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Executive Election Manifesto Booklet 2011

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  • Welcome to the Executive Election Manifesto Booklet.

    This booklet gives information about all the candidates, where the election debates are and where

    you can vote to choose your Sabbaticals.

    The successful candidates will represent 19,500 students at the University and also run the Students Union. They will decide how much time, effort and

    money is spent on the wide range of activities provided by the Union

    Read this booklet to find out what the candidates are promising to do and come and quiz them at the

    Election Debates.

    Use your vote to choose your Sabbs.





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    Online at :-www.leicesterunion.com/vote 08:00 Monday 28 February till 20:00 on Friday 4 March

    Monday 28 February:- 08:00 23:00 Queens Hall/Foyer10:00 22:30 Library10:30 15:30 Bennett11:30 14:30 Engineering11:00 13:00 MSB Computer Room17:15 19:15 Beaumont Hall, Foyer outside Dining Room

    Tuesday 1 March:-08:00 23:00 Queens Hall/Foyer10:00 22:30 Library10:30 15:30 Bennett11:00 13:00 MSB Computer Room11:30 14:30 Law17:15 19:15 John Foster Hall

    Wed, 2nd March 08:00 23:00 Queens Hall/Foyer10:00 22:30 Library10:30 15:30 Bennett11:00 13:00 MSB Computer Room17:30 19:00 Vaughan College

    Thu, 3rd March 08:00 23:00 Queens Hall/Foyer10:00 22:30 Library10:30 15:30 Bennett11:00 13:00 MSB Computer Room11:30 14:30 Chemistry

    Fri, 4th March 08:00 20:00 Queens Hall/Foyer10:00 19:00 Library10:30 15:30 Bennett11:00 13:00 MSB Computer Room

  • This person shall be the principal representative of the Students Union to the University, sitting on a number of Senior University


    Another responsibility of this person will be to oversee and develop academic representation through

    Education Representatives and Course Representatives.

    This person will also oversee the work of the Students Union Education Unit, as well as ensuring that

    information about academic University support services is readily available to students.






  • Re-Elect

    Alex Nutt


    Tuition Fees I will lobby the University to ensure that it does not charge 9000 for an Undergraduate degree. I will also encourage the University to address the Postgraduate and International fees debate and pressure them to not increase fees to an unfair level. In the current climate and the increase in tuition fees I will fight for an increase in bursaries and grants.

    Contact Hours You are paying an extremely high amount for your tuition and in many cases the amount of contact time you receive just isn't sufficient. Next year I am committed to ensuring the University increases the contact hours that students receive.

    Postgraduates I will ensure that postgraduates receive an increase in the support infrastructure here and that are a greater range of activities to appeal to the postgraduate students. I will also pressure the University to provide Personal Tutors to postgraduates.

    Distance Learners If youre a Distance Learner I know you have been overlooked but I am determined to engage in greater dialogue with you and provide you with greater opportunities to get involved. I am committed to ensuring that distance learners aware that the Education Unit is available to support them with any problems or issues they may have. There are often some hidden costs with a DL course and I will pressure the University to make these costs more available to prospective students.

    Some of my Achievements so far: - Secured the move of the Graduate Fair to the Percy Gee. - Chaired the review of SSDS, ensuring that the changes are student focused.

    - Lead a successful Feedback and Assessment campaign receiving 600 responses. - Oversaw the election of over 380 Course-Reps.

    International Students Many International students find it extremely difficult coming to study at an overseas institution. Some University regulations regarding academic practice such as plagiarism are often difficult to understand. I will produce a guide on these specific regulations aimed directly at International students.

  • Proposed by: Tom Jay Grundy Seconded by: Tom OGorman LUSUMA President Ski and Snowboard Club Treasurer

    Supported by Academic Affairs Officer 2009-2010: Alex Smith

    I am confident that Alex Nutt is the best candidate to lead the Students Union in these difficult times. He has my full support and is the best candidate for the position.

    If you have any questions drop me an e-mail at


    Or phone me on 07906 819027

    Find me and read my extended manifesto on Facebook at

    www.facebook.com/alexnutt Or on Twitter www.twitter.com/AlexNutt

    Placement and Research Opportunities Employability is a key issue. Students need to be best prepared for entering employment during their time at University. I am committed to increasing the opportunities for students to develop transferable skills by extending the Leicester Award by introducing placements and research opportunities within the Students Union.

    Alumni Mentoring Scheme Graduates from the University can provide great advice and support to current students. I pledge to improve the links students have with companies and employers by encouraging notable and successful graduates to engage with the University and act as mentors to you.

    Careers Fair I have managed to secure the autumn careers fair in the Students Union building next year and it is imperative that it is successful. It is imperative you have access to the best employers so you have the best career opportunities available and I am committed to working closely with SSDS to ensure that the best companies and employers attend our careers fair.

    National Student Survey (NSS) The University generally does extremely well in the NSS with an 89% overall satisfaction rate last year. However, there are subjects which have fundamental problems and issues and these need to be addressed. I am committed to making this one of my top priorities to ensure that you receive the highest quality of teaching and academic support.


    Its true, nobody cares.

    I know it.

    You know it.


    NOBODY CARES who is elected at the end of the day except the people who are running.

    Its that time of year again! Where they promise us the world, but deliver F**k all.

    All we do is pay more money, and get less. But hey,

    NOBODY CARES!Fees are going up, and our so called representatives feel opening an

    expensive restaurant is the way forward.

    So long as our student representatives get free drinks, free entry, and VIP, what the f**k do they care?

    The system is flawed, and the candidates more so. When did the Students Union last do something that ACTUALLY provided you

    with the best student experience?

    Do you really pay 5 on a Friday Night just to see Sabbatical Officers and their friends dance on stage? Do you even know what Sabbatical Officers are? Do

    you even care?

    Yet every year they promise the world. Nothing Changes. We forget their promises, and then they run for election again saying how great they have



  • Jennifer Clark

    ACADEMIC AFFAIRS OFFICER I pledge to: 1. Conduct a REVIEW INTO COURSE DELIVERY AND CONTACT HOURS Assess the benefits of increasing numbers of seminars and intensifying the merit of seminar work to increase attendance and rebalance the coursework-exam ratio, and recording lectures to aid Distance Learners and exam revision. 2. Build on the current COURSE REP SYSTEM As the only Course Rep trainer last year I found sharing experiences beneficial to all course reps so I want to create a Course Rep Alumni group for previous course reps still at University to help run training sessions, share experiences, and provide a support network. 3. Review the need for COLLEGE STUDENTS in our STUDENTS UNION The 15m Students Union should be a place for our students to meet and study, we should not be sitting on the floors of our own building! Methods of intervention need to be reviewed including a swipe card purchasing system or consumer checks when purchasing goods are approaches I want to evaluate. I do not want to just ban their revenue. 4. Support development of the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) The current classification system is in need of modernisation; both students and employers deserve a more detailed record of achievements. The development of the HEAR is chaired by our Vice Chancellor Sir Bob Burgess and I will support his plans to include extra curricula activities and fully support the recently passed proposal Electives for all Colleges.


    Leicester Award participation dramatically increased with the reform of the Course Rep system and award introduction for Union Parliament and Societies. I will ensure to promote greater involvement next year. The introduction of an accredited grading system will reward outstanding candidates further.

  • 6. Implement SABB ON THE SOFA Ensure that every executive spends time each d