tion. LCS’ mission is now - LCS in Racine, .LCS’ mission is now “Provide training and community

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Text of tion. LCS’ mission is now - LCS in Racine, .LCS’ mission is...

  • Provide training and community engagement for youth and adults of varying

    abilities to enhance their self esteem and quality of life. 20

    15 A


    l Rep


    Board of Directors


    Ron Lemerond

    Vice President:

    Mike Haubrich


    Myles Mullikin


    Dan Naughton


    Sophie Clay

    Kelle Diem

    Scott Frey

    Celeste Henken

    Bob Kargl

    Kelly Mould

    Tara Panasewicz

    Mavis Rohling

    John Wargo

    Member Emeritus

    Brad Pettibone

    Administrative Directors

    Executive Director:

    Mary Beth Popchock

    Human Resource

    Director: Paula Albright

    Program Directors

    Director of Employment Services:

    Angel Markiewicz

    Director of Community Services:

    Alison Hoffman

    Director of Operations:

    Ben Coley

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    Dear Friends of LCS,

    Through this Annual Report, it is my pleasure to have the opportuni-ty to share with you a recap of some of the accomplishments that LCS achieved in 2015. In reflecting back over the year, I am remind-ed that these positive results are directly attributed to the creativity and hard work of an extremely dedicated staff and to a supportive Board of Directors.

    During the summer of 2015, LCS Staff and Board Members engaged in a rigorous strategic planning process. This important exercise re-sulted in a refreshed mission statement and tag line for the organiza-tion. LCS mission is now Provide training and community engage-ment for youth and adults of varying abilities to enhance their self esteem and quality of life. Complimenting this focus is a new ta-gline that states LCS belief that potential is limitless. As you read through this Annual Report, you will find specific information about participants who have engaged in the services that LCS offers and how their experience with LCS is aligned with the organizations mis-sion and new tagline. The strategic plan is the driving force for LCS moving forward. The bold targets contained in the plan are ones that staff started working on in 2015 and which will carry forward into 2016. Part of the strategic vision for LCS is that it will become recognized as a leader in the community focused services that are provided for its participants. In 2015, LCS received national recognition from the Institute of Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts Boston for its innovative approach to building staff capacity. LCS also presented to the National Council on Disabilities panel that was in Madison. The council was conducting invitation only listening sessions on managed care. The results of the input that they gathered were compiled into a recommendation to the President.

    February 2016

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    Employment Services Highlights Submitted by Angel Markiewicz

    Employment First activities that promote the importance of community based employment continued in 2015; with LCS coordinating the Racine-Kenosha chapter. A second legislative breakfast was coordinated and well at-tended by area legislators and county leaders. LCS staff also presented at the state Employment First conference. As we start 2016, LCS is well positioned to continue its legacy of providing responsive and cutting edge services. Most importantly, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve individuals with varying abilities as they pursue active community participation and training for employment.

    Warmest Regards,

    Mary Beth Popchock, LCS Executive Director

    Legislator Breakfast 2015


    WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) is designed to help job seekers access employment, educa-tion, training, and support services to succeed in the labor market and to match employers with the skilled work-ers they need to compete in the global economy. LCS annual outcomes for this service include: 44 youth obtained employment 14 youth obtained their HS Diplomas/GEDs 3 youth entered into post-secondary education 4 youth completed forklift training and obtained forklift certification

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    Employment Services Highlights Cont.

    20 15 A NNUA L RE PORT

    Job Tour at a recycling plant.

    Volunteering at Boston Store during

    their Goodwill fundraiser

    Participants volunteering to Gift Wrap

    during the holiday season

    LCS Explore

    Community employment continues to be the topic of conversation for most participants in the LCS Explore program. Many participants have had assistance from LCS with applying for DVR services, so that they can begin to work with an Employment Specialist and Vocational Counselor to aide them in obtaining integrated employment opportunities. In addition to gaining training through subcontract work performed at LCS, partici-pants continue to engage in community experiences to increase awareness of employment options.

    On average, Explore participants are participating in community experiences 10 times per month. These experiences include volunteerism, job tours, and attending self-development workshops.

    Participants are now regularly volunteering at a variety of non-profits, including Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, Atonement Lutheran Church, Bethesda, Dr. Jones Food Pantry, and other shorter term oppor-tunities. This is an increase from last years one volunteer opportunity.

    Case Mangers have referred numerous participants to E-Now! and DVR, which led to 13 Explore partici-pants obtaining permanent community employment. In addition, 19 Explore participants were able to en-hance their skills sets by participating in paid internships.

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    Representative Peter Barca with Sean at McDonalds (Kenosha?)

    Senator Van Wanggaard with Corey at Northern Lights Gallery (Racine)

    Representative Thomas Weatherston with Ed at Dominos Pizza (Racine)

    Senator Bob Wirch with

    Andrew at Famous Daves


    LCS Employment Specialists continue to focus on helping individuals secure meaningful employment oppor-tunities in the community. They do this by building relationships with area businesses, working in partnership with DVR, networking in the community, and learning about each individuals strengths and talents so that they can secure near-perfect job matches. 2015 outcomes include: Connecting 43 people to paid internships at local businesses in Racine and Kenosha. Assisting 27 people obtain permanent part-time and full-time employment. All QEST staff (a total of 7) have certification to provide employment support. With the certification, all

    staff must continue to gain knowledge through training, research, etc. of the best practices for providing support to people with disabilities. Both Sarah and Tina obtained their certification this year.

    Three participants were shadowed by local legislators on their jobs.

    Great Job

    Internships and people that were hired!!

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    Community Services Highlights

    LCS Connect

    Connect continues to make volun-teerism and community the focus in all the experiences they create for par-ticipants. Connect was very busy this year, having over 35 volunteer experi-ences and providing quality services to 69 participants. Connect continues to offer Horticulture Classes to not only Connect participants, but Explore participants as well, for those who have an interest in gaining horticul-ture skills. 2015 was Connects best Pansy Day so far, and we look forward to 2016 being even better! Connect also had multiple, successful drives and fundraisers to benefit local agen-cies. Some of those agencies included: Hospitality Center, HALO, Racines Veteran Outreach, Shalom Center, and Santa in a Shoebox.

    Submitted by: Alison Hoffman

    Joshpaid internship at


    Alysha paid

    internship at Marshalls

    Halo fund drive

    Alyssa working on her

    Career Portfolio

    Bridgette paid

    internship at Kenosha

    Court house

    ScottJob shadow at

    Burger King


    E-Now! continues to thrive and help participants meet their goals of community employment. This year, nine partici-pants obtained community employment at a wide variety of businesses within Racine and Kenosha. Seven participants participated in paid internships, with two of them leading to permanent employment. Through E-Now!, participants were engaged in various job shadows and job tours in a wide varie-ty of interest areas to include retail, food service, veterinarian assistant, reception/office, janitorial, art, etc. to help them discover their skills and job interests.

    Shopping for

    Santa in the shoe box fund drive

  • Scheduled Closing:

    March 25, 2016Good Friday

    May 30, 2016Memorial Day

    July 4, 2016Independence Day

    September 5, 2016Labor Day

    November 24 & 25Thanksgiving

    December 23 & 26Christmas

    December 30 & January 2, 2017New Years

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    2016 Dates to remember

    20 15 A NNUA L RE PORT

    2503 Lincolnwood Ct.

    Racine, WI 53403


    Event Dates:

    Pansy DayMay 6, 2016

    Hot Dog DayJune 17, 2016

    Employee Holiday Party December 2, 2016

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