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<ul><li><p>REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 1</p><p>Windows 10. Do great things. </p></li><li><p>ROG.ASUS.COM2 REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 3</p><p>04 manifestoRepublic of Gamers</p><p>84 g20 design storyAggressive design with light effects</p><p>91 more gamingBest hardware configurations for gaming</p><p>110 asus service center2 years international warranty* 115asus service center2 years international warranty*</p><p>94 pick your colorCustomizable 8-million color LED effects</p><p>98 g11 performanceUncompromising high performance</p><p>104 spectacular coolingEfficient heat dissipation</p><p>88 pro-gamers approvedG20 endorsed by PRO-gamers</p><p>92 thrilling visualsConnect up to four monitors</p><p>95 powerful appASUS-exclusive AEGIS monitoring app</p><p>100 aggressive looksAdvanced design mayan-inspired detailing</p><p>106 less waitingBest hardware configurations for gaming</p><p>90 small, but deadlyPowerful small form factor desktop</p><p>93 always stay coolExceptional heat management</p><p>96 rog g20Product specifications</p><p>102 designed for gamersASUS-exclusive AEGIS II utility</p><p>108 g11 gaming desktop Product specifications</p><p>08 no. 1 championThe awards and achievements</p><p>22 new technologyNew ROG GX700 &amp; G752</p><p>30 liquid-cooledROG GX700 cooling design</p><p>38 4k uhdVibrant gaming environment</p><p>45 cooling modulesDedicated for CPU &amp; GPU</p><p>50 asus splendidRich and vibrant colors</p><p>56 anti-ghostingTag keyboard features</p><p>66 sonic studio iiImmersive in-game audio</p><p>72 rog gx700Product specifications</p><p>80 rog gl552 / 752Product specifications</p><p>06 the milestoneROG journey through decade 12the testEnduring extreme tests</p><p>24 aero inspiredTitanium design</p><p>32 hydro ocROG-exclusive system</p><p>40 mobile 3d vaporSophisticated thermal system</p><p>46 4k2k outputDual monitors experience</p><p>52 nvme pcieInsanely fast data access</p><p>58 keyboardSpecially designed for gaming</p><p>67 ess technologyHigh quality audio</p><p>74 rog g752Product specifications</p><p>82</p><p>16 gamersWe collaborate with Gamers 18rog designStealth revolution design</p><p>26 asymmetricalNew ROG design</p><p>34 high coolantROG GX700 coolant design</p><p>42 g-syncSmooth 4K gaming experience</p><p>47 thunderboltUltra fast data transmission</p><p>54 ddr4Power gaming performance</p><p>62 gaming centerFaster gaming experience</p><p>68 xsplitAdvanced gamecaster</p><p>turbomasterG752 GPU tweak software76</p><p>rog g501Product specifications</p><p>20 next evolutionNew ROG style</p><p>28 cooling designExceptionally cool</p><p>36 extreme ocMaximum overclocking</p><p>44 dust thermalUnique thermal design</p><p>48 matte panelGlare-resistant IPS display</p><p>55 storageMultiple storage options</p><p>64 gamefirst iiiNo-delay gameplay</p><p>70 sonic subwooferOptimized audio</p><p>78</p><p>rog gl502Product specifications</p><p>All you need to know about ROG</p><p>rog gaming laptop</p><p>rog gaming desktop</p><p>REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 3</p><p>rog contents</p><p>Windows 10. Do great things. </p><p>ROG.ASUS.COM2</p></li><li><p>ROG.ASUS.COM4 REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 5</p><p>republicof gamersThe Republic of Gamers consists only the best of the best. We offer the best hardware </p><p>engineering, the fastest performance, the most innovating ideas, and we welcome the </p><p>best gamers to join in.</p><p>In The Republic of Gamers, mercy rules are only for the weak, and bragging </p><p>rights means everything. We believe in making statements and we excel in </p><p>competitions. If your character matches our trait, then join the elite club, </p><p>make your presence felt, in The Republic of Gamers.</p><p>ROG.ASUS.COM4</p><p>Windows 10. Do great things. </p></li><li><p>ROG.ASUS.COM6 REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 7</p><p>ROG brand established, 1st Gaming motherboard, Crosshair launched</p><p>july 2006Launched Commando, broke CPU </p><p>overclocking record</p><p>december 2006New Product Line</p><p>Gaming Notbooks G1/G2</p><p>New Product LineMatrix Graphic Card</p><p>New Product LineGaming Desktop CG8565</p><p>New Product LineXonar Phoebus Audio Card</p><p>New Compact Gaming DesktopROG G20</p><p>New Product LineSwift PG Series Monitor</p><p>New Liquid CooledGaming Laptop GX700</p><p>New Mini ITX MotherboardMaximus VI Impact</p><p>New Product LineVulcan ANC Headset</p><p>december 2007</p><p>july 2008</p><p>june 2011</p><p>april 2012</p><p>june 2014july 2014september 2015</p><p>june 2013</p><p>july 2011</p><p>rog milestone</p><p>REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 7</p><p>Windows 10. Do great things. </p><p>ROG.ASUS.COM6</p></li><li><p>ROG.ASUS.COM8 REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 9</p><p>This gaming rig is a beast under the hood, gaming on the go with this much power should be illegal!</p><p>digital trends</p><p>The best gaming laptop.</p><p>pc gamer</p><p>The G751 is a great laptop. It is in fact, the single best gaming laptop I have ever reviewed.</p><p>hot hardware</p><p>ASUS new gaming flagship is everything you could want in an oversized gaming laptop. Its extremely powerful, well-designed and kitted-out with the latest and greatest graphics technology.</p><p>engadget</p><p>Excellent 3D performance, even at extreme-quality settings. ASUS ROG G751 is a competitive hogh-end gaming laptop that outclasses its rivals on features and price.</p><p>pc mag</p><p>The ASUS ROG G751 is a gaming laptop that takes its job very seriously, and comes out near the top of the field as a result. In fact, for gaming on the go, its my current top pick.</p><p>tech crunch</p><p>what do theysay aboutrog...</p><p>unrivaled championwith 34% shareRuling over 34% market share as per January 2015 data according to a trusted third party agency, ASUS is unbeatable in the GTX market share. The numbers are growing and its a prove that ASUS ROG is one of the major brand in gaming industry. Dont trust us, but trust all of the reviewers, media, and what are the top gamers are saying about ASUS ROG.</p><p>ROG.ASUS.COM8</p><p>Windows 10. Do great things. </p><p>ASUS ROG G752 is one of the most powerful gaming laptops you can buy </p><p>in 2016.</p><p>If youre in the market for a gaming laptop, the ASUS G751 is the new gold </p><p>standard for everyone else to beat.</p><p>Taiwan Excellence 2016Taiwan Excellence</p><p>Taiwan Excellence 2016Taiwan Excellence</p><p>Best Innovation HonoreeCES Innovation Awards / USA</p><p>Good (87%)NotebookCheck / Germany</p><p>techadvisor - uk</p><p>hot hardware - usa</p><p>gx700 - 2016 g752 - 2016 g752 - 2016 gx700 - 12.2015</p><p>If youre going to spend hours gaming, use the G751 as a desktop replacement, </p><p>youll appreciate the low fan noise.</p><p>techradar - uk</p><p>ASUS G751 is a near-perfect gaming laptop for those who dont mind a </p><p>louder look.</p><p>stuff - uk</p><p>The Top Tier ASUS G751 is closer to perfection than any gaming notebook </p><p>weve ever reviewed.</p><p>Awesome performance, a good screen, make ASUS G751 as one of the best </p><p>gaming laptops around.</p><p>digital trends - usa</p><p>pc authority - aus</p><p>The G751 unique design, excellent keyboard and sturdy build are what make it stand out from the competition.</p><p>engadget - usa</p><p>ROG G752 brings a striking design and packs in a strong-line of features </p><p>including G-SYNC technology.</p><p>vortez - uk</p></li><li><p>ROG.ASUS.COM10 REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 11</p><p>and many more!!!</p><p>REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 11</p><p>The Best Gaming LaptopThe Wirecutter / USA</p><p>g751 - 01.2016</p><p>Gamers ChoiceeTeknix / UK</p><p>sica - 05.2015</p><p>Editors ChoiceTechGage / USA</p><p>RecommendedDatorMagazine / Sweden</p><p>g751 - 04.2015</p><p>vulcan pro - 2013</p><p>Worth BuyingKitGuru / UK</p><p>g752 - 01.2016</p><p>Editors ChoicePC Perspective / USA</p><p>g751 - 06.2015</p><p>Editors ChoiceTweakTown / Australia</p><p>g751 - 07.2015</p><p>Editors ChoiceHispaZone / France</p><p>g751 - 02.2015</p><p>Worth BuyingKitGuru / UK</p><p>g751 - 02.2015</p><p>Gamers ChoiceeTeknix / UK</p><p>g751 - 01.2015</p><p>Editors / Spain</p><p>g751 - 03.2015</p><p>Platinum AwardProfesional Reivew / Spain</p><p>g751 - 03.2015</p><p>Silver AwardPokde / Malaysia</p><p>g751 - 05.2015</p><p>Mouse of the YearKitGuru / UK</p><p>Recommended AwardLegit Review / USA</p><p>gladius - 01.2015 gladius - 12.2014</p><p>Editors ChoicePC Magazine / Singapore</p><p>4 out of 5Computer Shopper / USA</p><p>g751 - 2015 g751 - 10.2014</p><p>Performance AwardHardwareHeaven / UK</p><p>gladius - 10.2014</p><p>ApprovedBit Tech / UK</p><p>sica - 05.2015</p><p>4/5 StarsGameAxis Online / Singapore</p><p>sica - 10.2015</p><p>rog has won 6.617 awards worldwide since 2006</p><p>Windows 10. Do great things. </p><p>ROG.ASUS.COM10</p><p>Readers ChoicePC Magazine / USA</p><p>g20 - 2015</p><p>Gold Award 2015Taiwan Excellence</p><p>g20 - 2015</p><p>Best Innovation HonoreeCES Innovation Awards</p><p>g20 - 2015</p><p>Best Choice Golden AwardComputex</p><p>g20 - 2014</p><p>Design Award 2014Good Design Award</p><p>g20 - 2014</p><p>Design Award 2015iF Design Award</p><p>g20 - 2015</p><p>RecommendedHardware / UK</p><p>orion pro - 01.2013</p><p>Golden AwardEl Chapuzas Informatico / Spain</p><p>orion pro - 02.2013</p><p>Editors / Russia</p><p>orion - 02.2014</p><p>Gold / Denmark</p><p>orion pro - 04.2013</p><p>Best of 2012KitGuru / UK</p><p>vulcan pro - 2013</p><p>Best Gaming LaptopKitGuru / UK</p><p>g752 - 01.2016</p><p>Best Gaming LaptopYugaTech / Phillipine</p><p>Very Good (89%) / Germany</p><p>g752 - 01.2016 g752 - 01.2016</p><p>Gold AwardJagat Review / Indonesia</p><p>g752 - 01.2016</p><p>Gadget PilipinasLaptop of the Year</p><p>HWM PhilippinesGold Award</p><p>gl552vw - 2015</p><p>g752 - 2016</p></li><li><p>ROG.ASUS.COM12 REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 13</p><p>All ASUS ROG Notebooks have been through a series of testing process to ensure each model was resilient and reliable. Tested under extreme conditions and situations (not as commonly happens in everyday life). This is done to ensure ASUS ROG Notebooks can always give a good performance in any condition.</p><p>Keyboard Test Express yourself confidently thanks to our extreme keyboard durability tests, where special robots punch each key to check its feedback and lastability even in the face of some brutal input that may happen!</p><p>Vibration Test Pressure TestTwist TestRiding on bumpy roads, some PCs may start falling apart. But not our ASUS ROG Notebooks! Harsh vibration testing ensures parts stay put and performance remains consistent even when everything starts shaking!</p><p>Premium panels must be able to handle limited spaces such as suitcases without causing damage, panel pressure testing ensures ASUS ROG Notebooks only use the best panels.</p><p>Twist test checks chassis rigidity. Grabbing the notebook with one hand? No problem, this trial checks for uneven twist force endurance to give you the flexibility you need when using your ASUS ROG Notebooks.</p><p>extreme testing Overclocking TestOverclocking puts a lot of strain on system components, often resulting in overheating. ASUS ROG laptops and desktops are subjected to stringent temperature and performance tests in a specially-designed foam-lined heat box to ensure they live up to gamers expectations and the high quality standards demanded by ASUS.</p><p>REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 13</p><p>Windows 10. Do great things. </p><p>ROG.ASUS.COM12</p></li><li><p>ROG.ASUS.COM14 REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 15</p><p>Acceleration Test</p><p>Abrasive Test</p><p>Advanced Hinge Test</p><p>HALT test stands for Highly Accelerated Life Test, and express moves notebooks through their typical life cycle to ferret out problems, with extensive analysis conducted by engineers.</p><p>Abrasive resistance test subjects ASUS ROG Notebook exteriors to friction, indicating colors and surface materials stay at prime condition even after extensive and demanding usage.</p><p>Notebook lid hinges are weak spots. Use cheap materials and theyll snap. Vigorous hinge testing conducts thousands of open/close cycles, making sure hinges last for long.</p><p>Noise Test</p><p>Abrasive noise tests check for loud fans, storage, even power delivery buzz, hushing them to create quiet ROG Notebooks. The entire chassis then passes audio tunning to deliver the best sound possible.</p><p>Port Test</p><p>Shock Test</p><p>Temperature Test</p><p>Port test ascertains contacts and plugs are solid for frequent plugging / unplugging and can handle cable quality variations without data transfer and fidelity degradation.</p><p>Shock test simulates incident that may occur during shipping. Here in ASUS, our engineers make sure ASUS ROG Notebooks survive these with no performance penalty.</p><p>From low temperatures to high heat, we tests every operating conditions including humidity for accurate results. So ASUS ROG Notebooks can work in every temperature situations possible.</p><p>Drop Test</p><p>ASUS quality means our ROG Notebooks are able to handle drops without suffering any kind of damage to internal components or external design, far beyond industry standards for free </p><p>fall resistance.</p><p>Windows 10. Do great things. </p><p>ROG.ASUS.COM14 REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 15</p></li><li><p>ROG.ASUS.COM16 REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 17</p><p>designedwithgamersFor making sure that ASUS ROG provides a machine that gamers desire, we co-operate with gamers during our design period, and listen to gamers opinion, so we can improve the part gamers dont like, and keep the part that gamers appreciate, to ensure that we make a perfection machine to support gamers.</p><p>Grubby is a pro-gamer from Netherlands, who is an expert of playing Warcraft3, Starcraft2, Heroes of the Storm. He won the #1 place of World Cyber Games at 2004, the #1 place of Electronic Sports World Cup at 2005, and #1 place of BlizzCon at 2005. Moreover, he is also the most valuable player of Starcarft 2 in ESL WC3L Season 5,7,8,9. In 2012, he won #2 place in IEM Season VII, and in 2013, he got #3-4 place in WCS Season 2.</p><p>rog gamersgrubby</p><p>ROG.ASUS.COM16</p><p>Sen is another famous pro-gamer from Taiwan, who plays Starcraft2, Hearthstone, and Heroes of Warcraft. He won many #1 place of Starcraft 2 game competition, such as 2013-2014 TeSL, 2014 Taiwan Open and HK Esports.</p><p>rog gamers - sen</p><p>Windows 10. Do great things. </p><p>REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 17</p></li><li><p>ROG.ASUS.COM18 REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 19</p><p>stealth revolutiondesign</p><p>ROG laptop features F-22 stealth fighter-inspired lines, with angled surfaces for a dynamic and powerful stance similar to its predecessor. It features an iconic thermal design with rear vents designed to direct heat away from the user. It has an aluminum palm rest and an ergonomically-angled keyboard that is comfortable for the users wrists and hands, making ROG laptops ideal </p><p>for marathon gaming sessions.</p><p>REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 19</p><p>Windows 10. Do great things. </p><p>ROG.ASUS.COM18</p></li><li><p>ROG.ASUS.COM20 REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 21ROG.ASUS.COM20</p><p>next evolutionnew colorsThe iconic ROG Black and Red color scheme has evolved to Armor Titanium and Plasma Copper. This eye-catching combination makes ROG stand out in a sea of black and gray gaming machines.</p><p>Armor Titanium represents ROGs steadfast, efficient performance; while Plasma Copper embodies the power that lies within each gaming laptop. In addition, light effects glow from red to orange, giving the laptops an organic feel and reflecting its fiery nature.</p><p>Windows 10. Do great things. </p><p>REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 21</p></li><li><p>ROG.ASUS.COM22 REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 23ROG.ASUS.COM22</p><p>new breedof technology</p><p>rog gx700</p><p>ROG GX700 takes design cues from the flagship ROG G752 gaming laptop. Its futuristic design has strong aerospace influences and is constructed out of durable titanium. A small window on the underside of ROG GX700 allows users to see the inner workings of its thermal heat pipes and cooling modules. ROG GX700 designers succeeded in coming up with a cooling </p><p>dock design that has the perfect balance of form and function.</p><p>Windows 10. Do great things. </p><p>REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 23</p></li><li><p>ROG.ASUS.COM24 REPUBLIC OF GAMERS 25</p><p>aero inspiredtitanium design</p><p>rog g752</p><p>ROG G752 has hexagonal design elements and angled edges that mirror that of past ROG gaming laptops, while at the same time representing the latest evolution of ROG design. Its new Armor Titanium and Plasma Copper color scheme has been specially chosen to enhance its modern, angular lines. Its large vents feature red trim to emphasize cooling performance.</p><p>REPUBLIC...</p></li></ul>