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  • 1. Caesars Amusement Palaceby: Tommy Martinez & Hunter Wilkerson

2. The Rides of March - Sooth Sayer, pg.1206, beware the ides of March 3. The Fall of CaesarCaesar,pg.1241, line 76,Then fall Caesar 4. Mount OlympusCaesar,pg.1251, line 74,Wilt up Olympus 5. Heart Mind Mutiny RAGEAntony,pg.1251, line 119,Your hearts and mind to mutinyand rage 6. Octaviuss Wing Brutus, Act 5 scene 2, line 4-6,Octavius wing,And sudden push gives them the overthrowRide, ride, Messala. 7. Location Rome, Italy. This amusement park was built in memory of Julius Caesar whowas murdered in roman empire which was located in Italy. 8. Admission Price of admission is 35 euros An admission ticket will get you into the park and willallow you to ride any ride in the park. Food, drinks and merchandise is a separate cost. 9. Restaurants & Gift Shops 10. Deciuss Delicious Deli Deciuss Delicious Deli is a sandwich shop where youcan customize your own sandwich. 11. Butcher Brutuss Steak House Butcher Brutuss Steak House is a steak house that isknown world wide for its tender steak. 12. Caesars Palace Gift Shop Caesars Palace Gift Shop is a gift shop containing awide variety of merchandise. From t-shirts andhoodies to key chains and snow globes!