Veil Stitch Shrug
Veil Stitch Shrug

Veil Stitch Shrug

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Veil Stitch ShrugA well-known stitch variation used to create a simple knit known knit-in-a-day shrug put in print by Kelly Morris Kellann from Kellannknits Kellann

SIZE: Customizable (try-on as you go) FINISHED MEASUREMENTS: (Model - L/XL) Arm Opening (width) 24 (will be less for smaller sizes) Full Length 36(fully stretched, will be less for smaller sizes) , sizes)) YARN: Any fun, bulky yarn (or combination of yarns) will work wonderfully, about 100 yds total) , 2 Karabella Barbados - color 568 [Bulky 12ply 7wpi, 51 yds] Bulky 1 Karabella Jewels - color 3825 [Bulky 12ply 7wpi, 105 yds] (a slight bit may be used on second ball for larger sizes) GAUGE: NO GAUGE, because of this stitch pattern this shrug is incredibly stretchy! NEEDLES: Varies by yarn choice Size US#17/12.75 Straight (14 will work the best or knit back back-and-forth on circular) OTHER ITEMS NEEDED: Crochet Hook US- H/5 (size will depend on yarn picked) Safety pins or something to hold work together while you SC around edge SKILLS TO COMPLETE THIS SHRUG SHRUG: Cast On Bind Off Knit Stitch Single Crochet Veil Stitch (explained below)

ABBREVIATIONS: co Cast on k Knit vs Veil Stitch bo Bind off sc Single Crochet Veil Stitch Explained: (Hint: wrap a rubber band around the end of you needle so your stitches wont fall off! off!) Insert stitch on left needle as if to knit. ( helps to hold your needles perpendicular to each other) (It Wrap yarn around right needle as normal (Knit stitch) Next bring yarn under and up around left needle. Then around right needle (as if to knit again) and through middle of both needles needles. You should now have what looks like an X on the left needle. Lastly pull the last wrap (the one going through the center of the needles) under the X on the left needle and X move X off left needle. One veil stitch made. PATTERN: ) Co 24(s) (28(m), 32(l), 36(xl)) these #s are approximate, yarn choice will determine actual co # Rows 1-4: k Row 5: work vs across Row 6: k Repeat rows 5 and 6 until piece measures 36 (width across shoulders plus 4, 2on each side, shorter for on smaller sizes) ending with k 4 rows Bind off loosely, weave in all ends Figure 1: Fold finished fabric in half lengthwise ( (hotdog for all of you with little ones)Cast on edge Bind off edge

Fold Here

XXXX Pin here sc -------

XXXX Pin here ------- sc

Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 2: Use safety pins to pin 2 in, from edge, on each end. Single crochet through both layers of fabric for , lay the full 2 pinned, starting on right side. Continue sc around opening (selvage edges, do not sc this area closed) . and the other 2 pinned section. Weave in all ends and enjoy! Questions or comments Check out my blog or e-mail me

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