XBRL eXtensible Business Reporting Language Week 9 – Lecture 2.

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<ul><li> Slide 1 </li> <li> XBRL eXtensible Business Reporting Language Week 9 Lecture 2 </li> <li> Slide 2 </li> <li> All business have to report their financial results Essentially to shareholders, but also to Authorities and other interested parties like Australian Securities and Investment Corporation Australian Tax Office Investment analysts and managers Share brokers Etc Another problem domain is the consolidation of group accounts some companies have thousands of subsidiaries in dozens of countries Financial report are often different for different users </li> <li> Slide 3 </li> <li> Company A GL Management reports XBRL standards Consolidated Reporting DB Company B GL Management reports XBRL standards Group Management reports XBRL standards External Financial Reports ASX ASIC Stock Brokers Fund Managers ATO Share- holders XSD Schema XSL Presentation Taxonomies </li> <li> Slide 4 </li> <li> These reports must Meet Australian Accounting standards And now the International Accounting Standards These are complex and subject to interpretation So no two sets of accounts look the same They are often big over 300 pages Telstra accounts are 394 pages </li> <li> Slide 5 </li> <li> AMP Accounts </li> <li> Slide 6 </li> <li> Telstra Accounts </li> <li> Slide 7 </li> <li> 540000 400000 Property, Plant and Equipment - XML XSL Formatted accounts </li> </ul>


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