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Warner Brothers Pictures

"Educate, Entertain, and Enlighten."

The Founders The company was founded by four brothers, Albert, Harry, Sam and Jack. They moved to America in from Krasnosieic. The three elder brothers began in the movie theater business, using a movie projector, they showed films in the mining towns of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Early days

Warner brothers pictures first film, My Four Years In Germany was released in March 10, 1918. Made for $50,000, this film grossed an astounding $1.5 million(good for its time)Later that year, the Warner brothers purchased property at 5842 Sunset Boulevard for $25,000, and the Warner Bros. West Coast Studios was born.

What does Warner own?

Subsidiary companiesWarner Bros. Studios,Warner Bros. Pictures,Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment,Warner Bros. Television,Warner Bros. Animation,Warner Home Video,New Line Cinema,,DC ComicsAnd Warner Music Group

However, despite owning all of those companies, Warner Bros is stilla product of Time Warner Which also owns Boomerang, Cartoon Network and The CW Network (halfowned and actually shared with WB)

Film Out Put

In 1927, the release of the worlds first talkie, (synchronized-sound feature film), The Jazz Singer, that would be associated with Warner Bros.

The Dark Knight was Warners best selling box office movie with a gross of $533,345,358

Warner Brothers Pictures have got out currently 14 films in theatres.For the entire Harry Potter films, the boxoffice total was $7,642,955,524

Presold elements Warner is a big example of a studio that do remakes. Eg. There have been 8 batman movies and a new one is coming out soon.

J.k.Rowling had already gotten thousands from the Harry Potter books before Warner turned them into movies.

What make Warner Bros. Pictures so successful ? They use well known actorsThey have unique storylinesThey target a wide range of audience, from children to adultsThe companies vast library, considered one of the best and largest in the world consists of more the 6,650 feature films, 40,000 TV titles and 14,000 animated titles.