Presidential Succession and the Vice Presidency

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Presidential Succession and the Vice Presidency. Chapter 13 Section 2. Key Terms. Presidential succession Presidential Succession Act of 1947 Balance the ticket. The Constitution and Succession. How a presidential vacancy is filled if president dies, resigns or is removed from office - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Presidential Succession and the Vice Presidency

  • Presidential Succession and the Vice PresidencyChapter 13Section 2

  • Key TermsPresidential successionPresidential Succession Act of 1947Balance the ticket

  • The Constitution and SuccessionHow a presidential vacancy is filled if president dies, resigns or is removed from officeConstitution did not provide for successionStated the powers would dissolve to the Vice-President

  • Presidential SuccessionVice President John Taylor was the first in 184125th Amendment in 1967 states the vice-President will succeed the President

  • Presidential Succession Act 1967Set the line of Presidential succession Vice-PresidentSpeaker of the HousePresident pro temporeSecretary of StateRest of the 14 members of the cabinet

  • Presidential DisabilityUntil 25th Amendment there were serious gapsNeither Constitution nor Congress made provisions for a disabled President For 180 years the nation tempted fateGarfieldWilsonReaganAll disabled for a period of time

  • Presidential DisabilitySections 3 and 5 of the 25th Amendment fill disability gapVice-President becomes acting President ifPresident informs Congress is writing he will be unable to perform his dutiesVP and majority of Congress decide president is incapable

  • Presidential DisabilityPresident can resume powers by notifying CongressVice-president and majority of congress can make a challengeCongress has 21 days to decide the matter

  • Presidential Disability25th Amendment has been used three timesRonald Regan 1985 to George Bush for 8 hours because of surgery2002, 2007, George Bush to Dick Cheney for medical procedures

  • The Vice PresidencyConstitution pays little attention to the office1. preside over the Senate2. to help decide the question of presidential disabilityThroughout history the office treated with little importance

  • The Vice-PresidencyMost who have served over time have made unkind commentsThe job is heartbeat away from the presidencyBalance the ticket-chosen as a running mate who can strengthen the ticket

  • The Vice-President TodayPresidents have made them more importantDick Cheney seen as the most influential V.P. (2001-2007)Vice president Biden spent 36 years in the Senate and the head of the Foreign Relations Committee

  • Vice PresidentOnly Vice President seen as a true assistant PresidentOnly vice-president is not subject to removal from office by the President

  • Vice Presidential VacancyHas happened 18 timesNine times by succession to President Twice by resignationSeven times by deathWhenever there is a vacancy the President shall nominate the Vice-President, approved by majority of both housesRockefeller and Ford