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Manifesto to represent mcr3527's candidacy in the MHoC By-Election

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  • Restoring British values

    Perhaps I hold some of my beliefs because of how Iwas brought up. I was brought up in a Britain where if youworked hard and did the right thing, you would berewarded. In the current left-wing coalition, we have seen these core values crumble at our feet. I would pledge to uphold these values that us Brits hold so close to our hearts.

    Rewarding hard work and creating a prosperous economy

    I believe in a Britain where hard work is encouraged,and rewarded. Where people are taken off benefits, andinto work, supporting themselves and their family. Wherelarge companies could create wealth, jobs, competition andefficiency, without compromising the success and prosperity of small businesses. Where pensioners could rely on the government to provide them dignity in retirement .

    Equality and Diversity

    I would fight for equal opportunities for all. I simply believethat we are 'better together', therefore embrace and encourageunionism, multiculturalism and diversity within the UK. I am astrong believer in LGBT+ rights, and would consider myself afeminist. I would do what is takes to close the gender pay gap, as well as the gender prison sentence gap that many overlook.

    However, I believe that affirmative action is simply wrong. Whoever is best for the job should be hired. I don't see the logic behind fighting discrimination with discrimination.

    Ensuring There are Consequences for Crime

    I believe that there should be a consequence for our actions. I am a strong believer in capital punishment, as some people cannot be rehabilitated, and do not deserve the support of the taxpayer: putting food onto their table, or pixels onto their television. The idea of allowing prisoners to vote makes me physically sick.

  • Valuing Heritage and Culture

    The monarchy is a symbol of British culture, and needsto be protected, and I will value peaceful and non-bigotedreligion as an important aspect of our heritage. I will encouragea diverse range of cultures in the UK, as long as they are do notcorrode the importance and existence of British culture.

    Creating a Europe that Works for Everyone

    I believe that, as the British people have decided, we shouldstay in the EU and work towards a Europe that works for all of us,not just bureaucrats in Brussels, and that the EU should retractitself from it's totalitarian ways, and represent a more neo-liberalagenda, to help with the progress, prosperity and freedom of all it'smember states.

    Irreverence Towards Socialism

    Hopefully in general elections to come, we can work towards acountry that remembers socialism as a blind alley of history never to beventured down again.

    An Active Role in Parliament

    I will be a very active member of Parliament, offering my opinion and representing other people's views in the House. I am happy to take questions and hope that taking this opportunity will be a good decision for me and the future of our country.