Themes of Geography

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Themes of Geography. Location, regions, place, movement, human-environmental interaction. Location. Where is it? Continent? Country? State? City? Exact coordinates (latitude & longitude). Where is New Orleans?. Regions. Share at least one common feature - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Themes of Geography

  • Themes of GeographyLocation, regions, place, movement, human-environmental interaction

  • LocationWhere is it?Continent?Country?State?City?Exact coordinates (latitude & longitude)

  • Where is New Orleans?

  • RegionsShare at least one common featureThe world can be divided into many types of regionsContinents- Africa, Asia, AustraliaCountries- Nigeria, Mali, Ghana, (West Africa)

  • States- California, Oregon, WashingtonCities- Minneapolis, St. PaulPolitical regions

  • PlaceNatural and human features that make one place different than every other placeLandforms- Grand Canyon, Mount EverestClimate- Rain Forest, Deserts, Ice CapsPlants- Cactus, Venus Fly Trap, Indigenous plants

  • Animals- Polar bears, lions, seals, rattle snakesPeople- Zulu warriors, Celtic ClansLanguageCulture

  • MovementHow do people, goods, and ideas move from place to place?Silks from China Pizza from ItalyName something in America that originated in another country!

  • Human-Environment InteractionRelationships between people and the environmentHow people live, work, dress, travel, and communicate

  • Jacksonville, NCDescribe Jacksonville by using each of the five themes of geographyLocationRegionsPlaceMovementInteraction

  • Quick writeUse your notes to summarize what you have learned in a well written paragraph.10 minutes

  • LocationMovements of the EarthPage M2-M3

  • The EarthRevolves around the sun in a circular path called an orbitRevolution- one complete orbit around the sun is 365 days (1 year)Rotation- the Earth also spins on its axis and one rotation occurs in 24 hours

  • Hemispheres

  • Hemisphere Breakdown

  • The SeasonsEarths axis is tilted at an angleSunlight strikes different parts of the Earth at different times in the year

  • AutumnBegins September 22or 23Sun is directly overhead at EquatorAlmost equal hours of sunlight and darkness

  • WinterBegins December 21Sun directly overhead at Tropic of CapricornNorthern Hemisphere is tilted away from the sun

  • SpringBegins March 20 or 21Sun is directly overhead at the EquatorAlmost equal hours of sunlight and darkness

  • SummerBegins June 21 or 22Sun is directly over the Tropic of CancerNorthern Hemisphere receives the greatest hours of sunlight

  • Critical thinking?So does the sun rise in the east and set in the west?No- the sun does not actually change positionsThe Earth rotates on its axis so that different regions face the sun at different times of the day.

  • Understanding Globes

  • GlobesScale model of EarthShows actual shapes, sizes, locationsLandformsBodies of waterElevationDepressions

  • World Divisions

  • Parallels of LatitudeLatitude lines are imaginary horizontal linesEquatorTropic of Cancer 23.5 NTropic of Capricorn 23.5 S

  • EquatorHalfway between North & South Poles0 latitude Divides Earth into Northern and Southern HemispheresEarths Belt

  • Meridians of LongitudeThe globe divided along imaginary vertical lines Prime Meridian- runs from North Pole to South Poles (0 longitude)Divides East and West Hemispheres

  • Global GridsLatitude- North & South degrees (sides of maps) Longitude- East & West degrees (top and bottom of maps)* (1 degree latitude or longitude= ~69 miles or 111 kilometers)

  • Latitude/Longitude Practice

    Latitude degrees only Example (Page 464)Mexico City 19 N

  • Latitude/Longitude PracticeLongitude degrees onlyExample (page 464)Lima, Peru76 W

  • Try These Coordinates

    Page#LocationLatitudeLongitude468Quito, Ecuador 468Buenos Aires, Argentina 471Raleigh, NC 471Houston, TX 472Madrid, Spain 472Istanbul, Turkey 474Cape Town, South Africa 476Sanaa, Yemen

  • AnswersPage#LocationLatitude Longitude468Quito, Ecuador 1 S78 W468Buenos Aires, Argentina 35 S58 W471Raleigh, NC 37 N78 W471Houston, TX 29 N95 W472Madrid, Spain 41 N4 W472Istanbul, Turkey 42 N28 E474Cape Town, South Africa 34 S18 E476Sanaa, Yemen15 N45 E