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    ExpERIENcE UWIwww.sta.uwi.edu


  • There is nothing like the on-campus university experience and there is no university campus quite like ours!

    Thats why each year we welcome hundreds of students from all over the

    world to UWI St. Augustine, from as close as the caribbean and Latin America

    and as far as Africa, Asia and Australia.

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    Am I a REGIONAL Student?

    UWI receives direct financial support from 16

    caribbean countries: Antigua & Barbuda, The

    Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, The British

    Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada,

    Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia,

    St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago.

    If you are a national of any of these countries you

    may qualify for special concessions and funding

    at UWI!

    Am I an INTERNATIONAL Student?

    All non Trinidad and Tobago students are considered international students at the UWI

    and are provided with the appropriate services/facilities to ease their UWI experience.

    Students who are not nationals of any of the 16 countries listed above are considered

    part of our international student community. This includes students from Guyana,

    Martinique, Suriname, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada etc.

    UWI has exchange programmes with more than 60 tertiary institutions around the


    To find your place in the sun on the UWI St. Augustine campus,

    visit http://sta.uwi.edu/international

    Dual Citizenship

    Students with dual citizenship MUST also submit documentary evidence in support

    of the status under which you wish to be considered. You would not be permitted to

    change citizenship status after an offer of a place has been made and accepted.

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    Mostregionalgovernmentsprovidespecialfunding for students attending the UWI.

    Regionalstudentsarerefundedmoneypaidfor their first passage to and final passage from the campus country.

    Regionalstudentscancompeteforascholarship from the University

    UWISt.Augustineconductsaspecialorientation programme just for new regional and international students that starts with greeting you on your arrival at piarco International the airport!

    Ourstudyabroad/exchangeprogrammeallows students to pursue courses and earn degree credits at another UWI campus or one of 60 university partners in North, central and South America, the caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia and soon to be, the middle east in the USA, canada, Uk and the non-commonwealth caribbean.

    Ourgraduatescanchoosetodopostgraduateprogrammes at the UWI or at other top universities around the world.

    Earnaworldclassdegreefromauniversityrespectedinternationally for both its scholarship and its service to the caribbean and the world The University of the West Indies.

    This Info Guide provides specific information for regional and international students applying to the UWI.

    For information on our programmes, request a copy of our Experience UWI flyer, our Viewbook, or visit us online at http://sta.uwi.edu

  • FREE HEALTH SERVICESThere are health services on campus, including a pharmacy and all registered students are included in a special health plan that includes emergency treatment at nearby private institutions.

    SPECIAL RATES ON COMPUTERSStudents at the St. Augustine campus can purchase new desktop and laptop computers at special reduced rates through the campus IT Service Department (cITS), which also assists with maintenance and anti-virus software.

    WIRELESS INTERNET ON CAMPUSAll registered students have free wireless internet access on the campus. Interact with lecturers, do research, email your family back at home or share your UWI experience with friends and family on facebook. Youre only a click away!

    SHUTTLE SERVICESome classes are held off the main campus but usually within walking distance. The University operates a shuttle service along routes around the main campus as well as to other satellite locations including areas where there are significant numbers of students in off-campus accommodations.

    GET YOUR GAME ONThe St. Augustine campus boasts some of the finest sporting facilities in the English-speaking caribbean, including tennis courts, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor courts, cricket nets and sporting fields. There is a well-equipped gym with qualified trainers always on duty and gym membership is available to all students at a nominal fee.


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    Our campus is centrally located, less than 30 minutes drive from the airport to the east, less than an hour from the capital port of Spain in the West and close to shopping malls, small stores, groceries, pharmacies and public and private hospitals.

    Heres some more of what you can find both on and off campus ...

    ON CAMPUS Choosefromfreshfruit,vegetarianmeals,fastfood,bar-b-que,

    a coffee shop and of course, some of the countrys popular traditional dishes including pelau, calalloo, roti and doubles.

    Thereisalwayssomethingtodo,seeandexperienceconcerts, plays, performances, exhibitions, sports and yes, parties.

    JointheUWIHikingClubtoexperienceanyoftheseveralnature trails and parks scattered throughout the islands.

    Inter-CampusGamesareheldeverytwoyearssojoinateamand you could get the chance to travel to another campus territory!

    OFF CAMPUS Thereareanumberofeatingplaceseitherwithin

    walking distance or willing to deliver!

    MovietheatresandmultiplexesacrossTrinidadshow the latest releases while smaller spaces have occasional screenings of independent or locally produced films. There are also indoor and outdoor performance spaces.

    InTrinidad&Tobago,thereareculturalandreligious festivals throughout the year which are celebrated as national events and people of all backgrounds are encouraged to take part! Some of the more popular celebrations are the hindu festival of lights Divali, the Muslim festival - hosea and the annual carnival which takes place usually between February and March.

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    Each faculty and even particular programmes have specific admission requirements but each student is required to fulfill the general criteria below for their application to be considered by The University. For more faculty or programme-specific information, please see our Undergraduate Prospectus.

    English-Speaking Caribbean/British Qualifications Passesinfive(5)subjectsofwhichatleasttwo

    (2) must be at the cApE/GcE A-level while the remainder may be an acceptable pass in cSEc (cxc)/GcE/BGcSE examinations OR

    Two2-unitCAPE(CaribbeanAdvancedproficiency Examination) OR

    Six(6)CAPEunitsincludingCaribbeanStudiesand communications Studies OR

    AssociateDegreesfromapprovedCaribbeanTertiary Level Institutions with a minimum G.P.A.of2.5andabove.SomeFaculties/programmes may require a higher GpA OR

    Overallprofessionaland/oracademicachievements of persons over age 21, who do not fall within any of the categories above.

    Canadian QualificationsAn overall grade of at least 60%, in any of the following: TheOntarioSecondarySchoolHonoursGraduation

    Diploma (OSShGD) awarded after Grade 13, OR TheOntarioSecondarySchoolDiploma(OSSD)

    awarded after Grade 12 since june 1986, (faculty specific requirements apply)

    US Qualifications Anacceptablehighschooltranscript[Grade12]with

    a minimum GpA of 3.0, plus an acceptable SAT I score (minimum of 1700), plus a minimum of two 2 SAT II subjectsatascoreof500oraboveOR

    SuccessfulcompletionofAdvancedPlacementcourses or the International Baccalaureate programme.


    Other International TheFrenchORtheInternationalBaccalaureate; TheGermanAbitur

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    If your first language is not English, you must provide satisfactory evidence that your competency in English is adequate.

    You should have: scoredaminimumtotalof6.5onthe

    University of cambridge IELTS (International English Language Testing System) OR

    scoredaminimumof500(paper-based)or82* (computer-based) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

    * Note: Breakdown MINIMUM ScOREWriting 22Reading 20Listening 20Speaking 20

    Experience the world, gain unique academic knowledge and personal growth through a range of student exchange and study abroad partnerships that are currently available to UWI Students.

    These options are available after completion of your first 1st year and to students with a GpA of 3.0 or higher.

    Exchanges are available at some 60 universities and institutions worldwide. credits gained through theStudy Abroad/Exchange programme are applied to your UWI degree.

    Scholarships and other forms of financial aid are available for student exchange / study abroad opportunities.

    For information contact:The International Office in the Student Administration Building (2nd Floor) or visit http://sta.uwi.edu/international

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    ARE YOU FROM ONE OF THE FOLLOWING CARIBBEAN COUNTRIES? Antigua&Barbuda TheBahamas Barbados Belize Bermuda TheBritishVirginIslands Dominica Grenada Jamaica Montserrat St.Kitts&Nevis St.Lucia St.Vincent&TheGrenadines Trinidad&Tobago