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University of Calgary A Actuarial Society. WELCOME to ANÉA-ASNA 2014 info session. UNCONVENTION 2014. ANÉA-ASNA 2014 Convention January 3 rd -5 th Where: Toronto, ON Sheraton Toronto Hotel, Downtown Toronto. ASNA 2014. About ASNA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • ANA-ASNA 2014 Convention January 3rd-5thWhere: Toronto, ON Sheraton Toronto Hotel, Downtown Toronto

  • About ASNARegistration, Transportation modes, Approx. CostScheduleFunding optionsCase competitionQ&As

  • What is ASNA?Established in 1989 to primarily provide Actuarial Students to interact with the industry across Canada.Comprises of 12 member universities from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec.Organizes a national convention once every annual calendar.

  • ASNA goalsStudents representation to professional organizations - Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) - Society of Actuaries (SOA) - Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS)Foster an interaction among the universities in Canada.Publishing newsletters to keep the students engaged and updated with latest Actuarial news.

  • Why should you attend the ASNA convention?1. The largest career fair for undergraduate Actuarial students in Canada2. Networking opportunities with employers & students3. Seminars on both industry and non-industry topics 4. Canadas second ever actuarial case competition5. Wide variety of social events and Gala Dinner6. Onsite interview sessions from hiring employers7. Represent your university!

  • Schedule

  • How to register?Registration has already started on November 4th.Early bird registration is $140 until November 30th.After November 30th, it is $160 to register.

    Check out other accommodations options on the ASNA site as well.Accommodation through ASNA at the Toronto Sheraton Hotel is $80/student for the weekend.A group of up to 4 people can share one large room.For more details and procedures, ask us or visit ASNA website.

    Visit to register.

  • TOPIC: RETIREMENT & PENSION Society of Actuaries (SOA) sponsored competition. PRIZE of $500 for winning team.Showcases your knowledge and skills to solve problems with team work and time management. Great to put on your resume if you win.Judged by a panel of employers and SOA delegates..Please visit for further details. DEADLINE for team registration is WED NOV 27th, 2013.If interested in participating please email us at with your name and student ID number.ASNA 2014 CASE COMPETITION

  • ASNA 2014 SCHEDULE- Please make sure dress code for the entire convention is business formal. Also the Gala dinner is semi formal.

    - Sunday Day: Theres nothing formally schedules so students are free to explore the city. -To be announced social events by ASNA

  • FUNDING OPTIONS1.Mathematics and Statistics department Approx. funding available is maximum of $200 per student.2. Students Union of University of Calgary Approx. funding available up to $250. Students are personally responsible to apply for this funding 20 days BEFORE attending.3. Actuarial Students National Association ASNA also reimburses a certain amount back to the attendees. - - Value of the sum varies every year.