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  • 1.Geography
    What is geography?
    Geography is the study of the earths surface, land, features and people.

2. Why classify geography into 5 Themes?
The five themes of geography were created to help geographers organize information.
3. 5 Themes of Geography
HEI (Human Environment Interaction)
4. Location
2 types:
Absolute location Describes an exact spot on earth. This type of location requires latitude and longitude coordinates or a postal address.
Relative location Describes the position of a place in relation to another place. Uses directions, landmarks, time or distance from one place to another.
5. Absolute Location
Washington, D.C. is located at 40N latitude and 80W longitude.
6. Absolute Location
Durant Road Middle school is located at 10401 Durant road, Raleigh, NC 27614.
7. Relative Locationexamples
The hospital is one mile north of Durant Road Middle School.
Take Capital blvd. north. Turn right on Main street. Go about a mile and turn right to get to The Factory.
Can you think of an example of relative location?????
8. Place
Whats it like? The physical and human features (characteristics) of alocation that make it unique. There are 2 categories of place:
Physical Features
Human Features
9. Place Physical Features
Landforms, climate, wildlife, natural resources, architecture, and other factors that make a place unique.
10. Place Human Features
Language, food, religion, ethnicity, clothing, customs and other factors related to people and how they live.
11. HEI (Human Environment Interaction)
Describes the ways in which humans interact with the environment. It also describes the effect of the environment on people.
12. HEI Depend
People involved in farming, fishing, mining raw materials and tourism DEPENDon the environment to live or make a living.
13. HEI - Adapt
* This is the most difficult way! It means leaving the environment unchanged.
* Environmentalists, especially those concerned with preserving the wilderness, like to leave the air, water, and land alone. Tourism relies on preserving things as they are.
* People must adjust their lifestyles (clothing, housing, sports) to adapt to the environment in which they live.
* How can climate/weather affect the settlement of people and how they live?? Give an example.
14. HEI - Adapt
15. HEI - Modify
Modifymeans to change in some way. People change the environment when they build roads, bridges, canals, dams, houses, and buildings.
Positive change Can you think of ways that humans change or modify the environment in a positive(good) way???Negative (bad) way???
16. Region
Regions are parts of the world that share one or more common characteristics/features that distinguish it from surrounding areas.
Regions can be defined in many different ways. For example:
Language type
Landform groups (Piedmont, Coastal plain, mountains)
Government or political regions
17. Regions
18. Movement
Includes the movement of people, products/goods, information and ideas within and between countries.
*How do goods/products get from one place to another?
* What methods do people use to communicate ideas and information?
19. Movement of goods/products
20. Movement of ideas/information