Atlas did not shrug

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I frequently conduct small geography workshops with activities for kids in my neighborhood. We all enjoy it immensely. In fact, the kids demand that I have a workshop every Sunday! This map-reading activity was on 09 December 2012. Details are in the slide show. Dr Chandra Shekhar Balachandran The Indian Institute of Geographical Studies geo 'at' tiigs 'dot' org (replace 'at' with @ and 'dot' with . )

Text of Atlas did not shrug

Atlas Did Not Shrug!

Atlas Did Not Shrug!Atlas games with9th Cross NinjasAshoknagaraBangalore 56005009 December 2012

What we didEvery Ninja got an atlas (same publication)There were small strips of paper, folded and placed in a small bowl. Each had: Place(s) to find and Question(s) to answerEach person had to pick a strip and find the place(s) listed and answer the question(s) on itWhat we didI suggested merely playing, but they wanted to form teams and compete. I acquiesced.Boys team and girls teamLittle Sameera started out doling out the strips but decided this wasnt Action enough for him. So, he started pretend-playing on his own.This pleased him no end!

Madhu, Nithin, Mahesha, ready for action

They started shouting, UNCLE, UNCLE, LET US START!I had to plead with them to give me time enough to take a picture or two!

Sameera with the cup for the slips which had the places the kids had to find.

The Ninjas at work

Shreya, the undisputed leader of the Ninjas

Shreya, Manasa, Tejasvini

Young Sameera finding a place in the atlas. Well, he was poking it a lot, anyway. But had a great deal of fun doing it!

Nithin found BOTH Washingtons on a map of America in next to no time

Sameera came up and showed me he had found Rio de Janeiro

On demand, I had to show Sameera where Dhaka is. He heard the others saying Dhaka and demanded that I show him where it is!

Mahesha, 2nd grade, cant read much English, but was able to locate Tokyo with a little help.He was thrilled!

Once he got a copy of the atlas for himself, Sameera was happy. On his left is the slip with the place he was looking for.

She found Cairo!

As did she!

Ninja Major found one of the seas around India

The very pictures of concentration.By the roadside

Really into it!

The questions

The questions

The questions

The questionsNeed help, ideas to do something like this in your neighborhood?Contact:The Indian Institute of Geographical Studiesgeo@tiigs.org