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  • 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI am really happy and exited in representing this summer trainingproject report before you.I must express my gratitude towards KARVY SECURITIES LTDfor giving mean opportunity to work with on this report.And of course I am very much thankful to our honorable Dy.Director Prof. Ajay Shah (PROJECT GUIDE) for giving meopportunity and his guidance help me through out preparing thisreport. He has also provided me a valuable suggestions andexcellence guidance about this training, which proved very helpfulto me to utilize my theoretical knowledge in practical field.At last I am also thankful to my friends, to all known and unknownindividuals who have given me their constructive advise, educativesuggestion, encouragement, co-operation and motivation toprepare this report. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Shri Jaysukhlal Vadhar Institute of Management Studies, Jamnagar 2
  • 3. Indias economy is highly developing. The development is taken placedue to the growth in the financial system. This financial systemprovides the background to various investors regarding varied optionsto invest. Thus, development of the economy depends on how theseinvestors invest for the well being in long run.As financial markets become more sophisticated and complex, investorsneed a financial intermediary who provides the required knowledge andprofessional expertise on successful investing. Mutual Funds representperhaps the most appropriate investment opportunity for investors. Nowonder the concept of Mutual Fund was initially developed in the U.S.market, but the entry of the concept in the Indian Financial Marketwas in the year 1964 with the formulation of the UTI, at the initiativeof the RBI and Govt. of India.For most people, money is a delicate matter and when it comes toinvesting they are wary. Simply because there are many investmentoptions out there, each out promising the other. An important questionfacing many investors is whether to invest in Banks, National Savings,Post office, Non-banking finance companies, Fixed deposits, Sharesetc. or to invest distinctively in Mutual Funds.It has been perceived that there is huge potential market in the regionof Saurashtra. Thus an exploratory research with the hypothesis Theregion of Saurashtra being progressively industrializing & developingshould provide a large & wider market share for Mutual Fund has beendone.Thus the purpose of this research was to find why people do notactively invest in mutual fund in spite of various benefits likeProfessional management, Diversification, Convenience liquidity,Flexibility, Tax benefits etc. as well as to find out potential of businessof KARVY in distribution of Mutual Fund in Jamnagar City.After performing the detailed exploratory research by interviewingdifferent persons who act as investment advisor like Insurance advisorand Post office advisor etc. with the help of questionnaire, certain Shri Jaysukhlal Vadhar Institute of Management Studies, Jamnagar 3
  • 4. facts were revealed regarding the view about Mutual Funds in the mindof investors.I have observed that approximately 60% of the people are unaware ofMutual Funds but most of them are interested to know about MutualFunds and ready to attend seminar arranged by KARVY. They are alsointerested to work with KARVY if sufficient information is provided tothem about Mutual Fund and KARVY.People from service class prefers safety of income plus the regularincome as well as tax benefits while on the other hand Professional andBusinessman focus on high return with some risk.For growth and development of the Mutual Fund Industry, themisconception regarding Mutual Fund should be removed & theawareness for the same should be made. Shri Jaysukhlal Vadhar Institute of Management Studies, Jamnagar 4
  • 5. INTRODUCTION COMPANY DETAILSBackgroundKarvy Consultants Limited was established in 1982 at Hydrabad. It wasestablished by a group of Hydrabad-based practicing CharteredAccountants. At initial stage it was very small in size. It was startedwith a capital of Rs. 1,50,000.In starting it was only offering auditing and taxation services. Later, itacts into the Registrar and Share transfer activities and subsequentlyinto financial services and other services like Financial ProductDistribution, Investment Advisory Services, Demat Services,Corporate Finance, Insurance etc.All along, Karvys strong work ethics and professional backgroundleveraged with Information Technology enabled it to deliver quality tothe individual. A decade of commitment, professional integrity andvision helped Karvy achieving a leadership position in its field when ithandled largest number of corporate and retail that proved to be asound business synergy.Today, Karvy has access to millions of Indian shareholders, besidescompanies, banks, financial institutions and regulatory agencies. Overthe past one and half decades, Karvy has evolved as a veritable linkbetween industry, finance and people.In January 1998, Karvy became first Depository Participant in AndhraPradesh. An ISO 9002 Company, Karvys commitment to quality andretail reach has made it an Integrated Financial Services Company.Today, company has 230 branch offices in 164 cities all over the India.The company adds 5 new offices every month to the companys evergrowing national network in every nook and corner of the country. Thecompany service over 16 million individual investors, 180 corporate andhandle corporate disbursements that exceed Rs.2500 Crores. Shri Jaysukhlal Vadhar Institute of Management Studies, Jamnagar 5
  • 6. WHERE KARVY STAND IN THE MARKET?KARVY is a legendary name in financial services, Karvys credit isdefined by its mission to succeed, passion for professionalism,excellent work ethics and customer centric values.Today KARVY is well known as a premier financial services enterprise,offering a broad spectrum of customized services to its clients, bothcorporate and retail. Services that KARVY constantly upgrade andimprove are because of companys skill in leveraging technology. Beingone of the most techno-savvy organizations around helps company todeliver even more cost effective financial solutions in the shortestpossible time.What bears ample testimony to Karvys success is the faith reposed incompany by valued investors and customers, all across the country.Indeed, with Karvys wide network touching every corner of thecountry, even the most remote investor can easily access Karvysservices and benefit from companys expert advice. Shri Jaysukhlal Vadhar Institute of Management Studies, Jamnagar 6
  • 7. KARVY GROUPKarvy Consultants LimitedKarvy Securities LimitedKarvy Investor Services LimitedKarvy Stock broking LimitedKarvy Computer Shares Pvt. Ltd.Board of DirectorsKarvy Consultants LimitedParthasarathy CYugandhar MRamakrishna M SPrasad V PotluriRobert GibsonSanjay Kumar DhirR Shyamsunder [Table1: BODs of Karvy Consultants Limited] Karvy Investor Services LimitedParthasarathy CYugandhar MRamakrishna M S [Table2: BODs of Karvy Investor Services Limited] Shri Jaysukhlal Vadhar Institute of Management Studies, Jamnagar 7
  • 8. Karvy Securities LimitedParthasarathy CYugandhar MRamakrishna M SAjay Kumar KWilliam SamuelNicholas Tully [Table3: BODs of Karvy Securities Limited]Karvy Stock Broking LimitedParthasarathy CYugandhar MRamakrishna M SAjay Kumar KKutumba Rao VWilliam SamuelNicholas Tully [Table4: BODs of Karvy Stock Broking Limited] Shri Jaysukhlal Vadhar Institute of Management Studies, Jamnagar 8
  • 9. Mission Statement of KarvyAn organization exists to accomplish something or achieve something.The mission statement indicates what an organization wants to achieve.The mission statement may be changed periodically to take advantageof new opportunities or respond to new market conditions.Karvys mission statement is To Bring Industry, Finance and Peopletogether.Karvy is work as intermediary between industry and people. Karvy workas investment advisor and helps people to invest their money same wayKarvy helps industry in achieving finance from people by issuing shares,debentures, bonds, mutual funds, fixed deposits etc.Companys mission statement is clear and thoughtful which guidegeographically dispersed employees to work independently yetcollectively towards achieving the organizations goals.Vision of KarvyCompanys vision is crystal clear and mind frame very directed. To bepioneering financial services company. And continue to grow at a

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