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  • Podcasts

    Trends and Issues

    Madisen Clabough

  • Podcast Defined

    A digital audio video or file

    recording, usually part of a

    themed series, that can be

    downloaded from website to a

    media player or computer.

    Radio when you want it.

  • Origin

    Podcasting goes back to the


    Podcasting has become more

    popular since the spread of

    broadband internet.

    This trend has really boomed

    since the invention of the iPod,

    iPad, etc.

  • Examples

    Sunday School with Penn


    Subscribe or download

    individual episodes

  • Examples Contd

    The Nerdist with Chris Hardwick

  • Podcasts and Education

    Many podcasts are available for

    classroom use.

    Teachers can subscribe to

    podcasts for professional


  • Educational Podcast


    Grammar Girl


    Super Why! Available on iTunes

  • Teacher Created Podcasts

    Teachers can create their own

    podcasts to lay out

    expectations, for extra credit

    opportunities, for supplemental

    learning, etc.

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