Themes of Geography

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Themes of Geography. Australia. Pacific Ocean Coral Sea Along Australia’s East Coast. Location. Where is it?. 2 Types of Location. Absolute Relative. Absolute Location. Refers to an exact location using an address Refers to an exact location using latitude and longitude. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Themes of GeographyAustralia

Pacific OceanCoral SeaAlong Australias East Coast

LocationWhere is it?2 Types of LocationAbsoluteRelativeAbsolute LocationRefers to an exact location using an addressRefers to an exact location using latitude and longitudeExample of Absolute Location - AddressMacquarie StSydney New South Wales 2000, Australia(02) 9250 7777

Example of Absolute Location - Latitude and LongitudeLatitude - 3351'25S Longitude - 15112'55EWhere is it?

Sydney Opera House

Relative LocationRefers to the position of a place in relation to other placesExamples of Relative LocationLocated in SydneyLocated across the bay from the Sydney Opera House

Where is it?Mrs. Macquaire's ChairThe historic chair was carved out of a rock ledge for Governor Lachlan Macquarie's wife, Elizabeth, to veiw harbor

What type of Location? Absolute or Relative?Located in the Northern Territory of Australia

Ayers Rock (Uluru)12 41' South : 132 55' East

Kakadu National ParkPacific OceanCoral SeaAlong Australias East Coast

PlaceWhat is the place like?Characteristics of PlaceNatural (Physical)Human

How would you describe Australia?Physical CharacteristicsMountainsClimateAnimalsPlantsBlue Mountains New South Wales

Tasmanian Devil

The Outback Northern Territory

The Rainforest - Queensland

Desert Northern Territory (Alice Springs)

Landform - Ayers Rock

Human CharacteristicsPeopleLanguageBuildingsJobsClothingAustralia - ReligionCatholic 26.4%, Anglican 20.5%, other Christian 20.5%, Buddhist 1.9%, Muslim 1.5%, other 1.2%, unspecified 12.7%, none 15.3% (2001 Census)

Nation MasterAustralia - LanguageNo official languageMost speak EnglishRoad Signs; Highways

Cities - Sydney



Physical or Human Characteristics?Street Signs; Highways

Mountains Blue Mountains

ReligionFlinders Road Baptist Church Adelaide, South Australia

Great Victorian Desert

Lake Eyre


Darling River

The Bush Northern Territory

Rainforest - Queensland

Large SkyscrapersSydney

Baron Falls - QueenslandMovementHow people and places are linked togetherTypes of MovementTransportationCommunicationTransportationThe movement of people and goodsCommunicationThe movement of ideas and informationExamples of the Movement of PeopleExamples Movement of GoodsMovement of people, ideas, goods?Bedouins migrate deeper into the desert in winter when there is some precipitation; in the summer many live in the city

Tarahumara Indians of the Sierra Madre Mountains move down the mountains in the winter months

Tarahumara Indians

Examples of the Movement of IdeasIslam began in Saudi Arabia and has spread to all parts of the world

InteractionHow people use, adapt to, or change their environmentWhen we Interact with our environment, we Adapt to the environmentChange the environmentExamples of Adapting to the EnvironmentSeasons are opposite of Americas seasonDecember SummerJune - WinterEarly Aborigines would burn the dry grass so new grass to attract animals for hunting

Gathering Turtle Eggs

Eating Water LiliesExamples of Changing the EnvironmentIrrigationEarly people had to irrigate from rivers to farm dry land

People of the Netherlands built dikes to create farmland

Farmers use the slash and burn method of farming

Interaction with the environment sometimes harms our environmentPollutionWastesOil spillsMany moreAdapting or Changing?During the warm seasons the Iraqi people wear light colored, thin clothing; during the winter season heavier clothing

People of the Great Plains in U.S. built sod houses (not enough wood)

Bedouin homes are tents because they are nomadic

People of Iraq must irrigate the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers to farm dry land

RegionsTo make the study of the world easier, geographers divide it into regions.Regions may be based on:Physical featuresHuman featuresEconomic featuresPolitical featuresPhysical features: Desert RegionThe Sahara DesertHuman FeaturesIraq is in a Muslim RegionEconomic FeaturesCorn Belt RegionPolitical FeaturesLocationPlaceInteractionMovementRegions