by Alain Locke in 1925 The Inspiration for the name "The New Negro Movement" Increased ratial pride in the people to grow and flourish as a people People started emphasizing their love of their culture through many artistic ways
  • 4. Music
    • new way of playing piano called the "Harlem Stride Style".
    • jazz bands were mostly made of brass instruments which represented the south and a piano was an instrument of the wealthy.
    • style of blacks' music was becoming more attractive to the whites. taking poems written by black poets were used in songs by whites.
  • 5. Examples of Art
  • 6. Paul Robeson
    • Paul Robeson was an African American concert singer , recording artist, athlete and actor who became noted for his political radicalism and activism in the civil rights movement.
    • Robeson was the first major concert star to popularize the performance of Negro spirituals and was the first black actor of the 20th century to portray Shakespeare's Othello alongside an all white cast.
    • Robeson also was a all americanathlete in football and track.
    • He also led an anti-imperialism movement.

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