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Meet Nicole DiNezza, She can help with all your chiropractor needs! Also in this issue you will find, summer fashion, martinis that you will want to entertain with, a must have weeding tool featured by channel 3, goal setting, business tips and more. Be sure to follow us to keep in touch also visit www.ultimatewomaninternational.com for more insight, and juicy info to keep you on the move in your daily life!!

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  • Ultimate Woman International July/ August 2014

    Sometimes, particularly when your area experiences an uncharacteristically hot summer, extreme weather events can become more common than we'd like. In more

    temperate climates, such a change may not last long and many plants recover quickly

    or suffer minimal heat shock loss. In hotter climates however, an extremely dry sum-

    mer can last many months.

    Evaluate your water use scenario. If there is, or is going to be minimal water re-

    strictions, then the job is much easier, but if you have severe water restrictions then

    protecting your garden may need additional work.

    How to tend to your plants in the hot summer.

    Water saving methods include using mulch - at least a 10cm or 4 inch thick lay-er, using drip system reticulation (which is best hidden under the mulch), using water

    retention products such as water retaining crystals, bentonite or attapulgite clays - the

    cheapest source of these is often clay based granulated kitty litter (if it dissolves in

    water, it will offer even better water retention capabilities), and as much organic mate-

    rials such as compost and other soil improvers that you can budget for.

    Water in the evening or early morning to best avoid evaporation and the water getting

    hot in the sun's rays. It is recommended to water deeply and often but when the water

    supply is low, it is better to water deeply and occasionally, as that encourages deeper

    root growth into cooler (and hopefully more moist) layers of soil. Frequent light water-

    ing encourages lush growth but also promotes shallower roots so that the plant is less

    prepared to cope when there is a reduction or no water coming on a hot day.




  • Ultimate Woman International July/ August 2014

    In times of heat shock, a seaweed extract based liquid fertilizer treatment often reduces heat stress and it may help protect the plant in future. Work to in-

    crease shade. This maybe using shade sails, tree cover (selecting more drought har-

    dy trees or palms) or a short term solution using an old sheet or dust cloth during ex-

    treme weather.

    The catch is these will make the plants less sun hardened, so a short term so-lution should only be a short term solution or a more permanent fixture. Short term

    protection should be removed as soon as possible because if the plant gets accus-

    tomed to the shade it will experience more stress when the shade is removed.

    If the future for your area looks to have increased heat and less rainfall, start replacing many of your plants that just will not survive no matter what protection you

    can offer them. This can be done by donating the plants that won't thrive to nurse-

    ries, friends in cooler areas, or to botanical gardens and zoos if they have the envi-

    ronment and facilities for them. Lawn can be replaced slowly by gradually increasing

    the area of garden beds, or by replacing them with artificial grass. The quality of arti-

    ficial grasses has improved greatly over recent years, so is a worthwhile substitute if

    properly installed.

    Recent edits by: Jacqueline K, BR, Sophia C.



    Helpful Gardening

    Tips, and more!

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    protects the lawn.

    No backaches or blisters, and

    fun to use.

    No hazardous chemicals and en-

    vironmentally safe.

    No noise pollution, wires, full or

    moving parts.

    Durable & built to last.

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    10 Weeds in 10 Seconds!


  • Ultimate Woman International July/ August 2014

    UWI: Tell me Mr. Centrella what is a Stick n Kick?

    Mr. Centrella: The Stick n Kick is an amazing weeding tool that I invented that not only works, but also is

    fun to use, environmentally friendly, and effective at ridding your lawn or garden of unwanted weeds.

    Simply as that.

    UWI: Well, that is great; can it be used on all weeds?

    Mr. Centrella: YES! There is no weed that can stand up to the mighty Stick n Kick, in fact , we even kicked

    out some big old desert weeds in Arizona. It has been tested in all climates from New York to California. If it

    has a roots it is doomed. This amazing tool works on crab grass too, in addition to your regular lawn weeds.

    In fact, it will work just as well in your garden.

    UWI: How does it work?

    Mr. Centrella: Simple as this, you stick the base of the tool in the ground just before the root and give it a

    gentle kick. Bam, the weed, roots and all, flies out. It is as simple as that.

    UWI: How is your tool different from other weeding tools?

    Mr. Centrella: That is a good question. First, these are no moving parts to jam or break. No fuel, electric

    cord of any re-occurring parts needed, and no added hidden expenses. No noise, pollution and, it is envi-

    ronmentally green and safe.

    UWI: Does the Stick n Kick come with a satisfaction guarantee?

    Mr. Centrella: Absolutely, we stand behind our product, literally! 100%, we have yet to have any com-


    UWI: Do you have any testimonials?

    Mr. Centrella: Yes, we do, just go to our web site, www.sticknkick.com to see what others think, you will

    be amazed at how happy our customers are.

    UWI: I want to buy one, What do I do to get my hands on one?

    Mr. Centrella: Honestly for the lowest price and quickest delivery just go to our easy to use web site,

    www.sticknkick.com and click on order. We ship in 24 hours guaranteed.

    UWI: Well, thanks Mr. Centrella for sharing with us your amazing weeding tool. It pays us all to follow

    through with our inspirations, dreams and inventions.

    Mr. Centrella: Thank you for allowing me to invite your readers to buy such a remarkable easy weeding

    tool. There is no reason to have dandelions or any weeds anymore with the Stick n Kick tool.

    I am proud to say we are sending them all over the world as fast as we can make them.

    Interview with the Inventor!


    k n



  • Publishers Letter

    Hot in the



    How hot is it in your neck of the woods? What fun are you planning? How about business

    events? However you plan your summer make sure

    to stay safe. Here in Arizona we have monsoon sea-

    son. Stay out of the way of the hobos! In this issue

    we are featuring garden tips, summer recipes, busi-

    ness tips, summer fashion and more. We are happy

    to feature some of the best people in their indus-

    tries . All women feel that they are an Ultimate

    Woman and therefore expect the best. We offer

    voices from all over. I hope that you will find all of

    the articles and information valuable. This is for all

    Ultimate Woman.

    Brittany Ann Parrish



    Ultimate Woman



    Deborah Petros


    IT Support

    Henry Mickens


    Publisher / Marketing

    Brittany Parrish


    Contributing Writers:

    Isadora Dahlen, Wayne Fullmer, Dianna Whitley, Sandy Rogers, De Anna Marie, Ann P


    Florine Duffield

    Located in Peoria, Arizona

    All Rights Reserved


  • Contents


    Women In Business

    Insanely Healthy Energy

    Stylish Summer Fashion






    Entertain with Summer Martinis!



  • Ultimate Woman International July/ August 2014



    in B







    The term RSVP comes from the French expression "rpondez s'il vous

    plat", meaning; "please respond". f RSVP

    is written on an invitation it means the

    invited guest is welcomed and should tell

    the host YES or NO they plan to attend the

    party or event. It means the host needs a

    definite head count for the planned

    event, which we will address later in this


    ON-line events or in-person events include a tremendous

    amount of decision making and

    planning so YOU can have a great

    experience and this includes all the

    business events we are now invited

    to via a variety of social media sites.

    With all that being said, I was inspired to become part of a solution and motivat-

    ed to write this article. I realized just be-

    cause I have planned events for a living

    does not mean others have or do, there-

    fore perhaps they just dont know what it

    takes. The biggest challenge to providing a

    fabulous event of any kind is to be pre-

    pared and thats where YOU the invitee

    can help by providing an RSVP to the invi-

    tation received.

    One of the challenges that everyone who has ev-er managed events have, is how to motivate people to RSVP

    in a timely manner or to even RSVP at all.

    In a recent conversation, I realized the person I