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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p> Slide 2 WE CAN DO NO GREAT THINGS. ONLY SMALL THINGS WITH GREAT LOVE. MOTHER TERESA Slide 3 ZARIYA FOUNDATION On the occasion of Mother Teresas centenary birthday in 2010, the Zariya Foundation was established. It aims to alleviate the suffering of the poor, abandoned, sick and dying and to uplift the standards of health and education for the youth across the world. To that end, the foundation was registered in Switzerland and will create a movie based on Mother Teresas life to inspire future generations. All proceeds will be given to charitable organizations. Slide 4 ZARIYA FOUNDATION The Zariya Foundation is domiciled in and has been registered as a non-profit Swiss foundation with the Registry of Commerce of the Canton of Basel-Stadt. Contributions from Swiss donors are tax deductible. The foundation is also in the process of establishing a charitable trust in India and tying up with a 501(c)(3) recognized public charity in the US that will allow donors the same benefits. Assurance and advisory company Ernst &amp; Young has been retained as auditor of the foundation and film production company. Slide 5 YESTERDAY IS GONE. TOMORROW HAS NOT YET COME. WE HAVE ONLY TODAY. LET US BEGIN. MOTHER TERESA Slide 6 OUR TEAM Thierry Cagianut President of the Zariya Foundation and senior associate and Partner with Baldi &amp; Caratsch. He has 15 years experience as a Film Producer New York for which he has also won awards (Henry Fool, Best Script, Cannes Film Festival 1998). Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz An actress and producer of Swiss origin with over twenty years of acting experience., Jacqueline has appeared in theatre productions, television soaps, commercials and short films. She has worked with Klaus Maria Brandauer, M.K. Lewis, John Costopoulos, Elisabeth Kemp and Susan Batson. She is multilingual and has had extensive training in method acting, dance and vocals. (www.jfritschi-cornaz.ch). Slide 7 OUR TEAM Anaita Daruvala Project Manager of the Mother Teresa film, she has been involved with the film project from its inception. Her current responsibilities include global fundraising, developing PR instruments, creative contribution and selection of key technicians, and establishing a charitable trust and obtaining tax exemption for Indian donors. Kamal Musale The Swiss Indian filmmaker obtained his degree in film direction and scriptwriting at the prestigious national film and television school in London. The successful filmmaker has made over 30 short and feature- length films that have been showcased at festivals like Cannes and Locarno and also films documentaries Slide 8 STILLS Slide 9 Slide 10 CURRENT STATUS After producing a 3-minute demo reel, the Zariya Foundation is focussing on research and development. Writer-director Kamal Musale has created a treatment that will act as the basis of a script. Since 2010, the Zariya team has made several visits to India, speaking with those who knew Mother Teresa well, volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity, conducting extensive research and building a donor network comprising of individuals and organizations who have supported us in cash or kind. Slide 11 NEXT STEPS PHASE 1: Development and Screenplay Define story; identify screenwriter; develop script PHASE 2: Production Preparation; set design; sub-heads Sign cast and crew; produce film PHASE 3: Post-Production Editing Sound, Background score and dubbing Marketing and Publicity $ 500,000 $ 7,900,000 $ 1,600,000 TOTAL ~$10,000,000 Slide 12 WORKS OF LOVE ARE WORKS OF PEACE. MOTHER TERESA Slide 13 FILM The film adheres to the tenets of modern cinema: it is not intended to be a documentary it is a dramatized tale that with the help of parallel stories attempts to capture the essence of Mother Teresa and includes the continuing efforts of the 5,000 Missionaries of Charity and their vision today. Slide 14 SYNOPSIS With only 5 Rupees in her pocket, 36-year-old Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, better known as Mother Teresa, then a geography teacher and principal at Loreto Convent School leaves behind her 300 schoolchildren to follow the call of God into the slums of Calcutta. Along with the Sisters of the religious order she builds from the ground up, she works for the poor, the sick and the dying, changing the lives of thousands. This dramatic biopic is a gripping recreation of the life and times of a pioneer of international humanitarian work and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Slide 15 PARALLEL STORY A young Indian woman who grew up in the modern West with all that that means! struggles to find her way in life. Inner conflicts drive her to seek out her roots in Calcutta and lead her on a journey where she discovers Mother Teresa and a new found purpose. Slide 16 </p>