Acem 2011 pediatric transport darin

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For ACEM 2011 participation : Critical Care transfer

Text of Acem 2011 pediatric transport darin

  • 1. Pediatric Transport Darin Aranwutikul, MD.
  • 2. GoalEarly stabilization and initiation of advanced care at the referring institution, with continuation of critical care therapies and monitoring en route.
  • 3. Recognition & assessment ofthe sick childPediatric assessment triangle(PAT): A-B-C
  • 4. Appearance : TICLS MnemonicTone Refers to childs muscle toneInteractivity Refers to degree of interaction the child has with his/her environment or those attempting to interact with the childConsolability Refers to the childs response to parents or caregiversLook /gaze Identifies whether the child tracks things appropriately with his/her eyes or has a nonfocused gaze.Speech/cry Refers to how the child vocalizes
  • 5. Primary assessment A B Airway Breathing Circulation E C Disability Exposure D
  • 6. Airway Patency Need simple management positioning head tilt-chin lift Use airway adjuncts ( oral airway) Require advanced intervention ET intubation cricothyroidotomy CPAP
  • 7. Breathing Respiratory rate Respiratory effort Airway and lung sounds Pulse oximetry
  • 8. Normal respiratory ratesby age Age Breaths per minutesInfant (