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1. How collaborative economy transforms our society September 2015 @MyriamBoure 2. Our story 3. It all started with a Blog -- a #hashtag! Our Story Summer 2010 Origins in a blog 4. The early stages 2011 Our Story 5. January 2012 Selecting the name Our Story 6. February 2012 First mixer organized Our Story 7. Connecting online with otherpassionate people around the globe 2012-2015 Enabling connections Our Story 8. Our Story May 2012 First summit in Paris 9. Our Story 2012-2013 The community spreads 10. Our Story 2013 First OuiShare Fest 11. OuiShare Overview 12. Ecosystem Innovators - Startups & Makers - Collab Spaces Civil Society - Communities - Individuals - NGOs Multi-Level Governments - National - Regional - Local Legacy Companies - Global Partners - Other Companies Experts Network - Academia - Think Tanks - Thought Leaders The OuiShare Ecosystem 13. Community think tank do tank education 1,500+ official individual members 70 OuiShare Connectors (highly active members) 45 OuiShare local groups in 15 Countries 250+ local events organized since 2012 100 online discussion groups (mobility, factory, ) and countless connections & network weaving 14. Hubs Local Communities Scope of Activity Paris, FranceBarcelona, Spain Berlin, Germany Around the Globe Amsterdam Bari Bogota Bordeaux Boston Brest Bucharest Copenhagen Dubai Dubai Halifax Lille Lille London Madrid Milan Munich Nice Oaxaca Oslo Ottawa Paris Prague Rome Rotterdam Rouen Rovereto San Francisco Rovereto Seattle Singapore Stockholm Tangier Tel Aviv Tunis Turin Vienna Zurich 15. A Value Manifesto 16. WE BELIEVE THAT AN ECONOMY BASED ON SHARING, COLLABORATION AND OPENNESS CAN SOLVE MANY OF THE COMPLEX CHALLENGES THE WORLD FACES A Vision 17. Hierarchy Group controlled by individuals Consensus Individuals endorsed by the group Me Horizontal Governance Me 18. Think Tank 19. Think Tank think tank do tank education Think Tank 100+ Online Facebook Groups Multi-Lingual: in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German Regional & Topical: Based on cities, regions, subjects, and expertise grouping over 10,000 contributors 20. OuiShare Academy: hub for educational resources for the OuiShare community + courses offering + MOOC (started in Spain) 40+ classes in leading universities : HEC, ESCP Europe, ESSEC, Tlcom ParisTech, CELSA, ENSCI, ESADE Barcelona, Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, BI Norway, ... Education 21. Incubator OuiShare Fest: third edition in 2015 OuiShare Collaborative Accelerator: to be launched next year The Sharitories Program: for municipalities to understand and foster collaborative practices POC21: accelerator of open source sustainability OuiKit: network of resource sharing between civic organizations Contribution or ignition of local projects: giveboxes, timebanks, support to coworking spaces and makerspaces. 22. OuiShare Fest 1000 (+3000) participants 150 speakers & facilitators 55+ countries represented 3 days of conference 4 days of mainstream event 15+ satellite events 5 OuiShare Awards 100 volunteers 200 press articles 10 000 twitter mentions 23. POC21 IS AN ACCELERATOR FOR OPEN SOURCE SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLES 24. Imagine an appealing, mainstream catalog as ubiquitous as IKEA's, showcasing an open source sustainable lifestyle. That is our plan. A CATALOG FOR OPEN SOURCE SUSTAINABILITY 25. Sharitories A toolkit for policy makers to implement the collaborative economy in their region http://sharitories.net 26. Collaborative economy? 27. The Collaborative Economy think tank do tank education = practices and business models based on horizontal networks and participation of a community, transforming how we live, work and create. - knowledge - tourism - mobility - retail - finance - politics - work - production - ... 28. Consumption Production Learning Finance Governance 29. Collaborative consumption is an economic model fostering access over ownership and reducing waste in which people leverage technology to share, swap, trade, rent, lend or give products and services on a new scale. Consumption 30. Tourism 31. Hostelling 32. Home swapping 33. Social eating 34. Mobility 35. Ride sharing Long distance / dynamic ride-sharing 36. Car/bike sharing Cooperative / On-demand / P2P 37. Goods transporation 38. Space 39. P2P and mutualization 40. Coliving houses enable sustainable lifestyles through sharing and efficient use of resources and space. Co-living Borettslag / Shared housing 41. Retail 42. In 1960, a family of 4 people owned 150 items. In 2014 the same family owns 2000 items. 43. Product as a service 44. Redistribution platforms 45. Local food systems 46. Skills 47. P2P services On-demand service & timebanking 48. Production 49. How many employees had Wikipedia when they reached 1 billion page views? 50. Open Source Software & hardware / digital manufacturing 51. Open innovation R&D 52. Access to tools & libraries Maker & Hacker space, FabLab 3D printing Laser cutting CNC milling 53. Food production Community, allotment gardens / cooperative / grow it yourself 54. Learning 55. Open courses & MOOC 56. P2P learning 57. Finance 58. P2P finance Crowdfunding / Payments / Insurance 59. New exchange tools Complementary currencies / cryptocurrencies 60. Governance 61. Flat structures Sociocracy, holacracy, cooperative 62. Distributed collaborative organizations DCOs / Liquid organizations / Open Entreprise 63. Governance of the commons 64. Online voting requires independent accountability. Blockchain is the best available protocol to guarantee that accountability: a decentralized ledger that can certify any kind of event that happens Pia Mancini Politics Liquid democracy 65. LEARNING p2p learning open courses & moocs PRODUCTION co-design / co-innovationdigital peer production distributed fabrication (makers) FINANCE p2p funding p2p payments p2p insurance compl. currencies GOVERNANCE SWARM participatory organizations participatory government blockchain / DAO CONSUMPTION redistribution local food systemsproduct-service on-demand services COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY FRAMEWORK V0.1 66. Be the change you want to see in the world. 67. THANK YOU AND LETS KEEP IN TOUCH Follow us: http://ouishare.net @OuiShare myriam@ouishare.net , +47 98 48 27 57 * Special credit to all Connectors who contributed to this presentation


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