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Values, Mission & Vision. Bennie Good. Values, Mission, Vision . Values. Core beliefs that motivate our attitudes and actions. Values. Principals or Standards. Service Above Self. "You're going to like the way you look; I guarantee it.". Safety. Values. Principals or Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Values, Mission & VisionBennieGood1

In the 1300s, a chapel for Kings college was built at Cambridge University in England. While the chapel doesnt rival the great size of the cathedrals of Europe, the construction techniques are very similar and it takes lots of planning, money (resources), and time to build something like this.2

It was the intent of its builders to create a space that would bring be magnificent and reach toward the heavens.3

While the chapels foundation was built on bedrock and the walls were constructed of stone, the roof was supported by long spans of old-growth timber. Stone can support great amounts of weight in a vertical direction, but the builders chose a material that is strong in tension and flexible (like old-growth timber) to span the long distances supporting the roof. Seven hundred years after this chapel was first constructed, however, the beams had deteriorated so much that the roof was in danger of collapsing. The building required extensive renovation including those beams. Where could the renovation team find giant oak trees of such an age and quality as had been available to the original builders?


The answer lay outside the chapel door. The original builders of the chapel had known that at some point far in the future, the structure would need new oak beams, and so they planted acorns in the churchyard. Over the centuries, a grove of oak trees had grown to full maturity. These trees were used to make new beams to support the roof.


Values, Mission, Vision The mission of those chapel builders was to build a great structure that would survive hundreds of years into the future.They had a vision that looked hundreds of years into the future when renovation would be necessary and planted acorns to prepare for the day. Their mission and vision were built upon their values that gave direction and meaning to what they wanted to achieve.

6ValuesCore beliefs that motivate our attitudes and actions

Lets first talk about values.

The definition that we will use is core beliefs that motivate our attitudes and actions. These can be written down but are best if visible in our actions. They can take a variety of forms:7Values Principals or Standards

Service Above Self

"You're going to like the way you look; I guarantee it."

SafetyPrincipals or Standards: Rotary Club has a motto that says service above self How about be prepared Do a good turn daily Humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, universality8Values Principals or Standards Personal Qualities

Personal Qualities: these may be taught, but it is up to us to develop and display Honesty Loyalty Ability to Listen & be compassionate9Values Principals or Standards Personal Qualities Character Traits

Character Traits: Being Organized Enthusiasm Openness to others

10Values Principals or Standards Personal Qualities Character Traits Codes of Ethics

Code of Ethics: Ten Commandments Hippocratic Oath for medical treatment BSA Outdoor Code how scouts should treat the environment. Any others?


A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, As a Venturer, I promise to do my duty ...The Cub Scout Follows Akela,Earlier today you were asked to think about Scoutings aim, ideals, and methods. These are best articulated in the Scout Oath and Law. These vary slightly by program type, but they are each statements of Scoutings values.

Summary Statement: Values are closely held beliefs or attitudes that influence our actions and behaviors. Knowing what we value explains why we choose to do what we do, and to spend our time as we do.

Transition:Before arriving at this Wood Badge course, you completed an assignment and hopefully brought that with you. It asked you to answer 20 questions about yourself. Only you will ever see that but take a look at it occasionally. Your answers will help you understand what your values are.

12MissionPurpose of the organizationWhy do we existWho we are

In any successful organization, you first need to state your mission: understand the objectives and why youre doing it. get everyone on-board define what happens when change occurs

Mission statements typically do not change.but can change They represent who you are

13MissionWe are a global family with a proud heritage passionately committed to providing personal mobility for people around the world.

14MissionTo bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

15MissionPeople love our clothes and trust our company. We will market the most appealing and widely worn casual clothing in the world. We will clothe the world.

16MissionOur mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

17Mission to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.


VisionA picture of future success

EJ MattA vision can be defined as a picture of future success.

Part of your assignment before coming here was to think about your own vision for success especially as it relates to scouting.

Earlier today during the discussion of aims of scouting, you were asked to think of young people who are currently involved with scouting and imagine them years in the future.

Consider these visions.

194 Videos Go HereJFKMLKThatcherB-P20Baden Powells Vision


Baden Powells VisionWorld Jamboree 1920Baden Powell served as a general during the Boer War, a campaign that was a dismal failure for the British military. Upon returning to England from Africa, he began searching for ways to provide the British Army with young men who were better prepared to serve their country in character and ability. Through his books and establishment and the Scout movement, he felt he was succeeding in that vision.

The first jamboree took place in 1920. Baden Powell was invited but initially wasnt very enthused about going. He went anyway, but while there his vision changed. Why? What had happened in recent English history? Just 12 years earlier World War I had take the lives of hundreds of thousands of soldiers on both sides of the lines.

"THE CALL OF SCOUTING."A Foreward by Sir Robert Baden-PowellI HAVE been asked for a personal note on the Jamboree. I hate delivering myself of personal impressions. They are generally presumptuous, often out of perspective, sometimes they are sacred. My impression of the Jamboree may be something of all three.

It was to me like watching a flower bursting into bloom from the bud; a miracle of Nature but none the less a miracle.

A seed had been dropped but twelve short years back-war-broken years some of them-it had taken root and had grown into a sturdy wide-spreading plant. In that unique cosmopolitan gathering at Olympia in August, 1920, it blossomed forth and gave promise of fruits yet to follow.

22Baden Powells VisionWorld Jamboree 1937

In 1937 there was a world jamboree in the Netherlands. Just before it opened, one nation sent word that its boys would not be attending. That nation was Germany. Scouting had been disbanded in Germany, and many of its members had joined the Hitler Youth.

Baden Powell died just 4 years later and was greatly disappointed that he had not realized the fulfillment of his vision of a world brotherhood of Scouts living in peace.

Did Baden Powells vision die with him?


Baden Powells Vision World Jamboree 2007No, of course not. To this day we continue to work toward that ideal.

Here is a picture taken by a fellow Scoutmaster. He was personally able to experience the fruits of that vision. He shot this particular photo at the World Jamboree on the morning of the 100th anniversary of the birth of scouting when BP first took his new scouts to Brownsea Island. Three minutes after this shot was taken, 40,000 scouts (from every country around the world) wearing their yellow Sunrise Celebration neckerchiefs, stood and in unison said their scout oath.

Being there at that moment fulfilled one of his visions.


Has heart and spiritLeads to a goalInspires others to actionGives meaning to an effortIs simpleIs attainableCan changeA Meaningful Vision . . .To be a meaningful vision, it must: have heart and spirit lead to a goal a destination Needs to inspire others to achieve the vision give meaning to an effort be simple and attainable be flexible enough to allow change when something unanticipated happens26The Boy Scouts of America will prepare every eligible youth in America to become a responsible, participating citizen and leader who is guided by the Scout Oath and Law.

Vision Statement of the BSAHere is the Vision statement for the BSA.

How well does this Vision fit your core beliefs and attitudes? Your core values?Does the Vision speak to a worthwhile goal?How well does it inspire you to take action?Is it attainable? Can we succeed?Do you think it will change over time? This one did, just last year at our 100th Anniversary of Scouting!Does it have heart and spirit?

Are you committed?

27SummaryValues - Core beliefs

Mission - Long-term objective

Vision - Picture of success

In summary (while building the cathedral model)

The values are the foundation that everything rests on and the buttresses that hold everything together. The mission and vision are built upon the values. These are the core beliefs and desires that motivate what we do.

The mission is a statement that contain