Using Data Standards eXtensible Business Reporting Language - XBRL Overview Grant Boyd, CA - Associate – Booz Allen Hamilton

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  • Using Data Standards eXtensible Business Reporting Language - XBRL Overview Grant Boyd, CA - Associate Booz Allen Hamilton
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  • 2 XBRL Basics XBRL is XML It is Extensibile enables unique features to be added There is an XBRL specification tells you how to use XBRL Hinges on taxonomies the dictionary of terms for business reporting which includes financial statements (Data Standards) Once data are tagged to the taxonomy, an instance document is produced combining the data with the taxonomy
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  • 3 Validation Standardization XBRL More Than Just Definitions Calculation Cash = Currency + Deposits Formulas Cash 0 Contexts US $ FY2004 Budgeted Label cashCashEquivalentsAn dShortTermInvestments References GAAP I.2.(a) Instructions Ad Hoc disclosures Presentation Cash & Cash Equivalents XBRL Item XML Item XBRL Item Presentation Comptant et Comptant Equivalents Presentation Geld & Geld nahe Mittel Presentation Kas en Geldmiddelen Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation
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  • 4 XBRL Taxonomy Created by XBRL Consortium Consumed Rendered XBRL Creation XBRL Document Created by Preparer Company Financial Statement TAGGING
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  • 5 Different kinds of reporting Closed Aggregate data Complex forms with hundreds or thousands of concepts Advanced validation Open Aggregate data Financial Statements Common base disclosures Industry, company and segmented additional disclosure
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  • 6 XBRL GL and FR
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  • 7 Scope and role of XBRL External Busines s Reportin g Business Operations Internal Busine ss Reporti ng Investme nt, Lending, Regulatio n Processes Participants Auditors Trading Partners Investors Financial Publishers and Data Aggregators Regulators Software Vendors Management Accountants Companies Economic Policymak ing Central Banks XBRL GL, the Journal Taxonomy XBRL Financial Reporting
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  • 8 XBRL GL (Global Ledger) Transaction level information Time Sheet, Invoice XBRL FR (Financial Reporting) Summarized Reporting Program Summary, Income Statement
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  • 9 XBRL GL And XBRL FR XBRL GL represents data at detail level, while XBRL FR represents aggregated data FR can be used to report summary data such as a financial statement Call Reports, IPA Reports, Grants, etc. GL can be used as a means to standardize detail information from different sources of the detail data XBRL is a universal meta data structure that provides: Context for drill up and drill down from summary (XBRL FR) to (XBRL) detail and back Interoperability between disparate applications and information systems Auditing and compliance capabilities, continuous audit/monitoring tool
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  • 10 Info stored in accounting systems are the building blocks of XBRL GL Journal entries Parties/agents Source documents Resources Mappings to and between J A S R M
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  • 11 XBRL GL has a three level structure accountingEntries entryHeader entryDetail
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  • 12 XBRL GL is modular One or many types of entry groupings One or more entries One or more detail lines per entry
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  • 13 Summary Value Propositions By using a common standard, agencies gain More productive data collection and reporting System interoperability and data reusability Data provided from source systems directly into financial, analytic, planning and reporting systems and tools Improved data quality, accuracy, and timeliness Regulators can make constituent reporting a simpler process Financial Managers can speed reporting


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