Zeitschrift fr Naturforschung / A / 47 (1992) W erk wurde im Jahr 2013 vom V erlag Zeitschrift fr Naturforschung ... Experimental Methods and Spin Dynamics 2 D Methods in NQR Spectroscopy

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Text of Zeitschrift fr Naturforschung / A / 47 (1992) W erk wurde im Jahr 2013 vom V erlag Zeitschrift fr...

  • Volume 47 a Zeitschrift fr Na tu r fo r schung



    N u m b e r 1/2

    Original Communications

    (A) High-Tc Superconductors

    Probing the Electronic Structure of Y - B a - C u - 0 Superconductors by Copper NQR/NMR D . BRINKMANN 1

    NQR and NMR in High Tc Superconductors K . ASAYAMA, Y. KITAOKA, a n d G.-Q. ZHENG 7

    Oxygen Diffusion in YBa 2 Cu 3 0 7 _ 8 Studied via 133Ba(EC)133Cs Nuclear Quadrupole Interaction W. TRGER a n d T. BUTZ 12

    Cu NQR. Study in a High-Tc Superconductor YBa2Cu306 .1I J t Y u . A . OSSIPYAN, O . V. ZHARIKOV, V. L . MATUKHIN, V. N . ANASHKIN, I . A . SAFIN, A . I. POGORELCEV, a n d G . B. TEITELBAUM 21

    Cu-NQR Frequencies and Linewidths in High-!TC Su-perconductors S. GRTNER, H . RIESEMEIER, Y. KITAOKA, V. MLLER, K . LDERS, E . KALDIS, a n d S. RUSIECKI 27

    (B) Glasses, Ceramics, Semiconductors and Metals

    NQR Studies of the Structure of Glasses and Crys-talline Compounds P . J. BRAY, D . H . LEE, D . - G . MAO, G . L . PETERSEN, S. A . FELLER, D . L . BAIN, D . A . FEIL, P . PANDIKUTHIRA, a n d S. NIJHAWAN 30

    14N Quadrupole Interactions in Nitrogen-Containing Ceramics. Effects on 29Si NMR Line Shapes and Structural Implications A . OLIVIERI 39

    Electric Field Gradient in Aluminium due to Vacancy and Muon M . J. PONNAMBALAM 4 5

    Nucleus-Carrier Interactions in the Group V Semimetals: Dependence on Temperature and Pres-sure J. M . KEARTLAND, I. P . GOUDEMOND, G . C . K . FLSCHER, a n d M . J. R . HOCH 49

    (C) Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds

    Cesium Iodometallates(III), Cs 3 M 2 I 9 , with M = Rare Earth. A Structural Investigation by 127I NQR M . LENCK a n d AL. WEISS 54

    NQR and X-ray Studies of [N(CH3)4]3M2Y9 and (CH 3 NH 3 ) 3 M 2 X 9 (M = Sb, Bi; X = C1, Br) H . ISHIHARA, K . WATANABE, A . IWATA, K . YAM AD A, Y. KINOSHITA, T. OKUDA, V. G . KRISHNAN, S . -Q . DOU, a n d AL. WEISS 65

    Coordination of Ortho-Chlorines in Copper(I) and Silver(I) 2,6-Di- and 2,4,6-Trichlorophenolates G . WULFSBERG, D . JACKSON, W. ILSLEY, S . - Q . D o u , AL. WEISS, a n d J. GAGLIARDI, JR. 75

    The Nuclear Quadrupole Interaction of 199mHg-Cys-teine and 199mHg-tert-butyl-mercaptide T. BUTZ, W. TRGER, TH. PHLMANN, a n d O . NUYKEN 85

    The l l l m C d Nuclear Quadrupole Interaction in CdCl2 and its Monohydrate TH. FRAENZKE, T. BUTZ, a n d A . LERF 89

    1 4N NQR in 1,10-Phenanthroline and Dicyano bis(l,10-phenanthroline)iron(III) J. MURGICH, Y. ARAY, E . O . RICO, a n d I . BONALDE 96

    8 1 Br and 1 2 7I NQR Studies of (CH 3NH 3) 2HgBr 4 and (CH 3 NH 3 ) 2 HgI 4 H . TERAO, T. OKUDA, A . MINAMI, T. MATSUMOTO, a n d Y. TAKEDA 99

    This work has been digitalized and published in 2013 by Verlag Zeitschrift fr Naturforschung in cooperation with the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Germany License.

    On 01.01.2015 it is planned to change the License Conditions (the removal of the Creative Commons License condition no derivative works). This is to allow reuse in the area of future scientific usage.

    Dieses Werk wurde im Jahr 2013 vom Verlag Zeitschrift fr Naturforschungin Zusammenarbeit mit der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Frderung derWissenschaften e.V. digitalisiert und unter folgender Lizenz verffentlicht:Creative Commons Namensnennung-Keine Bearbeitung 3.0 DeutschlandLizenz.

    Zum 01.01.2015 ist eine Anpassung der Lizenzbedingungen (Entfall der Creative Commons Lizenzbedingung Keine Bearbeitung) beabsichtigt, um eine Nachnutzung auch im Rahmen zuknftiger wissenschaftlicher Nutzungsformen zu ermglichen.

  • nhaltsverzeichnis VII I

    A 6 3 , 6 5 C u and 1 2 7I Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance and X-Ray Crystallographic Study of a Low-Tem-perature Phase of the 6/s(2-picoline) Copper(I) Iodide Dimer A . HABIYAKARE, E . A . C . LCKEN, a n d G . BERNARDINELLI 106

    / 9Br NQR Spectra of the Impurity Molecules of Terabromides of Group IV Elements in the Matrix Crystals of Group IV Element Halides G . K . SEMIN, A . M . RAEVSKY, S. I . KUZNETSOV, T. L . KHOTSYANOVA, a n d S. I. GUSHCHIN 111

    7Li-Solid-State-NMR of [Li(N,N,N',N'-Tetramethyl-ethylenediamine)] C104 and [Li(N,N,N',N'-Tetra-methylethylenediamine)2] A1(CH 3)4 T. PLETRASS, P . K . BURKERT, a n d H . H . KARSCH 117

    An N Q R Study of Tetrachloride Complexes of Group IVA Elements V. P . FESHIN a n d M . G . VORONKOV 120

    6 3 < 5 5 Cu and 7 9 - 8 1 r NQR Studies of Thione Com-plexes of Cu(I) Halides S. RAMAPRABHU a n d E . A . C . LCKEN 125

    Bromine-79 N Q R for Uncoordinated Br~ ions in trans-[C or2(en)2] [H 5 0 2 ] Br2 A . SASANE, T. MATSUDA, H . HONDA, a n d Y. MORI 129

    (D) Organic Compounds

    Electron Effects of Adduct Formation by some Metal Halides E. A . KRAVCHENKO a n d M . Y u . BURTZEV 134

    NQR Studies of Organic Compounds Containing Tetra- or Pentacoordinated Atoms of Elements of Groups IVA and VIA V. P. FESHIN 141

    35C1 N Q R Spectra of Organyl(chloroalkyl) Sulfides M . G . VORONKOV, G . V. DOLGUSHIN, V. P . FESHIN, L. P . TURCHANINOVA, N . A . KORCHEVIN, a n d E. N . DERYAGHINA 147

    Spatial Electron Density Distribution of Chlorine Atoms in Molecules of the Series C12C = CXX' V. P . FESHIN, G . A . POLYGALOVA, V. V. SHCHEPIN, a n d Y. E . SAPOZHNIKOV 150

    Dioxin Precursors: N Q R Studies of Group 1 and Re-lated 2,6-Dichlorophenolate and 2,4,6-Trichloro-phenolate Salts G . WULFSBERG, K . SHADID, B. FARRIS, J. MONN, T. BONNER, J. YANISCH, a n d AL. WEISS 153

    35C1 N Q R and Structural Studies of Chloroacet-anilides C6H3C12NHCOCH3_ J CC1 ; c , l < x < 3 D . GROKE, S . - Q . DOU, a n d AL. WEISS 160

    7 9Br and 1 2 7 I N Q R of tert-Butylammonium Halides and Crystal Structure of ( C H 3 ) 3 C N H f B r e

    M . SHABAZI, S . - Q . DOU, a n d AL. WEISS 171

    N Q R and Crystal Structure of 4,5-Dichloroimida-zole, C 3 H 2 N 2 C1 2 S . - Q . D o u a n d AL. WEISS 177

    (E) Theory of Electric Field Gradients

    Theoretical Study of the Electric Field Gradient in Silver Iodide G . FRANTZ, R . LEIBERICH, P . C . SCHMIDT, and T. P. DAS 182

    The Nuclear Quadrupole Moments of the 20 First Elements: High-Precision Calculations on Atoms and Small Molecules P. PYYKK 189

    Ab initio Calculations of the Electric Field Gradients in Solids in Relation to the Charge Distribution K . SCHWARZ a n d P . BLAHA 197

    The ab initio Calculation of Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling Constants with Special Reference to 3 3S M . H . PALMER 203

    1 4N N Q R and the Molecular Charge Topology in Coordinated Ammonia J. MURGICH, Y. ARAY, a n d E . O . R i c o 217

    (F) Phase Transitions and Solid State Properties

    Milli-Kelvin NQR: A Study of the Praseodymium Trihalides R . L . ARMSTRONG a n d S. S u 221

    Electric Field Effect on 1 4N N Q R in Ferroelectric Thiourea Single Crystals H . J. KIM, K . T. HAN, a n d S. H . CHOH 227

  • Inhaltsverzeichnis VII

    Phase Transitions in Bis(4-chlorophenyl)sulfone as Studied by 35C1 FT-NQR H . NAKAYAMA, T. EGUCHI, a n d M . KISHITA 2 3 2

    NQR Study of the Pinning and Depinning of the Incommensurate Modulation Wave in the Presence of Impurities F. MILIA, G . PAPAVASSILIOU, a n d A . ANAGNOSTOPOULOS 2 3 7

    35C1 NQR and Crystal Structure Studies of Salts of Chlorodifluoro- and Dichloroacetic Acid R . BASARAN, S . -Q . D o u , a n d AL. WEISS 241

    An NQR and Calorimetric Study of a Phase Transi-tion in tetrakis (a-Phenylethylamine)-6w (isothio-cyanato) nickel(II)/orr/jo-Dichlorobenzene Clathrate L. PANG, E . A . C . LCKEN, a n d P . TISSOT 251

    High Pressure Studies of Tetrachloro-o-benzoquin-one by N Q R Spectroscopy P. KOZIOL 2 5 4

    NQR Investigation of the Temperature-Induced Neu-tral-to-Ionic Phase Transition in the Mixed-Stack Charge-Transfer Complex TTF-CA M . GOURDJI, L . GUIBE, A . PENEAU, J. GALLIER, B. TOUDIC, a n d H . CAILLEAU 257

    Chlorine-NQR Relaxation Near the Structural Tran-sitions of Natural and Deuterated (NH 4 ) 2TeCl 6 C . DIMITROPOULOS, F. BORSA, a n d J. PELZL 261

    (G) Relaxation and Dynamic Processes

    Reorientational Motion of Trihalogenomethyl Groups in Organic Compounds as Studied by 35C1 NQR and 1 9 F N M R Spectroscopy S. WIGAND, T. ASAJI, R . IKEDA, a n d D . NAKAMURA 2 6 5

    Chlorine Nuclear Quadrupole Relaxation and Cationic Motion in Trimethylsulfonium Hexachlo-roselenate(IV): [(CH3)3S]2SeCl6 M . KAGA, T. ASAJI, R . IKEDA, a n d D . NAKAMURA 2 7 4

    Chlorine Nuclear Spin-Spin Relaxation Mechanism in Mg(H 2 0) 6 SnCl 6 as Studied by N Q R and N M R Techniques K . HORIUCHI a n d D . NAKAMURA 2 7 7

    Uniaxial Reorientation of Octahedral Complex An-ions Excited in Triethylammonium Hexachlo-rostannate(IV) Crystals T. SHIMIZU, T. ASAJI, D . NAKAMURA, a n d R . IKEDA 2 8 3

    Reorientational Motion of Hydrogen Bonded Octa-hedral Complex Anions in Hydrazinium Hexa-chlorostannate(IV), (N 2 H 5 ) 2 SnCl 6 , as Studied by 35C1 NQR Spin-Lattice Relaxation Measurements Y. KUME, M . TOKORO, T. ASAJI, R . IKEDA, a n d D . NAKAMURA 288

    Reorientation of the CC13 Group in Chloral 4-Chloro-benzylhemiacetal. A Pulsed 35C1 NQR and X-ray Study M . HASHIMOTO, T. ISONO, N . YOMESAKA, H . NIKI, H . KYAN, a n d T. HAMAGAWA 2 9 3

    35C1 NQR Relaxation in Chloral Cyclohexylhemiac-etal H . NIKI, R . IGEI, H . KYAN, T. HAMAGAWA, T. ISONO, a n d M . HASHIMOTO 299

    The 35C1 N Q R Temperature Dependence of Hexa-and Octachlorocyclophosphazene A . A . KOUKOULAS a n d M . A . WHITEHEAD 305

    NQR and Neutron Diffraction in Scheelites R . JULIAN, C . BROWN, M . E . SHORTREED, A . J. SZABO, B. M . POWELL, a n d S. N . STUART 308

    Temperature Dependence of the Spin-Lattice Relax-ation Time of the 2 3 N a - N M R Line in N a N 0 2 M . IGARASHI, H . KITAGA