The Vice President and Presidential Succession

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The Vice President and Presidential Succession. The Vice President. Same qualifications as President Natural Born citizen 14 years resident 35 years old Electors cannot vote for both a President and VP from their state - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • The Vice PresidentandPresidential Succession

  • The Vice PresidentSame qualifications as PresidentNatural Born citizen14 years resident35 years oldElectors cannot vote for both a President and VP from their stateEffect is to require VP to be resident of a state different from the President

  • The rather empty job of Vice PresidentPreside over the SenateCeremonial occasionsBreak TiesSenate Leadership PowersIn the hands of Majority & Minority LeadersSince 1947 permanent President Pro Tempore

  • Presidential SuccessionEight Presidents have died in officeNatural CausesWilliam H. Harrison John TylerTyler was first VP to assume officeDebate at time Acting PresidentZachary Taylor Millard Fillmore Warren G. Harding Calvin Coolidge Franklin D. Roosevelt Harry Truman

  • Presidential SuccessionEight Presidents have died in officeAssassinatedAbraham Lincoln Andrew Johnson James Garfield Chester ArthurWilliam McKinley Teddy RooseveltJohn F. Kennedy Lyndon Johnson

  • Presidential SuccessionOne President resignedRichard Nixon Gerald Ford

  • The Curse of 0Since 1840 every President elected in a 0 year has had some misfortune in office1840 William Henry Harrison Died in office 1860 Abraham LincolnAssassinated1880James Garfield Assassinated1900William McKinley Assassinated1920Warren Harding Died in office1940Franklin Roosevelt Died in office1960John Kennedy Assassinated1980Ronald Reagan Assassination attempt2000 George Bush9/11 & Choked on a pretzel?

  • Presidential SuccessionOnly 12 of 43 Presidents have served 2 terms9 Vice Presidents have succeeded to Presidency5 never elected to a full termTyler, Fillmore, A. Johnson, Arthur, Ford4 won subsequent presidential termT. Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman, L.B. Johnson3 Presidents have had impeachment proceedingsA. Johnson, Nixon, ClintonA. Johnson & Clinton found not guilty in Senate trialNixon resigned before impeachedOnly 5 Vice Presidents have been elected in own right4 Directly- Adams, Jefferson, Van Buren, G.H. Bush (41)Eight years later - Nixon

  • Presidential Succession ActsPresidential Succession Act of 1797President Pro Tempore of SenateSpeaker of the HouseCabinet SecretariesPresidential Succession Act of 1886Cabinet SecretariesPresidential Succession Act of 1947Truman asked for, reinsert elected officialsSpeaker of the HousePresident Pro Tempore of SenateCabinet SecretariesBumping?

  • Current order of Succession

  • The Vice President Joe Biden Speaker of the House John Boehner President pro tempore of the Senate Daniel InouyeSecretary of State Hillary ClintonSecretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner Secretary of Defense Leon PanettaAttorney GeneralEric Holder Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke Secretary of Labor Hilda SolisSecretary of H H S Kathleen Sebelius Secretary of H U DShaun Donovan Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood Secretary of Energy Steven Chu Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano

  • Designated SurvivorAfter the 9 11 terrorist attacks members of Congress have also been absent from major presidential speeches. 2006 State of the Union: Jim Nicholson Secretary of Veterans AffairsSen. Ted Stevens (R-AK), President Pro Tempore of the SenateSen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND), Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Rep. George Miller (D-CA) 2007 State of the Union: Alberto Gonzales, Attorney GeneralSen. Robert Byrd (D-WV), President Pro Tempore of the Senate 2008 State of the Union: Dirk Kempthorne, Secretary of the Interior 2009 Inauguration Sec of Defense Gates2009 State of the Union Attn General Eric Holder2010 State of the Union Sec HUD Shaun Donovan2011 State of the Union Sec Interior Ken Salazar

  • 25th Amendment 1967Vice President successionSelect new Vice PresidentGerald FordNelson RockefellerPresidential Disability

  • 25th AmendmentPresidential Disability (in the nuclear age)Vice President becomes acting PresidentPresident can temporarily turn over powerProcess for Cabinet to declare President incapacitatedPresident can challenge the declaration.Congress decides the issue.

  • Presidential Life Expectancy25 of 39 deceased presidents died prematurely4 presidents have been assassinated 5 others attempts with gunOne survived bullet wound - ReaganSuccessful presidents live longerCurrently have 4 living Former Presidents.Carter, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43Carter Mondale hold record for longest living team