Gameers Veil

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  • P c J 9 e-



  • I 1 1 1

    I 1

    I 1 I I

    J I

  • Opposed 1 d4

    Harmonic 1 d6


    9 Enthronrnent


    @ Positive + Negative

    RANDOM MODlFER TABLE. l d 6 dominant on Sunday in Leo

    read day as: 1 Fire Tuesday Tuesday in Aries 2 Air Wednesday Wednesday in Virgo 3 Water Friday Friday in Libra 4 Earth Thursday Thursday in Pisces 5 Moon Monday Monday in Cancer 6 Orichalka Saturday Saturday in Capricorn

    (use for Sundays or Leo)

    read day as:

    1NSTRVCTlONS 1- Find Ka-element of spell to be cast, and

    use appropriate arm of pentacle. 2- Position point of arm on current day

    within current month (see calendar). 3- Convert symbol in window on table at

    left. Roll the indicated die. 4- For Sundays or Leo, see the Random

    Modifier Table. Roll the modifier value only plzce per day. Consult the wheel to see if the modifier is positive, negative, or nothing for a particu- lar element on that day.

  • I 1

    a b


    TO ASSMBLE 1 - Cut out the windows within each arm of the pentacle. 2- Cut out the pentacle wheel by cutting around the outside of the circle. 3- Push a thumbtack through the central dots of the wheel and the Astrological Moditier table. 4- Pin the Astrological wheel to a piece of cardboard, wood, or ather suitable material.