Using Twitter to Engage Stakeholders, Enhance Communication and Improve Culture MASSP Principal’s Summit

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Using Twitter to Engage Stakeholders, Enhance Communication and Improve Culture MASSP Principals Summit Slide 2 Wendy Zdeb-Roper Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals Executive Director Follow @massp on Twitter Find me on Linkedin Join #masspchat Monday nights from 8-9pm Slide 3 Participants will Review a bit of Twitter 101. Consider personal vs. school Twitter accounts as well as building vs. district accounts. Who Tweets what? Learn how Twitter can enhance collaboration and celebrate your school/district. Explore Twitter as a source of professional collaboration and learning. Leave with actionable take-aways! Session Learning Targets Slide 4 What does a Tweet Communicate? Slide 5 Twitter Abbreviations Slide 6 Setting Up an Account Slide 7 Two Important Considerations: Should you have a personal Twitter account or a School account (or both)? Who should manage/have access to the school Twitter feed? Twitter Accounts Slide 8 What should a District/School tweet about? Innovative strategies & school news Include links and pictures Influential education articles Thoughts and quotes - think aloud! Promote District/School meetings/events Tell people where you are and what youre doing What to Tweet Slide 9 Slide 10 What should an District/School tweet about? Microblog using event hashtag from important meetings. Support other educators - retweeting or favoriting will show that you enjoyed a tweet. Some personal info - show your human side. What to Tweet Slide 11 Its ok to be a real person Favorite to save or to acknowledge Slide 12 Re-Tweet Good Stuff What it looks like when you re-tweet something What it looks like when someone re-tweets you Slide 13 Twitter is 2 Way Communication Slide 14 #swcrkPLN The spark The fire #swcrksnowday Slide 15 School Hashtags #GoWO, West Ottawa HS hashtag #Woplc District Tweetchat Tuesday nights Slide 16 District Hashtags Walled Lake Consolidated School District #wleced District Tweetchat #wleced Tuesday Nights Slide 17 School AccountsWho says what? Slide 18 Hootsuite- Preschedule Tweets Slide 19 Twitter Tracking: Hashtracking Slide 20 Promote your Twitterfeed Slide 21 How do you build a following? Tweet-Torial Host a webinar or a live session to help stakeholders learn how to use Twitter. Use students or staff proficient in Twitter to facilitate the Twitter night and/or a webinar. Focus on basics as well as using Twitter to follow happenings at the school and for learning. Engage Stakeholders Slide 22 Dont stop and start. Once you establish a feed, post daily. Share the posting responsibilities with staff. Include Twitter info every time you do a presentationbuild your followers. If you start a chat, stick with it. It might be slow to growget buy-in and ownership from your Board. Twitter Cautions Slide 23 Twitter is an excellent way to learn and connect professionally. -Tweetchats -Follow conference hashtags- #Principals14 -Follow education organizations, other educators, schools, districts, researchers, etc. -Ask questions of your followers to get feedback, input and ideas Build Your PLN Slide 24 Professional Conversations Slide 25 #masspchat Every Monday 8-9pm Slide 26 Tweetchats for PD Slide 27 Just last week, the Advanced Ed Conference was taking place in Novi: #aemi2014#aemi2014 Also last week, the Association for Middle Level Educators Conference was in Nashville, TN: #AMLE2014 #AMLE2014 Event Hashtags Slide 28 What is your District doing with Twitter? Who manages your feed? Have you tried a Tweetchat? Do you establish #hashtags for events? How active of a Twitter presence is there at the building or individual educator level? What are your actionables from what youve learned? Twitter Table Talk Slide 29 @TammyJacksonEJ@poolesa @JustinJennings6 @MrBernia @TracylnWilson @Mingchri @DonnaBoughner @NapDillon @Mike_Alley59@eskyprincipal @Cfeneley@phungerf @shphilmore@PrincMrJensen @mikebaszler @jmessenger34 @MrCarlsonSHS@scott_kapla @MrGabriel_GLHS@jarema_karen @AndyK_PHS@PeterLoFiego MI Principals Who Tweet Slide 30 @Lindenprincipal@PrincipalKMS @PrinRipmaster@MrDMcKay1 @vanderslicechri@JayVesperman @cwoolman06@MsL_L_Wells @joezessin@bgrahamJPS @jordanbeel@phiteach @APChrisParker@melynchek @SPrestonBR@DebbieRedlin @GoPHSNorthmen@PrincipalLedlow @CarrieAmmons1@ValerieBoggan MI Principals Who Tweet Slide 31 Grand Haven HS: @Ghhsbucs Lamphere HS: @LamphereHS Rockford HS: @RamPrideNews Novi HS: @Novi_HS Shepherd HS: @shs1greatthing O.E. Dunckel MS: @DunkelMS Parcells MS: @GPParcells Olivet HS: @Olivet_Eagles Carmen-Ainsworth: @CarmenAinsworth Holt HS: Holt_HS Portage Northern: @PortageNorthern MI School Twitterfeeds Slide 32 David Britten @colonelb Dan Jonker @dljonker David Tebo @tebotweets Karen McPhee @kmmcphee Nick Ceglarek @nceglarek Brian Davis @bdavisHPS Steve Matthews @docmatthews Ben Barton @BenBarton299 Kenneth Gutman @kennethgutman Kevin Ivers @LuckyBreak6 Stiles X. Simmons @StilesXSimmons Daniel Nerad @dneradsupt Tricia Hill @tlhill4 William Skilling @SuptSkilling David Richards @DrDaveFPS Scott Koziol @scottkoz Peg Mathis @PegMathis Jose Vera @josenvera Rob Glass @glasr333 Dave Barry @dbarry05 Mary Marshall @marshallmary Ron Caniff @RCaniff MI Superintendents Who Tweet Slide 33 Dennis Furton @Dfurton Paul Hartsig @Paul_Hartsig Scott Felkey @sfelkey Michael Sweet @msweetwhs Gerald Hopkins @khpssuper John Prescott @SupfromYup Jeffery Haase @JefferySHaase Joseph Murphy @jmurphy36 Paul Shepich @Pshepich Jo Spry @SpryJo Tom TenBrink @tenbrinktweets Michael Paskewicz @DrPaskewicz Thomas Martin @Thomastmart Michael Sharrow@MichaelSharrow2 Matt Wandrie @SuptWandrie Charlie Schwelder @CharlieSchwedle Vickie Markavitch @Vmarkavitch Christine Johns @ucsjohns Susan Meston @susanmeston John Searles @SuptSearles Ronna Steel @Steelronna Tony Habra @SupeTony MI Superintendents Who Tweet Slide 34 @MASA_GOV @MAISA_GOV @MASB @TeacherPolicy @TriCo4PubEd @GLEP Ed Policy Organizations Slide 35 @ASCD@EducationWeek @NASSP@edutopia @TimElmore@Doug_Lemov @TeachingChannel@DanielPink @UWCEL@TechSmithEDU @MSUCollegeofEd@SchoolLeadersN @robertjmarzano@HuffPostEdu @MarzanoResearch@ACTStudent @OhioPrincipals@ACT Ed Organizations, National Speakers, Researchers, Universities Slide 36 Twitter Support Slide 37 Twitter Resources A new online support community called #Nt2T for new teachers to Twitter. A five-part Twitter 101 ecourse aimed at getting novice social media users up and connected. Slide 38 Change can be a challenge. But change is also an opportunity; an opportunity to take the lead, to grow, to succeed. By all means, dont fear change! Embrace it. Its your only path to the future. - Sarah L. Sladek Remember Slide 39 Wendy Zdeb-Roper Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals Executive Director Follow @massp on Twitter Find me on Linkedin Join #masspchat Monday nights from 8-9pm


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