What’s New With ePortfolio? ePortfolios for Learning & Integration:

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What’s New With ePortfolio? ePortfolios for Learning & Integration: LaGuardia’s Emerging Leadership Role. Bret Eynon & J. Elizabeth Clark LaGuardia Community College Instructional Staff Meeting 30 March 2011. New ePortfolio Platform –Easier, More Interactive - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Whats New With ePortfolio?ePortfolios for Learning & Integration:LaGuardias Emerging Leadership RoleBret Eynon & J. Elizabeth ClarkLaGuardia Community College Instructional Staff Meeting30 March 2011

  • Key TrendsNew ePortfolio Platform Easier, More InteractiveFaculty Innovation with high impact ePortfolio PedagogyIntegration across the Major - Customization & OwnershipEffective use for AssessmentNew Transfer AudiencesLaGuardias Growing National Leadership Role

  • Chart1






    The Campus Computing Project





    percentages by sector reporting ePortfolio services on the campus Web site, 2003-2010


    Percentages form selected year, 2003-2010


    Community College4.51113.629.8

    Public 4-year College19384452.5

    Private 4-year College12273547.8

    Public Universities26325148.1

    Private Universities15263953.3


    The Campus Computing Project





    percentages by sector reporting ePortfolio services on the campus Web site, 2003-2010



  • A Global Reach EuroPortfolio http://www.epforum.eu/

    Univ of Wolverhampton (UK) http://www.wlv.ac.uk/default.aspx?page=16960

    Queensland University of Technology (AU)http://www.studentportfolio.qut.edu.au/

    City Univ. of Hong Konghttp://www.cityu.edu.hk/edo/eportfolio

  • Queensland University of Technology Visits LaGuardia

  • Resources for an Emerging Field National Coalition for ePortfolio Research http://ncepr.org/ AAC&Us Project VALUE http://www.aacu.org/value/index.cfm World ePortfolio Summit, July 2011 http://www.aaeebl.org/ International Journal of ePortfolio Research

  • 30 campus teams, from Rutgers, Queens, BMCC, St. Johns, Brooklyn, etc.

    15 CUNY, 15 non-CUNY, 10 Community College, 20 BA and Graduate programs2007-2010: FIPSE-funded mini-grant & seminar program. Sustained profl learning community. Campus teams plan and implement ePortfolio.http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/connections/

  • Title V-funded 5-year partnership w/ Queens College, Lehman College, Bronx & Queensboro CCs Use ePortfolio to support successful transfer and transition from community college to BA degree2010-2015: Making Connections National Resource Center awarded $4.4 million in funding to deepen & expand its service through 2 new programshttp://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/connections/ FIPSE-funded national collaboration, 20 colleges. Generate evidence-based national developmental models of ePortfolio practice as tool for reflection, integrative learning Research team led by Helen Chen (Stanford) and Randy Bass (Georgetown)

  • Current ePortfolio TypologiesCareer & Credential ePortfoliosAssessment ePortfoliosLearning ePortfolios

  • Current ePortfolio TypologiesIntegrative ePortfoliosCareer & Credential ePortfoliosAssessment ePortfoliosLearning ePortfolios

  • LaGuardias Integrative StrategyEnrich Student Learning Build Student Engagement Reflection & Metacognition to deepen learning process Advance Student Outcomes

    Assessment Faculty and staff deepen understanding of who students are and how they learn Re-think outcomes assessment, use authentic classroom work

    eResume Students showcase achievements for career & transfer

  • Where Do Students Do ePortfolio? More than 175 faculty integrate ePortfolio into their classrooms

    Broad Range of Courses: ESL, New Student Seminar, History, Business, Mathematics, English, New Media, Nursing, Chemistry, Fine Arts, Human Communication, etc.

    Selected Courses attach an ePortfolio Studio Hour: One hour/week, in the Studio, with a special ePortfolio tutor

  • The New ePortfolio System

  • Intentional Integrated Learning Design throughout the curricular experience: ReflectionIntegrationInquiryEngagementLife-long LearningTransitionWhy e in ePortfolio?

  • ePortfolio as anIntegrative Social PedagogyStudentStudentFaculty& StaffExternal AudiencesAcross DisciplinesAcross SemestersAcademic CurriculumLived CurriculumSTUDENT AS LEARNER

  • A First Course Experience: Becomes a First ePortfolio

  • Becomes a Multi-Semester Record of Student Learning, Artifacts & Reflections

  • Becomes a Capstone ePortfolio

  • ...it was time to reinvent myself and find another avenue

  • I was unsure of my writing abilities and that was what scared me the most....the one thing I do know is that Im now mentally prepared to venture off into anything that I want to do...

  • How do we know ePortfolio is having an impact?

  • ePortfolio & Outcomes Assessment 28,000+ artifacts in Assessment area; 30,000 more in 2010-11 New platform eases faculty work on deposits, Program Reviews, Middle States New Benchmark Reading Process

  • Closing the Loop Mini grants help programs address key needs identified by assessment

    Shared examination of student learning builds shared responsibility for student success

    A Learning CollegeFrom: Beyond Crossroads Live

  • Engagement & Critical ThinkingEngagement & Critical Thinking

  • Engagement & Critical ThinkingEngagement & Critical Thinking

  • High Pass Rates

  • Next Semester Retention RatesePortfolio vs. Comparison Courses

  • Next Semester Retention RatesePortfolio vs. Comparison Courses

  • Next Semester Retention RatesePortfolio vs. Comparison Courses

  • Get Involved, Learn MoreFaculty Seminars

    Connected Learning: Interaction & Integration Re-Thinking the Capstone Experience Hybrid & On-Line Learning Art of Advisement

    ePortfolio & Assessment Mini-Grants

    Center Websitehttp://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/ctl/

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