Pulse Election Manifesto 2012

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This years' Manifesto

Text of Pulse Election Manifesto 2012



  • 1. Create a special committee made up of students and technical advisors to work on short-term and long-term solutions to the parking problem at University. The committee will be set up in not more than one month after the election. 2. Build an outdoor Study Area outside the University Library.3. Create the official Councils strategy against students apathy and discuss the issue of the electoral system in the very first months in KSU. 4. Extend the initiative of longer library hours also at the Medical School in Mater Dei Hospital. Organize transport for students using the library hours during the extended hours. 5. Revive the allocation of a more transparent Students Opportunity Fund by the allocation of 15, 000 for students requiring funds related to their studies. 6. Emphasize the need for more lockers and seating at the University Library. 7. Address the need of more electric sockets in different areas around the University, especiallyin ALT.

    8. Revive KSUs Corporate Profile to compensate for the loss of a number of sponsors over the last years.9. Insist that students attending the Medical School use the Mater Dei parking for free. 10. See that waste seperation is seriously enforced on campus. 11. Allocate a room on campus to be used for prayers by Islamic students. 12. Organize monthly public consultation meeting with students so as to strengthen the idea of accountability within KSU. 13. Lobby for a review of the University direct routes in order to serve students properly.14. Discuss the possibility of more vending machines, especially close to a number of Faculties. 15. Create the Laptop4Loans facility where students can borrow a number of laptops from the system administered by KSU. 15. Develop a mobile application to help students find their way on campus.


  • ...the borrowingof books is also allowed during the extended hours...

  • 1. Revive the You Complain, You Gain system. 2. Insist for more information about marking schemes used in University examinations. 3. Lobby for standardized systems in different departments in the same faculty. 4. Propose a significant upgrade of theScientific labs. 5. Organise students representatives elections with the collaboration of faculty-based organisations. 6. Carry out a full review of University regulations, especially ones affecting exam conditions.7. Help in the creation of a class representatives system within Faculty and Departmental organisations. 8. Provide more information about internships and work placements related to different areas of study as well as organize initiatives about the world of work. 9. Set up a second-hand book service available from the KSU website. 10. Emphasize a single closing time for all the sections at the University Library, and see that

    borrowing of books is also allowed during the extended hours during the exams period. 11. Lobby for the availability of the smart card service during the summer recess, especially for dissertation purposes. 12. Create a scheme for young entrepreneurs who would have the possibility to market their initiatives through KSU. 13. Work on a Book Recommendation scheme where students can suggest books and journals to be available at the University Library.


  • 1. See that a number of positions are adopted by the KPS Commission, by avoiding excessive bureaucracy and the influence of any partisan agenda. 2. Set up the KSU debate club where students can voice their ideas on diffferent topics. 3. Offer a larger exposure to career opportunities during the Careers Convention and the Summer Job Fair. 4. Pressure for the use of the VLE system for students handling in a soft copy of their assignments to reduce the number of printing material and expenses. 5. Organize awareness events on the Health and Well being of students.6. Push forward through KSU a stand in favourof civil unions for LGBT couples.7. Initiate a series of monthly blood driveson campus.

    8. Lobby for more products suitable for vegetarians and vegans at the University canteen and insist on clear labelling of certain products. 9. Campaign for increased participation of women in the world of work.10. Hold events between different religious communities present at the University of Malta. 11. Tackle the issue of water conservation at the University and organize continuous events related to the environment and the problems of climate change.12. Hold Tourism Week on campus where students can work together with other education institutions and tourism outlets. 13. Insist on major changes to ACTA through KSU.14. Conduct a practical study about the accessibility on campus for persons with a disability.15. Take a stand against animal cruelty and the exploitation of animals in animal circuses.


  • 1. Set up an effective International Forum where officers of all University organizations can formally organize themselves and achieve better results collectively. 2. Issue quarterly updates in an informative handbook on international opportunities and publish an action plan towards Erasmus for All.3. Run informative campaigns on education and training activities supported by the European Commission LLP Lifelong Learning Programme. 4. Domesticate international relations by making it more student-friendly, and by making international opportunities more reachable to the students.5. Maintain maximum participation in mobility exchanges of outgoing Maltese students by reducing bureaucracy throughout. 6. Organise regularly cultural and self-development opportunities for incoming international students, through the Erasmus Student Network

    in collaboration with international student organisations. 7. Invest in promotional initiatives to make the KSU International Office more accessible to University and Junior College students. 8. Enhance areas where KSU and University could make the best possible use of EU funding, whilst maintaining a strong relationship with EUPA and MEUSAC. 9. Strengthen ties with the European Students Union, MedNet, and other student representitive organisations in order to represent the local student body. 10. Support international and ethnic groups who reside and study at Univeristy.11. Ensure our education is compatible with the quality and standards of the Bologna Process.






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  • 1. Organize Campus Fest over the first weekend of the University year.2. Set up a Euro village on campus during the EUFA Euro 2012 where live games will be shown on a big screen. 3. Organize a KSU Carnival Party in Gozo during the Carnival Weekend. 4. Give the necessary space and facilities to students interested in arts to showcase their work on campus, and also the adequate workspace for the preparation of the Students Fest set. 5. Present the KSU Battle of the Bands. 6. Invite professional local and foreign artists to share their talents and experience with University students, even during the auditions and organisation of Students Fest.7. Exhibit students work related to arts and design, especially engineering and architecture students. 8. See that KSU prestigious awards, such as Kokka Nights, are truly open to all students. 9. Revive the Greek TESPI theatre with live cultural performances by the students.

    10. Emphasize the importance of physical activity and sports by regular sports initiatives and the KSU Sports Fest in collaboration with different sports organisations on campus.11. Make the Graduation Ball a special event to remember.


  • 1. Lobby with the University authorities to issue a special card for student organisations in order to have the facility to use University venues for free. 2. Distribute funds directly through the Student Organisation Funds, once in each semester. 3. Involve organisations in all the preparations for Freshers Week 2013.4. Create a unique atmosphere on campus during Christmas, where organisations will all be invited to collect funds for philantropic causes. 5. Hold Organisation Week once in each semester. 6. Secure regular cleaning of the organisations offices and assess their health and safety conditions. 7. Make the organisations postal system more efficient.


  • 1. Provide adequate space for Gozitan students where their belongings can be kept safely whilst in Malta.2. Ensure better sychronization between public transport and the Gozo Ferry and study the possibility of organizing a shuttle service from Cirkewwa to University. 3. Provide the necessary support and resources for exams to be held at the Gozo University for Gozitan students.4. Appoint a Gozitan student as a liaison officer to

    report issues raised by Gozitan students directlyto KSU. 5. Organize a Careers Convention at the Gozo University to emphasize the importance of employability in the sister island.6. Identify means how the Eco-Gozo vision can effectively result in more realistic opportunities for Gozitan students.7. Consult through KSU on the viability and importance of the proposed permanent link between Malta and Gozo.


  • 1. Give full support to KSJC projects through funding, promotion and other resources.2. Branch out Student Organisation Days to Junior College.3. See that in