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  • 8/10/2019 Upper Intermediate(Italian)


    Upper intermediate


    Italian 1st Edition

    Sue Kay, Vaughan Jones & Jil l Leatherbarrow

    Inside Out


  • 8/10/2019 Upper Intermediate(Italian)


    Welcome to the New Inside OutUpper intermediate Companion!

    What information does the NewInside OutCompanion give you?

    a summary of key words and phrases from each unit of NewInside OutUpper intermediateStudents Book

    pronunciation of the key words and phrases translations of the key words and phrases sample sentences showing the words and phrases in contexta summary of the GrammarExtraReference from New Inside OutUpper intermediate Students Book

    (art) article

    (v) verb(v*) irregular verb

    (adj) adjective

    (n) noun

    (phr v) phrasal verb

    (pron) pronoun(prep) preposition

    (det) determiner

    (f) feminine

    (m) masculine

    (pl n) plural noun(adv) adverb

    (conj) conjunction

    // big fish /b f/

    /i/ green beans /grin binz//U/ should look /d lk//u / bluemoon /blu mun//e/ ten eggs /ten egz/

    // about mother /bat m/

    // learn words /ln wdz/// short talk /t tk/// fat cat /ft kt/

    // must come /mst km/

    // calm start /km stt/

    // hot spot /ht spt/

    // ear ///e/ face /fes/

    // pure /pj/

    // boy /b/

    // nose /nz/

    /e/ hair /he/

    /a/ eye /a/

    /a/ mouth /ma/

    /p/ pen /pen/

    /b/ bad /bd/

    /t/ tea /ti//d/ dog /dg/

    /t/ church /tt/

    /d/ jazz /dz/

    /k/ cost /kst/

    /g/ girl /gl//f/ far /fr/

    /v/ voice /vos/

    // thin /n/

    // then / en/

    /s/ snake /snek//z/ noise /noz/

    // shop /p/// measure /mer/

    /m/ make /mek//n/ nine /nan/

    // sing /a/

    /h/ house /has/

    /l/ leg /leg/

    /r/ red /red/

    /w/ wet /wet/

    /j/ yes /jes/


  • 8/10/2019 Upper Intermediate(Italian)



    Unit 1 (page 4)

    adopt a child /dpt ald/ Madonna and her husband adopted a childfrom Malawi, called David


    annoy (v) /n/ It annoysBelinda that some people think the royal family had

    something to do with Dianas death.

    ascent (n) /sent/ Someones ascentto stardom is the way in which they progress

    towards or achieve fame.

    attract criticism /trkt krtsz()m/ The adoption attracted criticismfrom people who felt Madonna had

    used her fame to fast-track it.

    bleach (v) /bli/ People who bleachtheir hair use a special product to make it blonde.

    as bright as a button /z brat z bt()n/ Someone who is as bright as a buttonis very intelligent.

    buckle down (phr v) /bk()l dan/ When you buckle down, you start to work hard to achieve something.

    calm down (phr v) /km dan/ Dont get so angry just calm down!career-wise (adj) /krwaz/ Career-wise, Madonna is as successful now as shes ever been.

    celebrity (n) /slebrti/ Madonna is not just a celebrity shes a real pop icon.

    charity (n) /rti/ Princess Diana raised a lot of money for charity.

    chilly (adj) /li/ Chillyis a word that means cold.

    collar (v) /kl/ If you collar someone, you find someone and force them to talk or

    listen to you.

    consolidator (n) /knsldet/ When we say that Madonna is a consolidatorof trends, we mean she

    makes them more popular and well known.

    controversy (n) /kntrvsi; kntrvsi/ Madonna is no stranger to controversyand has shocked many people

    over the years.

    cowgirl (n) /kagl/ A cowgirlis a girl or woman whose job is to look after cows on a ranch.

    criticism (n) /krtsz()m/ Criticismis a comment or comments that you think something is

    wrong or bad.

    to date /t det/ To dateis an expression meaning until now.

    death (n) /de/ Belinda thinks that Dianas deathwas a tragic accident.

    adottare un bambino

    dar fastidio


    attirare critiche


    molto intelligente

    mettersi sotto (impegnarsi a


    calmarsicome carriera




    attaccar bottone con

    uno/a che fa tendenza


    mandriana, bovara


    fino ad ora


  • 8/10/2019 Upper Intermediate(Italian)



    distinctive (adj) /dstktv/ Something that is distinctiveis easy to recognize because it is different

    from other things.

    dreadful (adj) /dredf()l/ Im sorry were so late the traffic was dreadful.

    earth mother (n) / m/ An earth motheris someone who prefers natural methods of living

    and likes to look after people.

    ever-evolving (adj) /evrvlv/ Something that is ever-evolvingchanges all the time and stays


    exceptionally (adv) /ksep()nli/ Madonna is an exceptionallytalented singer.

    an existing look /n gzst lk/ Madonna picks up on an existing lookand makes it her own.

    explode (v) /kspld/ At midnight, fireworks explodedacross the sky it was spectacular.

    be up to your eyes in sth /bi p t jr az n If you are up to your eyes in work, you are extremely busy.


    fame (n) /fem/ Some people felt Madonna had used her fameto fast-track the


    feature film (n) /fi flm/ A feature filmis a film that is made for the cinema.

    fit in (phr v) /ft n/ Madonna was different and didnt fit inwith the popular group.

    geisha (n) /ge/ A geishais a Japanese woman, whose job is to entertain men.genius (n) /inis/ A geniusis someone who is extremely clever or talented.

    global (adj) /glb()l/ Something that is globalis well known all over the world.

    gracefully (adv) /gresf()li/ If you do something gracefully, you do it in a quiet way without

    drawing attention to yourself.

    highlight (n) /halat/ Seeing the Great Wall was the highlightof Danas trip to China.

    hitchhike (v) /hhak/ Madonna hitchhikedto New York with $35 in her pocket.

    hound (v) /hand/ If journalists hounda famous person, they do not leave them alone.

    huge (adj) /hju/ Watching the first man land on the Moon made a hugeimpression

    on Alec.

    icon (n) /akn/ Madonna is not just a celebrity shes a real pop icon.

    iconic (adj) /aknk/ How did Madonna achieve her iconicstatus?

    the key to sth / ki t sm/ She realised that marketing was the key to her success.

    kid (n) /kd/ A kidis an informal word meaning a child.

    leotard (n) /litd/ A leotardis a tight piece of clothing that people wear when they

    dance or exercise.

    lingering (adj) /lgr/ A lingeringkiss is one that lasts for quite a long time.



    madre terra

    sempre allultima moda


    un look attuale


    averne fin sopra le orecchie

    di qualcosa



    legare con


    famoso/a in tutto il mondo

    con naturalezza

    parte migliore

    andare in autostop




    di icona

    la chiave di qualcosa




  • 8/10/2019 Upper Intermediate(Italian)


    look back (phr v) /lk bk/ She had her first hit with Holidayin 1984 and has never looked back.

    mainstream (adj) /menstrim/ Something that is mainstreamis used, liked, or accepted by most people.

    make an impression on sb /mek n mpre()n n/ Watching the first man land on the Moon made ahuge impression on

    /smbdi/ Alec.

    market (v) /mkt/ Madonna is brilliant at marketingher image.

    midriff (n) /mdrf/ Your midriffis the front part of your body between your waist and

    your chest.

    millennium celebrations (n pl) /mlenim The millennium celebrationstook place on 31st December 1999.


    momentous (adj) /mments/ A momentousevent is extremely important.

    moon landing (n) /mun lnd/ The first moon landingwas the occasion on which the first man

    walked on the Moon.

    motherhood (n) /mhd/ Madonna has three children and enjoys motherhood.

    off-the-cuff (adj) /fkf/ An off-the-cuffremark is one that you make without planning it or

    thinking about it.

    off stage /f ste/ Off stageis an expression for describing what an actor or singer is

    really like when they are not performing.on stage /n ste/ Madonna has known controversy both on stageand off stage.

    the press (n) / pres/ The pressis an expression meaning newspapers and magazines, or the

    people who work for them.

    pick up on sth (phr v) /pk p n sm/ If you pick up on something, you notice it and react to it.

    pride yourself on sth /prad jself n sm/ Madonna prides herself onher ever-evolving look, style and sound.

    proud (adj) /prad/ The fireworks were spectacular I felt proudto be Australian.

    the queen of ... / kwin v/ A woman who is known as the queen of an activity is very good at

    that activity.

    raise money (for sth) /rez mni (f sm) / Princess Diana raised a lot of moneyfor charity.

    recall (v) /rkl/ You recallMadonnas career as a series of images.

    recording artist (n) /rkd tst/ A recording artistis a professional singer.

    register sth (as sth) (v) /rest sm (z In 1979 she registeredMadonna asa trademark.

    /sm) /


    smettere di progredire

    tradizionale, mainstream

    fare impressione su qc.


    busto, tronco

    festeggiamenti per il nuovo






    privato/a (fuori di scena, gi

    dal palco)pubblico/a (sul palco)


    far attenzione a qualcosa

    vantarsi di qualcosa


    la regina di

    raccogliere soldi (per