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  • 1. Synergies between North-Americaand The European Union on animalwelfare research & education Adroaldo J. ZanellaSAC Animal & Veterinary Sciences Research Group Norwegian University of Life Sciences Department of Zoology, Michigan State University1

2. Animal Welfare Indicators(AWIN) I am speaking on behalf of 10 Institutions innine countries, representing 50 scientists,who have the mandate, from the EuropeanUnion to develop scientific indicators ofanimal welfare (FP7-KBBE-2010-4) www.animal-welfare-indicators.net2 3. Bonus contribution...outdated? I am also bringing to the discussion some aspects of my experience from my work at Michigan State University (1996-2006) where I established a vibrant animal welfare research and teaching programme.3 4. FP7-KBBE-2010-4 program: Development, integration anddissemination of animal-based welfareindicators, including indicators of pain, incommercially important husbandryspecies, with special emphasis on smallruminants, equidae and turkeys 5. Beneficiary institutions 5 6. Our goal Our goal is to integratefundamental and appliedquestions in animalwelfare with aninnovative way tocommunicate withstakeholders andinterested parties. 7. Balanced template WP1: Welfare& painassessment protocols WP2: Diseases andwelfare (BRD-USDA) WP3: Pre-natal andneonatal programming WP4: Global-Hub (later) 8. Balanced template Legislation Research Market driven tools Education, capacitybuilding and training Communication ... 9. DG SANCO mapping Directorate General for Health and Consumers(DG SANCO) independent evaluation of theEuropean Policy on Animal Welfare (EUPAW)(Food Policy Evaluation Consortium, GHKConsulting in association with ADAS, UK) Final report summarized in11 main points I will address 3 of the points in our discussion 9 10. DG SANCO 3 (out 11): EU funding for research and scientific adviceon animal welfare, totalling about 15 millionannually, has made a positive contribution topolicy. Most funding has been for farm animals and thedevelopment of techniques to facilitate thereplacement of in vivo animal testing. 10 11. EU and USA 3 (out 11): A comprehensive mapping of researchfunding will be addressed by the ERA-NETANIHWA and AWIN in Europe. Are there initiatives to map funding strategies inother parts of the world? Are there initiatives to sponsor zoo, wild andcompanion animal welfare research? 11 12. DG SANCO 4 (out 11): The extent to which EU communicationactions have raised stakeholder and publicawareness and responsibility towards animalwelfare is unclear. Communication strategy and strongermonitoring and evaluation are needed.12 13. EU and USA 4 (out 11): We (AWIN) are developing a novel conceptto communicate with stakeholders andinterested parties through the Global Hub forResearch and Education in Animal Welfare. Are there opportunities for collaborative work topromote transparency in animal welfare?13 14. Work package 4 (WP4) The GLOBAL HUB will, initially, optimizeimmediate dissemination of our scientificwork We have a team of programmers, in threeinstitutions, who are developing cutting edge ITtools to facilitate communication withstakeholders and interested parties 15. Accessible information We are developing acollection of learningobjects, in severalspecies, available tointerested parties andstakeholders 16. Technology for the platform We are developing new softwareapplications with our team of programmers To offer interactivity and flexibility to conduct on-farm welfare assessment To search, update and share information hosted in the Global Hub for Research and Education in Animal Welfare. 16 17. Potential opportunities To develop a Global Welfare Assessment/Judging competition. Following the modelwhich I developed together with CamieHeleski, at Michigan State University (11thcompetition in 2011). 18. MSUs Animal WelfareResources 19. DG SANCO 5 (out 11): The EUs international initiatives havehelped to raise awareness and create ashared international understanding of animalwelfare issues and standards, particularlywith trading partners in markets for foodproducts. There is much more to do. 20 20. DG SANCO 5 (out 11): The EU Animal Welfare StrategyConference (29/02-01/03) hadrepresentation from 48 countries The meeting today is another example of theEU efforts to engage international partners The USA is EU largest trading partner21 21. AWIN and Global Networks 22 22. Concluding remarks (2) We would like to discuss cooperation withother initiatives Ongoing discussions: FAO Gateway which is a phenomenal resource Istituto G. Caporale EU funded projects: AWARE, ERA-Net ANIHWA 23. Concluding remarks (3) Our goal is to foster collaboration amongstakeholders, interested parties to addressissues in animal welfare Issues that have comparative aspects are ofgreat importance to our research goals Global networks of excellence will befacilitated. 24. Acknowledgments EU Institue & DG SANCO FPVII team 25. 26 26. Evaluation of the EU Policy on Animal Welfare and Possible Options for the FutureFinal ReportEvaluation team: Matt Rayment & Puja Asthana, GHK Heleen van de Weerd & Jason Gittins, ADASJanet Talling, Fera