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Warner Bros. Entertainment Time Warner Family. Team One October 17, 2012 Vickie Delaney Bethany Hall Jocelyn Harris Ryan Mouch. GLOBAL. REACHES WORLDWIDE MOVIES TV ALL FORMS OF MEDIA TOYS, GAMES TECHNOLOGY. Multiple Mergers and Acquisitions. But did they all work? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Warner Bros. Entertainment Time Warner FamilyTeam One October 17, 2012Vickie DelaneyBethany HallJocelyn HarrisRyan Mouch1Jocelyn HarrisWarner Bros. under the time warner family is viewed as a global leader in the media and entertainment with businesses in television networks; film; TV entertainment; and publishing. What Time Warner Inc. offers is an attraction to a rewarding career opportunity across a multitude of disciplines. Warner Bros, are known as innovators in technology, their products and their services. 1GLOBALREACHES WORLDWIDEMOVIESTVALL FORMS OF MEDIATOYS, GAMESTECHNOLOGY

Vickie Delaney2Communication- large organization with offices world wide- fortunately they are leaders in communication!Large network of executives in place to ensure effective communication between world wide offices. Their leadership accepts contributions of individuals from offices around the globe-They works across boundaries of time and distance and cultures (macro and organizational subcultures)How did they become so large?

2Multiple Mergers and AcquisitionsBut did they all work?TNN, HBO, Time-Warner- workedMost famous example: AOL and Time WarnerSchein taught us that mergers and acquisitions lead to new organizational cultures or lead to the demise of a company. (Schein, 2010) No one at the top of the company really tried to persuade the people in charge of their brands that they needed to try to make this deal work. (Kramer, 2006)3Vickie DelaneyWe could not discuss Warner Bros without mention of the AOL time warner deal.As we have learned from Schein, mergers and acquisitions create new cultures within an organization. One has to be aware of the philosophy and style of a company.This is where Time/Warner and AOL went awry. For 9 years the companies struggled to blend their ideas but it did not work. This was largely due to the inability of the two entities to integrate disparate corporate cultures into a single symbiotic organization. In the vacuum of strong leadership, an attitude of us vs. them prevailed. The leaders from both companies had a good strategy on what they wanted to achieve but did not have a good vision on how they wanted to execute it. And hence, there was failure. Fortunately this is a flexible corpoartion3FLEXIBILITY Meyer leads the companys efforts to create new business models to fit emerging consumer demandsFoster a learning environment

Barry M. MeyerChairman & CEO, Warner Bros. Vickie Delaney4CEO Barry Meyers leverages all the companies combined strength to help shape the digital future of the entertainment industry.Leadership achieves a balance between risk taking and risk containment to ensure ongoing innovation. We can consider Warner as a learning organization.According to Peter Senge (1990: 3) learning organizations are:organizations where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are continually learning to see the whole together. Warner Bros is continually evolving to keep up with changes in technology and to meet the demands of their customers.

4Social ResponsibilityEmbraces diversity , cultural educationSustainability

5Vickie DelaneyBarry Meyer embraces social responsibility by being involved in numerous charitable and civic activities, including serving on the Board of Directors of Human Rights Watch and on the Advisory Board of the National Museum of American History. The company is involved in green technology efforts including building a 500 kilowatt solar energy system on the roof of one of its buildings.As a global employer, the company embraces diversity and cultural educationa recycling and waste reduction program.They promote a ride share program for their employees 5The Journey continues

Their employees are their greatest asset6Vickie DelaneyThey consider their employees their greatest asset. And they take good care of their employess to show that they are their greatest asset.Jocelyn will explain how they do this6

Warner Bros. employee-focused programs and initiatives are designed with your health, wealth and life needs in mind, now and throughout your career.Support Your Success7Jocelyn HarrisThank you Vicki,During my research I visited the Warner Bros Career Website and what I found is that they try to give you is a preview of whattheir organizations beliefs are and how they promote the companys core values. Their career web site provides a little informationabout what joining Warner Bros., is like and how they continue to support their employees in becoming successful, by saying they make a strong commitment to helping their employees feel values and inspired.

How they do this, Well according to the Warner Bros,. They offer great compensation, excellent health care benefits, the opportunity to learn the Entertainment business, and the chance to move up in the organization.

7At Warner Bros. Entertainment, They maintain a culture of creativity, Promote professional growth, and communityAttract the world's brightest stars andKeeps them shining throughout their careers. Picture yourself among the stars.Picture yourself working here.

The Warner Bros. Entertainment Experience8Jocelyn HarrisWarner Bros., website says, It's Not Just What You Do, But Where You Do It which indicates Warner Bros., as one of the greatest entertainment industries to work in.

This company attracts the some of the worlds brightest stars that work on shows like The Mentalist, Two and a Half Men, Nikita, Fringe and, The Bachelor franchise. Warner Bros Animation produces MAD, The Looney Tunes Show.

The entertainment culture at Warner Bros is about continuing to help promote these young stars throughout their careers. This sound like a slogan but what this organization says is when the best opportunities in the industry, meet some of the mostbrilliant people in the world, they form a powerful workforce that can only be described as Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Warner Bros. stands at the forefront of the entertainment industry, with businesses ranging from feature film, TV andhome entertainment production and worldwide distribution to home video, digital distribution, animation, comic books,licensing and international cinemas and broadcasting.


LindaExecutive Assistant in Media Advertising states;"One day she opened the newspaper and saw an advertisement for jobs at Warner Bros. She applied and is there 22 years and counting! Their Employees9Jocelyn HarrisI think the company website is promoting a culture that invites their visitors seeking a career with them that this is the best place to work by sharing some of their employees thoughts on being employed there. In Lindas particular area inAdvertising & Publicity, as stated in the slide shown here. She gives a little detail about how she learned what actually goesinto the marketing of major motion picture and what must be done to make their product number one.

Their web site also states that they afford the employee career mobility opportunities in Warner Bros., by hosting a series of seminars and it seems that all their employees have access better themselves by taking classes through Warner Bros. where they can take classes online in conjunction with the surrounding local universities."9

Life at Warner BrosBeing productive doesn't mean all work and no balance. That's where Warner Bros. Entertainment's Work/Life programs bring value. Our life benefit plans and programs work together to help you manage your life at work and away from work. 10Jocelyn HarrisWe offer many resources that encourage you to grow personally and professionally, give to your community, and network with your colleagues.Some of the employee-focused programs include: Wellness Programs Physical Fitness Programs Childcare Product and Services Discounts Employee Assistance Programs Work/Life Counseling Legal and Financial Consulting Services Adoption Assistance Movie Screenings NEED A TRANSITION TO RYAN!!!!!!! HOW ABOUT: BUT IS LIFE REALLY AS GRAND AT WARNER BROS AS IT IS PORTRAYED?? RYAN WILL HELP TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION10Warner Bros. Individual EmployeePositive ExperienceA Great Place to WorkPros: Many smart, talented, creative people Consistent opportunities to prove yourself and be recognized for exceptional work.Cons: Some typical large organization politics Sometimes hard to advance because employee turnover is low.

Former Director, Business Development in Burbank, CA5 star company11Ryan MouchPros Many smart, talented, creative people. Great industry reputation. Consistent opportunities to prove yourself and be recognized for exceptional work. And, the best content creator on the planet.Cons Some typical large organization politics. Not a first mover in most instances, but that part of the reputation is changing. Sometimes hard to advance because employee turnover is low.Advice to Senior Management The folks running WB know what they're doing.11Warner Bros. Individual EmployeeNegative ExperienceWas good, would stay away from nowPros: The people are great not the same work experience every day Cons: The management seems to make changes to personnel on whims. Fiercely anti-union if they can get away with it. Instruction on duties almost non-existent. Chances for advancement are nearly impossible If you are looking for some positive feedback you can forget it.

Former Senior Clerk in Burbank, CA1 star company12Ryan MouchPros The people are great, wonderful gym, good places to eat, not the same work experience every day, discounts are good as are special events/programs.Cons The management seems to make changes to personnel on whims. Fiercely anti-union if they can get away with it. Instruction on duties almost non