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  • Vision, Mission & Core values


    To foster and grow as an institution imparting quality and value based educationwith a

    global perspective.


    ● To diversify the academic canvas by including new job oriented and market driven


    ● To develop the Institution across a set of quality parameters.

    ● To contribute towards knowledge generation and dissemination

    ● To instill sensitivity amongst the youth towards the community and environment.

    ● To provide an incubation center for research and innovation.

    ● To provide a platform for extra-curricular and co-curricular excellence.

    Core values:

    Academic Competency –leading to the acquisition of knowledge and skills

    necessary toachieve information literacy, career goals, personal enrichment,

    leadership, and service to the community

    Ethics and Integrity– that foster a learning environment that

    promotesresponsible,principled behavior which respects the dignity of all the stake


    Student Service– Strive to ensure that curriculum delivery and support services

    respond toinquiries, requests, and concerns in anappropriate and timely manner.

  • Institutional Anthem

    मेरीजानहोतुम … मेरीआनहोतुम …

    जजससेममऱासम्मानहोतुम … मंददरहोतुम … मजजजदहोतुम …

    गुरुद्वारातुम … गगररजाघरभीतुम …

    ववद्याकाअगधष्ठान होतुम … बंटससंघाकीशानहोतुम |

    ज्ञानकीगंगाहोतुम … करुणाकासागरहोतुम …

    तूनेमुझहेैंज्ञानददया … जीवनमेरासाकारककया … आत्मननभभरबनाकर …

    दनुनयामेंसरउठाददया … तूनेचऱनासीखाददया … हमेजीनासीखाददया …

    ववद्याकाअगधष्ठान होतुम … बंटससंघाकीशानहोतुम ||

    मााँकामुझतेूनेप्यारददया … गीऱी ममट्टीकोआकारददया …

    हाथमेराथामकर … बुऱंददयोंकोननहारकर … उन्हेंछूनासीखाददया …

    हमेउड़नासीखाददया … धऩुमेंममऱीवोछावहोतुम … तीरऱेआयीवोनावहोतुम …

    ववद्याकाअगधष्ठान होतुम … बंटससंघाकीशानहोतुम |||

  • ALSJ Prospectus 2020-21


    Message from the Principal’s Desk

    Education and institutions have traditionally been the hub of our communities,not only for the

    wisdom and knowledge that they create for our present and future, but for the connections that

    they create amongst a community.

    As quoted by Sydney J. Harris,a Journalist, the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors

    into windows. The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think

    critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

    As society continues to change, institutions need to adapt to best serve our students for their

    future as well as their present. Those that are willing to adapt and learn from change now will

    be the ones that are most likely to be successful in the future. We, at Anna Leela College of

    Commerce and Economics and ShobhaJayaramShetty College of BMS look to develop the next

    generation of honest, ethical and humane citizens of tomorrow in our institution. While we look

    and build on what has worked in the past, we also continuously look forward.

    Tom Peters states that “leaders don‟t create followers, they create more leaders.” We strive to

    follow the dictum. Every faculty of the institution is given an opportunity to enhance his/her

    capabilities as a potential leader.

    Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. One of those changes in our world is

    the need to shift to an open and transparent environment. By opening the doors to our

    classrooms through both physical and virtual environments, we have the opportunity to change

    the conversation at home. Parents are able to be actively involved in the process of learning,

    leading to a higher opportunity for success of each child. The more we can involve parents in

    this process at home, the more likely students will be successful in institution, and beyond. This

    community support is imperative.

    By building relationships, developing leadership, and focusing on institution as the “hub” of our

    community,we are more likely to create an environment where our students are building a bright

    future both today and tomorrow.

    I, along with my team of faculty hope to realize the goals set for the institution and look forward

    to a future of fulfillment of the dreams that our students visualize.

    I welcome all the students to the new academic year and wish them success in their ventures.

    May the Lord shower His blessings on all of us in this academic year and fulfill our dreams and


    Dr. Padma VinayDeshmukh

  • ALSJ Prospectus 2020-21



    Sr. No. Contents

    Page No.

    1. About Bunts Sangha Mumbai &the College 5

    2. Major Highlights of the College 6

    3. Courses / Programmes Offered 7

    4. Curriculum Designs 8

    5. Admission: Guidelines, Rules & Procedures 21

    6. Refund of Fees Paid 26

    7. College Discipline & Codes of Conduct 27

    8. Attendance: University Rules & Regulations 28

    9. Examination: Scheme, Rules & Regulations 28

    10. Scholarships & Endowment Schemes 34

    11. Academic Calendar 2019-2020 (Tentative) 38

    12. Various Committees for A. Y. 2019-2020 39

    13. List of College Teaching Staff 41

    14. List of Non -Teaching Staff 42

    15. Application Formats 43

  • ALSJ Prospectus 2020-21


    About Bunts Sangha Mumbai & College


    Bunts Sangha established in 1927 is a socio-cultural organization of Bunts community of

    Mumbai and endeavors to promote Socio-economic, cultural and educational aspects of its

    members. A community dedicated to the welfare not only of its own people but also the society

    at large. The Bunts Sangha Group is a pioneer in the field of education and its foray extends

    back to over five decades. The Sangha established two night schools for needy children as early

    as 1950. These night schools have produced thousands of excellent students and some of them

    have gone on to become distinguished industrialists, bankers, lawyers, doctors and chartered

    accountants. The SM Shetty School and Jr. College established in 1998 now impart education to

    almost 9000 students every year.

    The Bunts Sangha aptly realized the need and importance of higher education. Hence, in its

    Platinum jubilee celebrations in 2003 the Sangha decided to establish Higher Education

    Institutions for the needy students of Mumbai. In the year of 2008 the Sangha established Anna

    Leela-College of Commerce & Economics and ShobhaJayaramShetty College for BMS

    affiliated to the University of Mumbai.



    (Affiliated to University of Mumbai)

    Anna Leela College of Commerce & Economics, affiliated to University of Mumbai, is

    managed by Bunts Sangha Mumbai (Charitable Trust) fostering intellectual and physical

    development along with social and ethical awareness by imparting quality education that

    transforms lives, builds communities and evolves society. The college is devoted to endorse and

    spread quality education with relevance and excellence. The mission of the college is to build

    conscious, enthusiastic, responsible youth by providing them with strong conceptual knowledge

    along with practical application to inculcate in them a sense of discipline and develop them into

    multifaceted personalities. Presently college offers B.Com, B.A.F, B.M.S, B.M.M, B.Sc. IT,

    M.Com (Advanced Accountancy and management), programmes with more than 1600 students

    on roll. Recently college has started several ADD-ON courses for the students after taking into

    account the current Industrial & employability requirements. The College looks forward

    enthusiastically to a persistent and innovative rendezvous in the field of education with the

    challenges of time

  • ALSJ Prospectus 2020-21


    Infrastructure & Facilities

     Centralized Air-conditioned Classrooms

     ICT Enabled Classrooms

     Specious & well- ventilated