Themes of Geography Themes of Geography Themes of Geography

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Text of Themes of Geography Themes of Geography Themes of Geography

  • Themes of Geography Themes of Geography

  • What is GeographyGREEKGeo=EarthGraphy=StudyTherefore, geography is the study of the Earth

  • Guiding QuestionsWhere are things?Why are they there?


  • 1. LOCATION where places are on the earth.2 Types of Locationsa) Absolute location is the exact latitude and longitude coordinates of a place. Ex: 30o N, 115o E b) Relative location location of a place in relation to other places around it.Ex: The library is across from the school.

  • LONGITUDESThey are imaginary lines that meet at the north and south poles. They are the vertical lines that measure distance east and west of the Prime Meridian.There are 180 lines on each side of the Prime Meridian or 0o longitude.

  • LATITUDESThey are imaginary lines that run east to west, parallel to the equator.They determine distance north and south of the equator.There are 90 lines of latitudes in the northern as well as the southern hemisphere.

  • Prime MeridianEquator

    Longitudes vertical lines east and west of the Prime Meridian.Latitudeshorizontal lines north and south of the equator.


  • Locate these places:

    41O N, 29E51N, 4E37N, 3E30N, 31E14N, 100E15N, 121E32S, 116E16N, 33E47N, 71W30N, 95W56N, 38E40N, 4W59N, I8E50N, 19E6S, 107E47S, 175E15N, 17W34N, 8W48N, 122W43N, 88W

  • 2. PLACEThis theme tries to determine which characteristics or features make a location different from another.

    Characteristics can be:

    PHYSICALClimateLandformBodies of waterPlant and animal lifeHUMANMonumentsCitiesGovernmentCultural traditions

  • Physical CharacteristicsLandformBodies of waterPlant and animal life

  • Human CharacteristicsCultural traditionsCitiesMonuments


    Sydney Opera HouseVersaillesBerlin Bradenburg GateSt. Peters BasilicaSomanathapuraArc de TriompheThe Great BuddhaAngkor WatLeaning Tower of PisaWieliczka Salt MinesTemple of HeavenForbidden CityParthenonLiberation TowerHadrians WallEiffel TowerTaj MahalTower of LondonSt. Basils CathedralPalace of WestminsterPetraWailing Wall

  • HUMAN ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION looks at the relationship between people and the environment.

  • People change their surroundings to make their lives easier.ROADSBUILDINGSTRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS

  • The environment also influences:

    How they dress.What they do.What they eat.

  • Enormous BenefitsNew Problems

  • MOVEMENT how people, goods, and ideas go from place to place.

  • Movement is important in the development of human characteristics: . Cultural traits. Diversity. Cities


  • PUSHPULL2 FACTORSWarDiseasesClimate

    Government Economy Famine Crimes Adventure Religious persecutionEducationJobsFamily

    DemocracyClimateJusticeHealthcareReligious toleranceGender equality

  • REGIONSIn this theme, geographers group places with similar physical or human characteristics.To group theses places they use specific features such as:

    LocationClimateGovernmentCulture Language

  • A region may include physical places as well as cultural areas.

  • Places that share the same culture belong to a cultural regions.

  • A natural region has unique plant and animal life as well as a unique climate.Ex: THE RAINFOREST

  • Regions can change overtime.ClimateNatural DisastersHuman InteractionsEconomic Conditions

  • F.Y.IA place can belong to many regions.