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How to plan OS?

Advanced LCs

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Growth strategy for Advanced LCs

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How to plan OS?

Page 2: Advanced LCs


Beginner (40-70)

(Lucknow, Baroda, Navi,

Surat, Jodhpur, IIT KGP)

Intermediate (70- 150)

(Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Indore, Dehradun, Thapar, Manipal, Jalandhar, Vizag)

Advanced (150- 200)

(Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai,


Pro (200+)Delhi IIT and Delhi University

Page 3: Advanced LCs

`AdvancedLocal Chapter Teams working Universities AD HOC

marketsIXP Courses

(for university based LCs)

Bangalore 2 VPs(8 teams)

6 teams 1 team 1 manager X

Chennai 2 VPs(8 teams)

6 teams 1 team 1 manager X

Chandigarh 2 VPs(8 teams)

6 teams 1 team 1 manager X

Hyderabad 2 VPs(8- 10 teams)

6- 8 teams 1 team 1 manager X

Mumbai 3 VPs(12 teams)

10 teams 1 team 1 manager X

Pune 3 Directors (12 teams)

10 teams 1 team 1 manager Through SU

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Strategies for Advanced

These strategies and structure should enable your entity to do 150- 200 exchanges while

delivering good quality standards.

Page 5: Advanced LCs

`Focus areas

Focusing on campus

promotionsCapitalizing on UR

Strong marketing synergy for adhoc

and off peak

Self matching by EPs

Implementing Issue segmentation


Page 6: Advanced LCs

`Front office Strategies for Exchangers

1) University Relations• There are 2 types of UR:

o UR 1: Getting permission for campus promotions and raising. o UR2: Collaboration to get attendance for EPs/Multi-Dimensional partnership.

• Partnership Delivery should be a focus area2) Off-Peak Capitalization- Tapping colleges with off-peak vacation cycles or striking /UR2- Partnership with countries doing off-peak realization3) Increasing Matching Capacity:- Teaching EPs to self match.- Receiving incoming CEEDers to promote faster exchange partnership.4) Using issue segmentation extensively (Targeting Adhoc markets and universities through issues) 5) Special focus on excel program- Appointing a Special Manager to focus on Excel- Promoting Excel from recruitment, LC forums/events & virtual platforms

Page 7: Advanced LCs

`Back office1) UR to be cracked by marketing- Marketing Team should be the end responsible for creating and

managing the partnership.- oGCDP team will synergize to deliver on oGCDP related activities.- Creating Multi-Dimensional Partnership for events, sponsorship,

promotion etc.

2) Evolved ORS and Opportunity portal usage to promote oGCDP internships.3) Sales development program to increase the raising capacity of oGCDP teams4) CIM to make operations more effective by assisting in Delivery, information management, establishing communication channels for the EPs.