The Five Themes of Geography.  There are Five Themes of Geography?

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The Five Themes of Geography

1The Five Themes of GeographyThere are Five Themes of Geography?

2The Five Themes of Geography Geographer Someone who studies the earth and its various cultures.

(Above painting by Jan Vermeer entitled Geographer)

3LocationTheme # 1 Location This is where something is located.X-Marks the spot

X4LocationThere are Two Types of Location.

1) Absolute Location 2) Relative Location

5LocationAbsolute Location A specific point of a place on the world using Latitude and Longitude lines.

Example Where are you right now exactly?

6LocationRelative Location A general area and description of where a place is located.

Example What city and state are you guys currently located in?

7LOCATION Challenge Absolute Location: The absolute location is 41 degrees North and 12 degrees East. (41N, 12E)Relative Location: The relative location of the Coliseum is Rome, Italy. It is on the western side of Italy.

8PlaceTheme # 2 PlaceDescribes the physical and man made features that make an area unique. (Paris is known for its food and museums)

9PlaceWashington D.C. is the Capital City of the United States and it has many beautiful monuments.

10Movement Themes # 3 MovementLooks at how and why people and other objects move from place to place.

11MovementE-mailthink about how this electronic signal travel across the world in just a few seconds

12MovementTextingInsta-gramTweetsFace BookE-mailInstant messaging IMs

13MovementThe old wayNewspapersMailTelegraphTelephoneChat roomsCoffee Shops

RegionsTheme # 4 Regions Are areas that share common characteristics.

15RegionsThe Great PlainsA region of the united states that is defined by it people and how they live.Industry AgricultureLush farmland Working class farmers

16Human Environmental Interaction Theme # 5 Human Environmental InteractionThe way that people interact with their personal environments.

17Human Environmental Interaction Farming

18Human Environmental Interaction Recycling