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  • User manual for AirWatch enrollment - Android Enable your mobile device to access Corporate resources.

  • Introduction to the AirWatch agent enrollment. This manual, describe, how you can install the AirWatch agent, and access Corporate resources, on some selected mobile devices. This service give you access to some company services on your mobile device(s), in a secure manner. We DO NOT collect any data from your devices. You can use AirWatch MDM on 3 devices. Example one iPhone, one iPad and one Android TAB. Supported mobiles devices are: Apple iPhone, Android phones, windows mobile phones, Apple iPad, Android TAB, Windows Surface and many more. Some functions can be experienced differently on IOS vs. Android devices, and this is because there are security issues on the different OS on the devices, that enabled/disables some functionality. Example: IOS = You can use native mail client that comes with the IPhone. Android = You must use the mail client deployed with AirWatch. The reason for this is the difference in the security features in the different OS versions.

    AirWatch Agent installation On any Android device, download the AirWatch agent via Google Play Store app, on your device.

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    Enroll Airwatch Agent on Android device!

    1. Download AirWatch Agent via Google Play Store.

    Details: You must use the Play Store app on your Android device, to download, and install the AirWatch agent.

    2. Select APPS, and Search

    Details: Select the APPS icon, and then select the Search icon, and type awagent, to get access to this app.

    3. Select the 1. AirWatch Agent selection.

    Details: Select ONLY 1. AirWatch Agent app. All other app`s is given to you automatically via your role/possession in the company.

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    4. Install AirWatch agent

    Details: Select Install, to start the download, and installation, of the AirWatch app.

    5. Accept AirWatch agent

    Details: Select ACCEPT, to proceed the process.

    6. Select Open

    Details: After the download is complete, just select OPEN, to continue the process.

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    9. Select OK

    8. Type Email address, and press Next.

    Details: Select OK to continue.

    Details: Please fill in corporate email ID, and select Continue.

    7. Select Email Address.

    Details: After download is complete, and installation of AirWatch agent is completed, You should see this picture. Please select the Email Address icon.

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    10. Select INSTALL.

    Details: Select INSTALL to install the required AirWatch Samsung Service

    12. Select Activate

    11. Select ACCEPT

    Details: Just verify the installation, by selecting Activate

    Details: This is mandatory, so central MDM system can get connected to your device. Just select Accept.

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    14. Select Get Started

    13. Enter IDM credentials

    Details: Just select Get Started, so you can continue the process.

    Details: Username = your IDM username + maildomain. Password = your IDM password. Select Continue when this is filled out. . NB! This is Your username in this, and featured cloud solutions. It is NOT an official Email address.

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    17. Select Submit

    16. Just press Activate

    15. Select Continue

    Details: Just select Submit

    Details: Just select Activate to proceed with the process.

    Details: Just select Continue to continue.

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    18. Select Continue

    Details: Select Continue, and IF your profile has been granted some apps, you will get them configured now (Ex: Email)

    19. Select Play Store

    Details: IF you se this picture, your account has been granted access ro Email. Just press Play Store, to continue.

    20. Select Play Store

    Details: Select Play Store to download irWatch Inbox (Email client)

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    21. AirWatch Inbox installation

    Details: Just select Install, so the installation of the Email client is started.

    22. Accept AirWatch Inbox

    23. Type in your IDM password

    Details: Select ACCEPT, so the installation can proceed.

    Details: Type in your IDM password, to activate the AirWatch inbox.

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    24. Select Exit

    25. Information box - AirWatch

    26. New clients

    Details: Select Exit

    Details: The installation is complete. All App`s dedicated to you, will come sequenced, and will take some minutes to complete.

    Details: This is your new AirWatch icons.

    Introduction to the AirWatch agent enrollment.AirWatch Agent installation

    Enroll Airwatch Agent on Android device!