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  • Last update 30.11.15 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

    VICKERS SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE / SEAFIRE ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| The growing numbers of parts collections salvaged from crash sites, and composite cockit area restorations are not included unless connected with an identifiable restoration project. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 6S. F Mk. 1a K9942 ff Eastleigh 21.4.39: del. to RAF Church Fenton 4.39 30225 RAF Cardiff: retired for exhibition use 28.8.44 (Woolston) RAF Newark: displ. 9.51 RAF Bicester: travelling exhibit 60/71 RAF Museum, Hendon: arr. 9.11.71/02 (displ. as "K9942/SD-V") (static rest. Rochester 5.98/00, including removal of 35 mods to bring airframe back to original Mk.1 standard: completed 10.00 as "K9942/SD-D", returned to Hendon 7.12.00) RAF Museum, RAF Cosford: arr. 15.11.02/15 ________________________________________________________________________________________ 441 F Mk. 1a N3200 forced landing on beach, Sangatte, nr Calais, France 27.5.40 (Southampton) (excavated buried in sand on the beach .86, some airframe sections and Merlin engine salvaged) Fortresse de Mimoyecques museum, France .86/00 Simon Marsh & Thomas Kaplan, England 11.00 (parts collected from museum 2.12.00, to Sandown IoW, moved to Braintree, Essex 3.02, to Duxford 12.9.07) G-CFGJ Mark One Partners LLC, Sandown IoW 11.8.08/15 (rest. to fly Sandown & Duxford, new-build fuse. completed at Duxford, ff 26.3.14 as RAF N3200/QV) ________________________________________________________________________________________ CBAF. F Mk. IIa P7350 RAF Colerne: stored 24.7.44/48 14 John Dale & Sons Ltd, London Colney: sold as scrap 8.7.48 (Castle Bromwich) (not collected, presented to RAF Colerne) RAF Colerne Collection: displ. .47/67 Spitfire Productions Ltd, RAF Henlow: leased from RAF for the movie The Battle of Britain .67/68 (arr. Henlow 3.3.67 for rest. to fly for the movie) (rest. Henlow, CofA issued 25.4.68) G-AWIJ Spitfire Productions Ltd, Duxford 25.4.68 RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Coltishall: del. 5.11.68/14 dam. on takeoff, RAF Chivenor (repaired) 29.7.92 (del. St Athan for overhaul 25.9.00, redel. BBMF at RAF Coningsby 6.6.01 as "P7350/XT-D", rest. Duxford 09 as "P7350/QJ-K", later "P7350/EB-G) ________________________________________________________________________________________ - F Mk. IIa P7540 crashed into Loch Doon, Wigtown, Ayrshire, Scotland 25.10.41 (Castle Bromwich) Dumfries & Galloway Aviation Museum, Dumfries, North Yorkshire .82/15 (90% of airframe plus engine salvaged ex Loch Doon .82, rest. project at Dumfries as P7540/D, planned to taxying condition under power of its original RR Merlin XII) ________________________________________________________________________________________ - F Mk. IIa P7819 shot down, crashed on beach Dungness, Kent 16.4.41 (Castle Bromwich) (crash site excavated, parts recov.) G-TCHZ Martin B. Phillips, Exeter 5.4.12/15 ________________________________________________________________________________________ CBAF. F Mk. IIa P7973 452 (RAAF) Squadron, Kenley & Hornchurch 492 Australian War Memorial, Canberra ACT: issued .45 (Castle Bromwich) shipped 2.45 on SS Port Adelaide ex Liverpool Docks, arr Melbourne, moved to RAAF Canberra 10.45, stored) Australian War Memorial, Canberra ACT 3.50/15 (displ. as RAF "P7973/R-H") ________________________________________________________________________________________ CBAF. F Mk. IIb P8088 RAF presentation aircraft name The Borough of Lambeth 3.41 534 dived into ground, Prees Heath, Shropshire 16.9.44 (Castle Bromwich) Wartime Aircraft Recovery Group, Sleap: 4.78 (cockpit section and parts salvaged from crash site 4.78)

  • Jon Radford, Oxford: cockpit section rest. NK- G-CGRM Jonathon C. Radford, Oxford 18.10.10/12 (cockpit section rest. as NK-) Brooklands Museum: loan, arr. 14.12.11/12 (offered at auction Brooklands 2.12) Mark R. Oliver, Hale, Altrinhham, Cheshire 22.2.13/15 ________________________________________________________________________________________ CBAF. F Mk. IIb P8208 RAF presentation aircraft .41 640 midair collision with Spitfire P8209, both from Aston Down, (Castle Bromwich) crashed in mud of River Severn Estuary 26.1.43 Malvern Spitfire Group 92/93 (sections salvaged 3.93, parts lifted by Sikorsky S-76) purchased by collector - Jonathon C. Radford, Oxford .05/09 Paul Maksimczyk, Bristol 6.09 G-RRFF Paul Maksimczyk, Bristol 4.9.09/13 (salvaged parts basis for airworthy restoration project) Retro Track and Air (UK) Ltd, Dursley 19.3.13/15 ________________________________________________________________________________________ CBAF. F Mk. IIb P8332 RAF presentation aircraft "Soebang (N.E.I.)" 20.3.41 711 (to RCAF as P8332): BOC 1.4.42/64 (Castle Bromwich) (shipped ex Liverpool 4.42 on SS Manchester Port) static displ. at various Canadian cities and RCAF bases 43/64 RCAF Museum Collection, Rockcliffe AB ONT 6.12.64 Canadian National Aeronautical Collection, Rockcliffe ONT 65/15 National Museum of Science & Technology, Ottawa ONT: loan .68/86 Canadian War Museum, Ottawa ONT: loan 10.89/15 (displ. as RAF "P8332/ZD-L") ________________________________________________________________________________________ CBAF. F Mk. IIa P8727 G-AHZI Mogens L. Bramson, Elstree Josephine 16.7.46/47 960 (civil conv. at Cambridge, CofA issued 22.10.46) (Castle Bromwich) crashed on takeoff, Copenhagen-Kastrup 15.4.47 Copenhagen Aero Engineering Technical College: wreck ________________________________________________________________________________________ 508 F Mk. Ia P9306 Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago IL 10.11.44/15 (Woolston) (packed at St Athan, shipped to New York, arr. 19.9.44) ________________________________________________________________________________________ 6S/ F Mk. Ia P9373 shot down, crashed on farmland at Wierre-Effroy, 30564 near Boulgogne, France 23.5.40 (Woolston) (wreckage excavated from crash site 1-3.6.99, stored at Sandown IoW) G-CFGN Mark One Partners LLC, Sandown IoW 22.9.08/15 (rest. project at Sandown IoW) ________________________________________________________________________________________ 6S/ F Mk. Ia P9374 shot down, forced landing on beach, Calais, France 24.5.40 30565 (wreck exposed in sand by extreme tides 9.80) (Southampton) Jean Louf: excavated the corroded hulk from sand 9.80 Musee de lAir, Paris-Le Bourget: loan, displ. .81 Jean Frelaut, Vannes-Meucon, France 83/00 (moved to Vannes, parts used in rest. to his PP972) Musee de la Resistance, Malestroit, France .80s (loan, displ. as wreck as recov. from beach) Simon Marsh & Thomas Kaplan, Sandown IoW 10.00 (hulk moved from France to Sandown 14.10.00) G-MKIA Simon J. Marsh & Thomas Kaplan/ Spitfire Partners LLC/ Mark One Partners LLC 16.11.00/15 (moved from Sandown to Colchester, Essex 19.3.02, moved to Duxford 8.07 using new-build fuselage constructed at Sandown) (ff Duxford 1.9.11 as camouflaged RAF "P9374/J") sold at auction Duxford: rep. to Europoean owner 7.15 ________________________________________________________________________________________ 6S/ F Mk. Ia P9444 RAF Cardiff: stored for future museum use 8.44 30613 RAF Newark .51 (Southampton) Science Museum Store, Sydenham, London 12.54/63 Science Museum, South Kensington, London .63/15 (displ. as "P9444/RN-D")

  • ________________________________________________________________________________________ 6S/ F Mk. Ia R6915 ff 11.7.40: flew 58 sorties during the Battle of Britain 40 80914 RAF Cardiff: stored for future museum use 8.44 (Southampton) Imperial War Museum, Lambeth, London 26.8.46/15 (moved to Duxford 13.12.12 for temporary storage during IWM construction work, returned to Labeth 15.1.14) ________________________________________________________________________________________ 6S/ F Mk. Ia X4276 midair collision with Spitfire X4650, pilots baled out, 75156 crashed near Catterick 28.12.40 (Southampton) (crash site excavated 15.9.87, engine and airframe sections salvaged) G-CDGU Anthony J. E. Smith/ Real Aeroplane Co, Breighton 7.1.05/10 (long-term rest. project, new-build with parts of X4276) Peter R. Monk Ltd, Tunbridge Wells 8.2.10/15 (rest. project at Sandown IoW) ________________________________________________________________________________________ 6S/ F Mk. Ia X4590 RAF Cardiff: stored for future museum use 28.8.44 81254 RAF Air Historical Branch Collection 54 (Southampton) RAF Bicester: travelling exhibit 60/72 RAF Museum Store, RAF Henlow .72 RAF Finningley: displ. 74/76 RAF Museum, RAF Cosford: displ. as X4590/PR-F .76/78 RAF Museum, Hendon 11.78/14 (displ. as "X4590/PR-F") ________________________________________________________________________________________ 6S/

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