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Tommy Moloney's produce the most authentic Irish meat products (Bacon, Sausage, Corned Beef) outside of Ireland bar none.

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  • 1. We are an Irish company based out of New We make Irish hams and cure our own York. No one else does what we do! traditional Irish bacon. We cure our Premium Black Angus Corned Beef for 21 days; you We produce the most authentic Irish meat can't get more authentic Corned Beef than products outside of Ireland bar none. ours! We also traditionally cure our loin of We are all about quality and tradition. All of pork. our meat products are carefully handcrafted We are also very proud to produce our award with special detail to authenticity. We are winning premium Irish sausage. Our premium the only company in the western hemisphere Irish sausage is healthier because it is made that imports traditional Irish spices and uses with an 80/20 split of prime meat to fat. Our traditional Irish recipes which replicate the premium Irish sausage won thequot;Gold medalquot; classic taste of true Irish meats, freshly in Ireland's National Sausage and Pudding made in the United States. When you eat Competition 2002 and 2003. our products, you taste the same wonderful flavor you experienced in Ireland. All of We make fresh Irish black and white our USDA certified meats are made to our breakfast puddings, and we are very thrilled exacting standards of quality and tradition to introduce the exciting new Irish Whiskey which have made our consumer base loyal, sausage. In addition to our meat products, consistent, and growing. we also sell oak smoked Irish Salmon.
  • 2. Tommy Moloneys was founded in 1920 in county Limerick Ireland. We still use the same time honored secret recipe for our sausage that the original Tommy Moloney used in 1920. The secret family recipe has been passed down by our fourth generation butchers. Tommy Moloney is a long standing member of the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland (ACBI). We continue the tradition of providing quality service in the supply of traditional Irish meats. Using our new production plant, we have incorporated the latest cutting- edge technology to the production, presentation and marketing of our meats. Technology may have improved the way we produce our meats, but more importantly the taste has remained the same. Today Tommy Moloneys premium Irish sausage remains the standard for the Irish community in New York.
  • 3. Why Authentic Irish Meats? 34 million U.S. residence claim Irish ancestry. Irish is the nations 2nd most frequently reported ancestry trailing only German. (U.S. census bureau) 24% of Massachusetts residents are of Irish ancestry double the national average. (U.S. census bureau) Irish is among the top 5 ancestries in every state except Hawaii and New Mexico (U.S. census bureau) Of the 54 counties in the U.S. where Irish is the largest observed ancestry group, 44 of these counties are in the northeast, with 14 in New York, 11 in Massachusetts and 5 in New Jersey. (U.S. census bureau)
  • 4. Ethnic branding The ethnic branding of our products as authentic Irish communicates the image of our company and determines the perceptions of our products quality. Our consumers will identify with the common bonding that exists within this ethnic group and our product will establish a unique brand identity with each of them. We believe that this will convert our targeted audience into a loyal consumer base. Irish and Irish Americans constitute a unique market place and our product can best be positioned and branded with this ethnic group. We believe that we can launch from different platforms to achieve our consumer base, from breakfast sausages, Irish Bacon, Corned Beef and Wild Irish salmon to Irish Breakfast boxes perfect for St. Patricks Day!
  • 5. Premium Irish Sausage: All our sausages have an 80/20 split of prime meat to fat, most sausages use either a 50/50 or a 60/40 split. Tommy Moloneys premium Irish sausage is the freshest possible; it takes only a day and a half from the live pig in Pennsylvania to it becoming freshly made sausage being shipped to your warehouse. We use only the choicest cuts of meat; you cant find a higher quality sausage, Irish or not. Tommy Moloney USDA certified premium Irish sausage comes ready to ship in 1 lb atmosphere controlled packaging; the latest packaging technology for preserving the freshness of meat without influencing taste.
  • 6. Irish Whiskey Sausage: Tommy Moloneys Whiskey Sausage is a unique succulent blend of herbs and spices and comes in both mild and hot versions. It is flavored with 100% 12 year-old oak- cask aged Irish Whiskey which gives our sausages that truly distinctive taste that will make you want to come back for more. Tommy Moloneys Whiskey Sausage is perfect for summer grilling and its singular flavor is sure to be a hit with your customers year round..
  • 7. Premium Cured Irish Bacon: This thick cut back bacon is the traditional Irish Bacon. The wonderful classic flavor of traditional Irish herbs and curing methods give our bacon the classic old time Irish taste. Our Irish Bacons low fat content make it a great alternative to traditional American bacon and a great complement to any hot breakfast. We also have our special Hickory Smoked variety for those who crave traditional flavors. Our Back Rashers (sliced bacon) come in 10 lb packages.
  • 8. Premium Black and White Puddings: Although not a staple of an American Breakfast our Traditional Irish Black and White Puddings are perhaps the tastiest part of an Irish breakfast and are also wonderful as elements of appetizers and hearty salads. These puddings are favorites of top ranked chefs both in Ireland and the US. Our award-winning puddings come in 8oz rolls or 1lb rings.
  • 9. Premium Oak-Smoked Irish Salmon: Fresh from the water, the premium quality salmon is personally hand-picked and then carefully filleted by our skilled artisans. This premium quality smoked salmon has been freshly prepared following our traditional family recipe. Within a few hours of harvest, each side of salmon is cured by hand using our choice blend of rich golden demerara sugar and natural sea salt. It is then naturally smoked using aromatic oak chips from selected malt whisky casks in a time honored way. All the pre-sliced smoked salmon has been skillfully trimmed by hand to remove the skin, bone and dark meat, leaving only the prime cut of smoked salmon, thinly sliced and vacuum sealed.
  • 10. Premium Irish Corned Beef: Our USDA certified premium Irish Corned Beef starts off as prime cuts of Black Angus beef, then is cured for 21 days using traditional curing techniques. We use imported Irish herbs and spices and carefully replicate a true Irish Corned Beef made freshly here in the U.S. You cant get Corned Beef more authentic than Tommy Moloneys Premium Irish Corned Beef! We never use the brisket cuts of beef that can be fatty, but only use the Flats of beef that are cured and cut into 4 to 5 lb packages ready to cook. Perfect for St. Patricks Day!
  • 11. Cured Pork Loin: We offer our Cured Pork Loin in traditional and Hickory Smoked varieties. While Corned Beef and Cabbage may be common in America on St. Patricks Day, in Ireland its Cured Pork Loin. We call it, Boiling Bacon, and the most popular dinner is Bacon and Cabbage. These products are a huge hit among our Irish customer base.
  • 12. Fresh Irish Hams: This mouth watering masterpiece has been developed and perfected over decades. We start with only the finest hams available. Our hams are renowned with our customers for their taste, succulence and distinctive flavor. Mixed with our imported traditional ingredients, our hams are carefully crafted following the Moloney family method, and are always tender and juicy. They make delicious gifts and are perfect for your familys Holiday dinner table.
  • 13. Breakfast Sausage Commerical Box10lb Cocktail Sausage Commerical Box10lb Jumbo Sausage Commerical Box10lb Food Service Box of our Traditional Irish Food Service Box of our Traditional Irish Food Service Box of our Traditional Irish Breakfast Sausages. Cocktail Sausages. A great appetizer. Jumbo Bangers. Breakfast Bacon Commerical Pack Boiling Bacon Commerical Pack 10lb Food Service Pack of our Irish