Datacenter Trends and Issues

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  1. 1. Datacenter Trends and IssuesAndrew MilroyVP, ICT Research November 2011
  2. 2. Shift from PC to Mobile Computing Era 2 billion PC-based internet Apple 300,000+subscribers applications Android 100,000+ 5.3 billion mobile internet Total about 400,000,subscribers; 940 millionwhich includes ones3G subscribersfor BlackBerry,Open OS Windows and Nokia.Platforms IncreasingEncouraging penetration ofDevelopment of aMobile Devices;range ofGreater than PCs applicationsCloudEnd-to-EndComputing Virtualization Offering Reducing Platform Demands from Independent Consumer Web-enablesDevices Desktop virtualization services Applications andleverages the Client- Services deliveredServer architecture through the cloud can Given their increasingbe accessed throughcomputing power, mobile mobile computingdevices are capable ofdevices with webreplacing PCs access2
  3. 3. Increasing Business Requirements driving the Asia PacificDatacenter IndustryFactors driving investments in the Asia Pacific Datacenter IndustryIncreasing traction to support business growth in a moreefficient and lean manner. Growth of Rich Media ContentGiven increasing demand, SPs have responded quickly and expandedraised floor space; and adopted virtualization and consolidation. Compliance & Regulation However, rising operational costs and shortage of suitable space is hampering growth. Growth of Data Fixed Internet and Mobile subscriberIncreasing adoption of high-density blade servers leading to rise in growth power and cooling requirements. Cloud ComputingSPs are increasingly focusing on green IT to lower the powerrequirements at their facilities. Source: Frost & Sullivan Analysis3
  4. 4. Key Challenges in APAC Datacenter IndustryBandwidth Costvs. Quality Major Rising OpEx - Lack of Tier 4Power, Labor, andDatacentersRoadblocksBandwidth Shortage of IT manpower & spaceIncreasing Government Support, Favorable Location and Low Cost Manpower drivingdemand for Datacenter services in APAC.Source: Frost & Sullivan Analysis4
  5. 5. Virtualization Sprawl will Force Enterprises to Re-architect DatacentersArchitecture Adoption of OpenVM Sprawl Security RedesignFrameworksChallengeChallengeChallengeChallengeThe 3-tier architectureThe currentWith increasing adoption Two key security issuesproves inefficient inmanagement tools are of virtualization, remain with virtualization:the virtualizednot sufficient to manage enterprises risk creating Inability of dormantenvironment as it is the increasingly more VMs then required.machines to stay up-to-not optimized forvirtualized environmentThis leads todate with latest patchesserver to server traffic of today.overutilization of Lack of a secure layerand adds to Latency.resources and additional between VMs to ensurecosts for licenses.clean communicationSolution Solution Solution SolutionSignificantThis is where Open In order to prevent this, it A solution for this is notimprovements switchFrameworks come into is essential to carry out acurrently available.performance enables athe fray. These are thecareful analysis of theHowever, enterprises andshift to a 2-tiertools that manageneeds of the enterprise. technology vendors arearchitecture bynetwork data centerThe creation of new VMsclosely working oneliminating theinfrastructure, suited for should be based on thiseliminating these issues toAggregation layer. the virtualized data analysis. This will help drive further adoption ofReduction in switchescenters. They ensure justify the infrastructure virtualization.increases efficiency high availability andand costs for all VMs.and reduces costs. flexibility, and help manage costs. 5
  6. 6. Evolution of Datacenters Higher PowerDensityCarrier Large ScaleNeutral Future-ready DataNGDatacenter HighlyCentersTier III & VirtualizedAbove;ModularLow-cost GreenLocations 6
  7. 7. Data Center and Cloud Computing Research Comprehensive ApproachCloud Services Strategic InsightsMarketCloud Middleware Engineering Studies (SupplySide)End-user Insights (Demand Side)Data CenterFoundation 7
  8. 8. Data Center & Cloud Computing Sample ResearchReports Research Scope Geographic Scope Type of ReportStrategic analysis of Data CenterGlobal Market EngineeringServices MarketSoftware as a Service - Is the growthGlobal Market Engineering story back on track?Infrastructure as a Service BlazingGlobal Market Engineering growth ahead?Platform as a Service Is it the trueGlobal Market EngineeringCloud Battleground?Foundational Analysis of the Cloud Market EngineeringBuilding Blocks Provisioning andGlobal Orchestration ToolsNote: Supply side research studies will include Market Size, Forecasts and demand analysis by region,vertical and horizontal8
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