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The Giving Tree teaching

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  • 1.THE GIVING TREE ____: /Shel Silverstein

2. Once there was a tree 3. And sheloveda little boy. 4. And everyday,the boy would come to her. 5. He wouldgather herleaves 6. and makethem intocrownsand play kingof the forest. 7. He would climb upher trunk. 8. Swing from her branches, 9. and eat apples. 10. And they would playhide-and-go-seek. 11. And when he was tired, he would sleep in her shade. 12. And the boy loved thetree very much. 13. And the tree was happy. 14. But time went by, 15. And the boy grew older. 16. And the tree was often alone. 17. Then one day the boy came to the tree.And the tree said,Come, Boy, come and climb up my trunkand swing from my branchesand eat applesand play in my shadeand be happy. 18. I am too mature to climb and play,the boy responded.I want to buy things and have fun. I want some money.Can you give me some money? 19. Im sorry, said the tree,but I have no money.I have only leaves and apples.Take my apples, Boy, and sell them in the city.Then, you will have money, and you will be happy. 20. And so the boy climbed up the treeand gathered her apples and carriedthem away.The tree was very happy. 21. But the boy stayed awayfor a long timeAnd the tree was sad. 22. And then one day the boy came backand the tree shook with joyand she said,Come, Boy, climb up my trunk and swingfrom my branches and be happy. 23. I am too busy to climb trees,said the boy.I want a house to keep me warm,he said.I want a wife and kids,so I need a house.Can you give me a house? 24. I have no house, said the tree,but you may cut off my branchesand build a house.Then you will be happy. 25. And so the boy cut offher branchesand carted them awayto build his house. 26. And the tree was happy. 27. But the boy stayed awayfor a long time. 28. And when he came back,the tree was so happythat she could hardly speak.Come, Boy, she whispered,come and play. 29. I am too old to play,said the boy.I want a boatthat will take me far away from here.Can you give me a boat? 30. Cut down my trunkand make a boat,said the tree.Then you can sail awayand be happy. 31. And so the boy cut down her trunkand made a boatand sailed away. 32. And the tree was happy .but not really 33. And after a long timethe boy came back again.I am sorry, Boy,said the tree.but I have nothing left to give you--- 34. My apples are gone.My teeth are too weak for apples, 35. My branches are gone, said the tree. You cannot swing on them---.I am too old to swing on branches,said the boy. 36. My trunk is gone, said the tree.You cannot climb ---I am too tired to climb, said the boy. 37. Im sorry, sighed the tree.I wish that I couldgive you something .But I have nothing left. I am justan old stump. I am sorry 38. I dont need very much now,said the boy,just a quiet place to sit and rest.I am very tired. 39. Well, said the tree,straightening herself up as much as she could,well, an old stamp is idealfor sitting and resting. Come,Boy, sit down. Sit down and rest. And the boy did. 40. And the tree was happy. 41. Simile Giving tree the little boyparentschildrenGiveTake 42. When we were young, we loved toplay with Mom and Dad 43. When we grow up, we leave them, andonly come to them when we needsomething or when we are in trouble. 44. No matter what, parents willalways be there and give everythingthey could to make you happy. 45. What do you do for your parents every day? Have you ever p.p. for your family?Have you ever p . p . My Classmates My ClassmatesName: __________ Name: _________ for your family? Boy Girl Boy Girl Yes, I have. Yes, I have.cook No, I havent. No, I havent.hang the Yes, I have. Yes, I have.clothes No, I havent. No, I havent.clean the Yes, I have. Yes, I have.living room No, I havent. No, I havent.do the Yes, I have. Yes, I have.dishes No, I havent. No, I havent. Yes, I have. Yes, I have.mop the floor No, I havent. No, I havent. 46. The giving treev.s. The taking boySpoken by Shel Silverstein 47. forest carry awaygather leavesstumpshadeswing from the branches trunk sailedawayclimb up 48. Questions for"The Giving Tree" 49. Q1.Is the tree in this storya man or a woman? A man. A woman. 50. Q2.What did the little boygather from the tree? Seeds. Leaves. 51. Q3.What part of the treedid the little boyswing from? Its branches. Its leaves. 52. Q4.When the little boywas tired,where did he sleep? On the branches. In the shade. 53. Q5.When was the treeoften alone? When the boy was older. When it was winter. 54. Q6.Why did the boy notwant to climb up thetrunk, and swingfrom the branchesof the tree? He was too big/mature. He was sad. 55. Q7.What did the boygather from the treeto sell? The leaves. The apples. 56. Q8.What did the boywant for a wife andchildren? He wanted the treesapples for them to eat. He wanted a housefor them to live in. 57. Q9.What part of the treedid the boy use tomake a boat forhimself? The trunk. The leaves. 58. Q10.What did the treegive to the boy atthe end of the book? A stump to sit down and rest on. Nothing. 59. Q11.How did the tree feelat the end of thestory? The tree was very sad. The tree was happy. 60. Story sequencing Arrange the strips in correct sequence. 61. gatherleaves 62. swing from the branches 63. in the shade 64. the trunk 65. an old stump 66. climb up the trunk