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  • Band 34b Zeitschrift für Naturforschung 1979


    C o n t e n t s o f N u m b e r 1

    Original Communications

    Ternary Phases in the System Iron Thallium-Sulfur (In German) M. ZABEL and K.-J. RANGE 1

    Bis(tetrachloromolybdenum)diazene, [ M o N C l ^ (In German) W. LIEBELT and K . DEHNICKE 7

    On a New Modification of AS2O5 (In German) M. JANSEN 10

    CaAgP and CaAgAs - Two Compounds with the Fe2P-Structure (In German) A. MEWIS 14

    Methyl Metal Bromo and Iodo Complexes of Gallium and Indium (In German) H.-J. WIDLER and J. WEIDLEIN 18

    Jerf-Butylphosphine Complexes of Gold(I) and Silver(I) Halides (In German) H. SCHMIDBAUR and A. A. M. ALY 23

    Derivatives of CW-NPC12(NSOC1)2 and (NPCl2)2NSOCl, Part X I . Preparation of Amino- phenyl Derivatives of NPC12(NS0C1)2 J. B. VAN DEN BERG and J. C. VAN DE GRAMPEL 27

    Functional Derivatives of Trimethylphosphine, V I I I . Phosphonium Salts, Oxides and Sulfides of Tetra- organodiphosphinomethanes, R2PCH2P (CH3) 2 (In German) H. H. KARSCH 31

    Solvent Extraction Study of Nickel(II) and Cobalt(II) with l-Phenyl-3-methyl-4-benzoylpy- razol-5-one ( P M B P -OH) A. N. PATEL and A. M. QURESHI 44

    Chalcogenolates and their Derivatives, V . Crystal and Molecular Structure of 2,8-Dimethyldibenzo- [c,g][l,2,5,6]tetrathiaocin, an Oxidation Product of 4-Methylbenzene-l,2-dithiol (In German) J. KOPF, K. VON DEUTEN, B . NAKHDJAVAN, and G. KLAR 48

    Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of Thio- cyanate Ion by Sodium N-Chloro-4-methyl Ben- zene Sulphonamide in Alkaline Medium D. S. MAHADEVAPPA, B . T. GOWDA, and N. M. M. GOWDA 52

    Phosphorus-Nitrogen Compounds, Part X L V . Friedel-Crafts Reactions of Some Aminochloro- cyclotriphosphazatrienes S. K. DAS, M.-UL-HASAN, R. A. SHAW, B. C. SMITH, and M. WOODS 58

    Reaction of Carboxamides with Quinolinium Salts under the Influence of Base (In German) W.-H. GÜNDEL and H. BERENBOLD 64

    Automatic Generation of Pericyclic Reactions (In German) J. GASTEIGER 67

    Reactions of f-Butyl Peresters, X V I I I . Peroxyester Reaction of i-Butyl N,N-Dimethylperoxyamidate D. J. RAWLINSON, M. KONIECZNY, and G. Sos- NOWSKY 76

    The Alkyl Inductive Effect, I. Relations between oi, a*, 01, and q* for H and A l k y l Groups; ai Values from the Size and Branching of R L. S. LEVITT 81

    Substituent and Solvent Effects on H C N Elimina- tion from l-Aryl-l,2,2-tricyanoethanes F. M. FOUAD and P. G. FARRELL 86

    Synthesis of Hexahydro-bis[benzo-dipyrazolones, benzo-diazepinone] and Dithiopyrimidoquinazo- linetetrone F. A. K. AMER, E.-S. AFSAH, M. T. EL-ZIMAITY, and M. A. METWALLY 95

    A Convenient Synthesis of Naphth[2',3':5,6]- and [l',2':5,6]-l,3-oxazino[3,2-b]benzimidazoles and Benzoxazolo[3,2-b][l,3]quinazolone - Mechanism of Thiophosgene Heteroeyelisation S. K. DUBEY, S. SHARMA, and R. N. IYER 99

    Enehydrazines, X X V . Some Derivatives of 1-Di- methylamino-2(l H)-quinolinone (In German) U. WOLF, W. SUCROW, and H.-J. VETTER 102


    A Bis(perfluoropinacolyl)spirophosphorane (In German) G.-V. RÖSCHENTHALER, K. SAUERBREY, and R. SCHMUTZLER 107

    Cyclopentadienyl Titanium(IV) Complexes with Phenylisocyanate G. K. PARASHAR, P. C. BHARARA, and R. C. MEHROTRA 109

    Preparation and Raman Spectrum of ReOsCl • SbCls (In German) K. DEHNICKE and W. LIESE 111

    Photoinduced Dechlorination Reaction of Dichloro- benzenes, Chloroanilins and Chlorophenols in the Presence of Protondonors (In German) H. PARLAR, P. G. W . STEVEN, R . BAUMANN, and F. KORTE 113

    This work has been digitalized and published in 2013 by Verlag Zeitschrift für Naturforschung in cooperation with the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Germany License.

    On 01.01.2015 it is planned to change the License Conditions (the removal of the Creative Commons License condition “no derivative works”). This is to allow reuse in the area of future scientific usage.

    Dieses Werk wurde im Jahr 2013 vom Verlag Zeitschrift für Naturforschung in Zusammenarbeit mit der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften e.V. digitalisiert und unter folgender Lizenz veröffentlicht: Creative Commons Namensnennung-Keine Bearbeitung 3.0 Deutschland Lizenz.

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  • IV Contents

    New Phases in the System Thallium-Iron-Sulphur (In German) H. SABROWSKY, J. MIRZA, and CH. METHFESSEL

    115 Synthesis of Triphenylsilyl Diphenylphosphine

    (In German) A. ANTONIADIS and U. KUNZE 116

    The Molecular Structure of Allenes and Ketenes, X I I . Correlations of Carbon-Proton Spin-Spin Coupling Constants in Allenes with ab initio S T 0 - 3 G Overlap Populations W. RUNGE 118

    Friedel-Crafts-Alkylations with Cu2+-Bentonite (In German) W. W. LÖTZ and J. GOSSELCK 121

    Benzo(c)-l A4,2-thiazol, a New Bicyclic 107r-System (In German) U. KLINGEBIEL and D. BENTMANN 123

    Structural Change of a Benzocyclobutadiene by Complexation (In German) H. STRAUB, G. DÖRING, and W. WINTER 125

    Regioselective Ring Cleavage of Bacteriochloro- phyll Derivatives by Photooxidation (In German) H. BROCKMANN (Jr.) and C. BELTER 127

    Chemical Structure Determination for Photobilin c and a Contribution to the Formation Mechanism (In German) N. RISCH and C. BELTER 129

    C o n t e n t s o f N u m b e r 2

    Original Communications

    Preparation and Crystal Structure of CSAIF4 (In German) R. LÖSCH and CH. HEBECKER 131

    Contributions to the Chemistry of Boron, X C V I I . A n Investigation of the Substituent Exchange between Trithiadiborolanes (In German) H. NÖTH and T. TAEGER 135

    Crystal and Molecular Structure of Bis(N,N,N',N'- tetramethyl-1,4-diaminobenzeniumyl) [Wurster's Blue Cation] -tetracyanoplatinate(II) -mono- hydrate H. ENDRES, W. JENTSCH, H. J. KELLER, R. MARTIN, W. MORONI, and D. NÖTHE 140

    Structure and Vibrational Spectra of Monomolyb- dates and Monotungstates with Organic Cations (In German) A. THIELE and J. FUCHS 145

    Preparation and Properties of Mono-, Isopoly- and Heteropolymolybdates with Organic Cations (In German) J. FUCHS and A. THIELE 155

    Basic Chromium(III) Formate: Reaction of Chro- mium(III) Chloride with Formic Acid R. C. PAUL, P. KAPOOR, 0 . B. BAIDYA, and R. KAPOOR 160

    Reaction of Tris-fer£-butylorthovanadate with Mono- carboxylic Acids (In German) F . PREUSS and J. WOITSCHACH 163

    RbSbaSs • H2O - a New Formula and Structure Type in the Group of Thioantimonites (In German) K. VOLK and H. SCHÄFER 172

    Na3(AlSi)Te4 - the First Hypotelluroalumosilicate (In German) J. WEIS and H. SCHÄFER 176

    Synthesis and Reactions of 4-Bora-2,6-diphospha- 1,3,5-triazenes. Cyclic Boron Betaines (In German) H. BINDER and J. PALMTAG 179

    Carbons as Catalysts for the Oxidation of Sulfurous Acid (In German) M. ZUCKMANTEL, R. KURTH, and H. P . BOEHM

    188 Addition Reactions of Tinorganic Compounds with

    N ,NBis(pentaf luoropheny 1) sulfurdiimide (In German) H. W. ROESKY, W. SCHMIEDER, and K . AMBRO- SIUS 197

    Azido Chelate Cobalt(III) Complexes (In German) W. BECK, T . KEMMERICH, and H. BÖHME 200

    Ternary Complexes in Solution, X X X . Increased Stability Through Intramolecular Stacking in Mixed-Ligand Cu2 + and Zn 2 + Complexes of 2,2'- Bipyridyl and Carboxymethyl Ary l Derivatives E . FARKAS, B . E. FISCHER, R . GRIESSER, V. M. RHEINBERGER, and H. SIGEL 208

    Phosphine Substituted Carbonyl Seleno Complexes of Manganese and Rhenium (In German) V. KÜLLMER, E . RÖTTINGER, and H. VAHREN- KAMP 217

    Oxidation of Mercapto Carbonyl Manganese Com- plexes (In German) V. KÜLLMER, E . RÖTTINGER, and H. VAHREN- KAMP 224

    The Isolation and Characterization of Molecular Complexes Produced from the Reaction of Nitro- phenols with Divalent Metal Oxinates M. M. ALY and A. M. SHALABY 230

    " C and 1 1 9Sn N M R Spectra of Thienylstannanes (In German) B. WRACKMEYER 235

    Ternary Chalcogenides M3M2'X2 with Shandite- Type Structure (In German) M. ZABEL, S. WANDINGER, and K.-J. RANGE 238

    Studies on Diperoxovanadates: The //-Hydroxo- bis[oxo-diperoxovanadate(V)] Anion (In German) K. WIEGHARDT and U. QUILITZSCH 242

  • Contents V

    Planar Complexes of Unsymmetrically Substituted Alky l and Aryl-l,2-dionedioximes with the Ions Nickel(II), Palladium(II) and Platinum(II) (In German) H. J . KELLER and R . LEHMANN 245

    On the Preparation and Crystal Structure of SrZnSb2 (In German) E. BRECHTEL, G. CORDIER, and H. SCHÄFER 251

    Cis-trans Isomers of Diazadiphosphetidine Deriv- atives: Five Crystal and Molecular Structures (In German) S. POHL 256

    Ligand Field Spectroscopic Studies of Transition Metal Aluminium-Tetraalkoxides (In German) E. STUMPP and U. HILLEBRAND 262

    Semiempirical SCF-Calculations on the Hydroxy- pyridine-Pyridone-Tautomerism (In German) W. FABIAN 266

    Photoredox Reaction of fraws-4-Stilbenecarboxy- latopentaamminecobalt (III) A. VOGLER and A. KERN 271

    Reactions with Cyclic Amidenes I I I : Synthesis of Some New Fused Pyrazole Derivatives M. H. ELNAGDI, E. M. KANDEEL, and K . U. SADEK 275

    Syntheses with Nitriles, L I V . Reduction of Oxi- minomalonitrile to Aminomalonitrile Using Ra- ney-Catalysts (In German) H. JUNEK