Using Google Analytics to Tell Your Audience Story

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Using Google Analytics to Tell Your Audience Story. Amy Sample Director, Web Analytics, PBS Interactive @ amysample May 25, 2011. Todays Agenda. Introductions Analytics Discussion with Religion & Ethics Newsweekly - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Using Google Analytics to Tell Your Audience Story


Using Google Analytics to Tell Your Audience StoryAmy SampleDirector, Web Analytics, PBS

May 25, 2011Todays AgendaIntroductionsAnalytics Discussion with Religion & Ethics NewsweeklyUsing Analytics to Describe the Religion & Ethics AudienceQ&AGuide to Doing Your Own AnalysisJune Analysis Opportunity

Discussion with Religion & Ethics

Using Analytics to Tell the Religion & Ethics NewsweeklyAudience StoryTraffic to R&E has grown 8% Average of 65k visitors a month in the last 12 months, an 8% increase over a year agoAverage of 87k visits per month, or 1.3 visits per visitor, an 11% increase over a year ago40% of visitors are repeat visitors each month, slightly lower than the average of 44% and slightly lower than the average for news sites. Source: Google Analytics, May 2009 April 2011Search and social media are important sources of traffic to R&ESearch accounts for nearly half of traffic.Just 10% of Search traffic goes to homepage or video portal page. Facebook is the largest non-Search source of traffic. Traffic to Religion and Ethics from Facebook has increased 263% in the last year.Facebook traffic tends to land on recent episodes.

6Segmenting your audience allows you to see some differencesOne-time visitors are the largest group of visitorsThe more often users visit the more they use the siteFans spend 90% more time on siteFans view 30% more pages per visitMost top content is the same across segments with a few exceptionsOne-time users are more likely to visit archive contentRegulars and Fans are more likely to visit video pages

7Web-exclusive content performs similarly to other videos on the site28k video streams in AprilVideo usage is evenly split between Portal and Partner PlayersSundays and Mondays are peak video viewing days for R&E while web traffic tends to be more evenly distributedA Web-Exclusive video tops the list of top videos for AprilHalf the traffic to this video came from SearchMost terms variations of Of Gods and Men or Father James Martin

StreamsFather James Martin on ""Of Gods and Men"" 3,744 Prayer and Fasting Campaign on Budget Cuts 1,878 Religion and Social Media 1,462 Hindu Holi 737 Rabbi Sharon Brous Extended Interview 731 Pastors and Guns 723 4/1/2011 671 Pastor David Platt on the Gospel of Wealth 638 Holy Family Ministries 608 Lifta 598 8Some parting thoughts on analysisBefore you do any analysis, ask yourself what is the role of my site? or what do I want people to do here?Answering these questions will help you determine what to focus onDont get hung up on the metricsWhat are the questions you want to answer about your site?Dont be afraid to start simple How many people visit, how often?

Questions?Resource guide to doing your own analysis available today Its Your Turn!Name/ ProgramWhat do you want to know? What insights would you like to learn more about your audience through your site metrics? What do you think the answer is?What have you tried so far?

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Using Google Analytics to Tell Your Audience StoryAmy SampleDirector, Web Analytics, PBS

May 25, 2011