Verbal Judo Officer Communication De-escalation Verbal Judo.pdfThis course is a 1- day Verbal Judo communication and de-escalation techniques for law enforcement and corrections officers

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<ul><li><p>Course Location: School of Emergency Services 1770 Technology Blvd Off N. Williamson Blvd. Daytona Beach, Fl. 32117 386- 506-4204 </p><p>DATE: Tuesday August 29, 2017 TIME: 8 am- 5 pm COST: FREE FDLE CJSTC Trust Funded DRESS CODE: Agency uniform or business casual no shorts Students must attend all sessions of the course. For more classes Visit our web site at: then click on Schedule For Questions (386) 506-4141 </p><p>Mandatory Retraining Only Specialized FDLE Course This course is a 1- day Verbal Judo communication and de-escalation techniques </p><p>for law enforcement and corrections officers. </p><p>How this training will benefit your organization? Officers will be taught a philosophy on </p><p>how to creatively look at conflicts, using specific tactics, strategies, appropriate words </p><p>and presence as force option to find peaceful resolutions. Officers will be shown how to </p><p>better maintain professionalism, emotional control, find solutions to violent encounters </p><p>without escalating force, or if force is needed using a professional communication </p><p>process. Officers will be shown how to be as competent with their words, as they are with </p><p>their weapons. </p><p>A few of the topics include </p><p>Goal of law enforcement work to generate voluntary compliance </p><p>How to use words to achieve professional purpose </p><p>How to be a contact professional </p><p>Tactical approached for dealing with difficult people </p><p>The art of translation and mediation </p><p>How to read others and diagnose a verbal encounter </p><p>How to persuade people </p><p>Move beyond words to physical force options </p><p> Verbal Judo Instructors: Stephen Devore and Peter Hooker </p><p> TO REGISTER </p><p> THIS TRAINING COURSE IS FREE </p><p>Region 7 Officers have first priority </p><p>Contact the Training Office at 386-506-4204 to reserve a seat. </p><p>Training Officers please send the DSC Registration Form via Email to </p><p> </p><p>Verbal Judo Officer Communication De-escalation Techniques 8 Hour Course </p></li></ul>